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The Nobsters RUMBLE on the rocks, 3-Tiki Party – Various Artist

Released April 2023. Available from Rumble on the Rock – The Nobster Reviewed 29th April 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Review A selection of tracks picked by well know DJs from around the rockin scene. Created by Andrew Noblett (aka Nobby) one the UKs best known DJs. It promotes an event run by the Nobster in Mid-November in the Mister Sister club in Fanabe in Tenerife, Spain. And is a five-day event. All tracks are mixed and mastered by himself and the cover artwork is created by ABCreative. This cd/event is in remembrance and dedicated to Mr Eric Nobletts memory.

Track by track Old Slew foot by Johnny Horton and chosen by the Nobster himself. Wrote by US country singer/songwriter James Webb and released on Columbia – 4-42063 in 1961. The flip side was Miss Marcy also wrote by Webb. Just a Little Bit More Just A Little Bit More / My Love for You was a 1957 release on the Bally label. an independent record label formed in Chicago in1955. It was active during the late 1950s. this track was released in 1957 by Frank Deaton and The Mad Lads. Chosen by Deano She Can Rock Little Ike with the Jimmy Beck Orchestra version of She Can Rock from 1959 released on the champion label. Isaac Hamilton was his real name, and she can rock was re-issued 1n 2010 on Penniman Records (PENN45016) chosen by Brummie Si. (Misspelled on cover). You Shocked Me. A great track picked by Swanny; Otha Lee Moore Hall was an R/B singer professionally known as Tiny Topsy. Released in 1958 on the federal label before moving to chess in 1960 the track written by Ken Ancell. Good rockin track. More More More Jack & The Jumpin' Jacks, More More More, released on Kay Records and Recorded in 1959, they came from East St. Louis, Illinois. This was a self-penned track. this track was chosen by Tall Mark Hu Huh mm Mr fez has picked a great track from sonny James This song was from 1957 and released on Capital records. Wrote by Sylvester, Bradford, and Lewis. Some sources claim that this was Elvis Presley favourite country singer. My Man From 1955 Dolly Cooper with Maxwell Davis and His Orchestra. My Man was the flip side to Ay La Bah, released on Modern Records, this was the Original Pressing of 1955 Not the 2011 or 1981 reissues. A great pick from Lady Luck Lexy. Shivering and Shakin Big vinny enters the playlist with a Dean Beard and The Crew Cats. The full title is Rakin and Scrapin, Shivering and Shakin. Released in the uk on London Records in 1957. "Promotion Record printed on black and white Atlantic labels. Rockin Rollin Stone Born Franklin Delano Gulledge recorded under two alias’s Andy Starr and Frank Star. He recorded under the Holiday Inn Records founded by Wayne Foster in 1961. Two version where released, one mid-tempo version and a faster rockin version. he was a big rockabilly star but never had any chart success. Track chosen by Rockabilly man. Hey Girl Released in 1964 for this self-penned track by Lucky Carmichael who wrote both tracks for this 7” single. It was released on the Loma records, Founded in 1964 as an R&B unit of Warner Bros. Records. Closing in 1968. The cover had a misspelling of Carmichael (Carmicheal) great tune chosen by Deano. Dancing Doll B- side classic from Art Adams and The Rhythm Knights, the A-side being “She Don't Live Here No More”. Released in 1960 on Cherry Records label from Scottsville, Kentucky. Written by Art and Betty Stones. Was Reissued with an Unofficial Release 1974. Second track for Brummie Si. Jukebox Swanny comes with a second track that’s under played in my opinion. Know more for his versions of The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor and I'm Snowed both from 1958. Joe south real name Joseph Alfred Souter achived award winning success when he won a Grammy for Song of the Year in 1970 for "Games People Play". Jukebox was released on both Fairline and Delta Labels in 1961. Little Jezebel Ron Jones who worked out in Chicago, Illinois, and was himself a DJ and pop star during the sixties. also fronted a band Ron Jones and the 'C' Notes releasing a single on the Mobie label in 1966. Jukebox came out in 1967 as the flip side to Silly Little Fool. Chosen by Tall Mark Cush Cush Ky-Yay Cush Cush Ky-Yay (Cornbread And Buttermilk) was only the main title on the 1959 Brunswick label for a German release. it was the b-side on the for the Decca release also in 1959. The Writin' On The Wall became the chosen track for the A-side. I must say it’s a first for me from Moon Mullican. Known for his hits including "Goodnight Irene", "I'll Sail My Ship Alone", "Mona Lisa" and not forgetting "Cherokee Boogie" good choice Mr Fez Shakin Mother for ya. Often mistaken for the use of explicit lyrics. But I assure you there isn’t any. Champion Jack Dupree was boxer before turning in to the New Orleans blues and boogie-woogie famed pianist. He as released over 65 albums 63 singles and played with just about every artist known to music. Another great track from Lady Luck Lexi. Meanie Genie 1964 release on Columbia was never released and was a demonstration record aimed at the 60s Mod scene. A rare track indeed but a great choice for the Nobster. Lonely Heart Released in 2017 for this very rare acetate. belived to have been recorded in the in the Uk during the 60s. Reportedly found in the USA in a unused warehouse. But not matter where it came from it’s a great track by the rockabilly icon Carl Perkins.chosen by Big Vinny. Peroxide Blonde and A Hopped-Up Model Ford Written and performed by Gene Simmons (Morris Eugene Simmons) who was born and died just down from Elvis’s birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi, this track was released in 2001 on Norton label and released through the Sun Records Jukebox Series. Rockabilly star Billy Lee Riley with She's My Baby was the A-side and gene appears on the flipside.chosen by rockabilly man. Something's Goin' On in My Room Written by American singers and songwriters johnson brothers for Daddy Cleanhead And The Chuck Higgins Band on there 1955 release on Specialty records. He also went under the Aliases,Fred Higgins and Geechie Howard. Nice third choice by Deano. Rockin' On My Guitar German release on Dee Jay Jamboree records for the moonlighter’s rockabilly band with member Curtis Wren, Joe Snyder Not much known about the duo only they had four releases, three on Tara records and this one. Chosen by Brummie Si. High class Baby Jerry Arnolds and the rhythm captains for this 1958 rockabilly classic, written by Bob Misslop. Sources say it was his second release for Security label, texes. Great track chosen by swanny. My Kinda Women Mainly found on Compilations albums the first being Rock it vol 2 from 1993. It looks like this was the only release for Ron Ouderkirk, shame great track. Chosen by Tall Mark Blackcat Country music singer and songwriter Tommy Collins. Leonard Raymond Sipes was his real name and he was one of the original innovators of the Bakersfield sound in the country music genre. Blackcat was released in 1960 on Capitol records and then re issued on the 2011 Bear Family records Series Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight. Which came with a 36-page booklet, Original Capitol and Morgan recordings from Collins.chosen by Mr Fez. Smokey Joe's Café Released in 1955 on shellac(78rpm) on the Spark label. Los Angeles based R&B label started in 1954 by writing duo Leiber & Stoller. The Robins recorded it and it was the last release on label Spark Records. at this point The Robins evolved into The Coasters. Chosen by Lady Luck Lexi. Exit Stage Left Released 1963 on the sparkle label for B.G. Ramblers from Toledo, Ohio where they founded. The flip side was, Hey Mr. Popeye and both tracks were written by the Ramblers.chosen by the Nobster. Roulette baby The awesome vocals of Lady Luck Lexi and the awesome riverside boys (Nick Bayford, Chris Tymon) a self-penned track taken from the album, 'You Bet Your Aces'. From 2019 or their EP First Time Lucky. Fan it From there wep page they say, Born out of a whisky-fuelled jam session one rain-sodden night in the wilds of Kent, The Midnight Crawlers create 'real feeling' Blues the way it should be. A five-piece band with a unique twist on the classic rockin beats. Original track by Woody Herman in 1939 Vertigo Rockin Balboas from spain give us a rockin version of Vertigo All I can do is Cry. The great vocals of Mr Andy Kennet. Started his career 1990 with his karaoke business. In 2001 Andy became ETA, (Elvis tribute artist) andy has a great vocal range and sing all genres of the rock n roll /rockabilly and fifties favourites. Great track to finish on.

Summery A great cd that will keep you on your toes. 29 great tracks froma great range of artist going back to the fities upto present day. If you cant make the event this is the next best thing. Bio The Nobster is the stage name for Andrew Noblett (aka Nobby) who is a well known DJ and Radio Show Host on The Rocking Scene.

“Having been on The Rocking Scene since the late 70s and a serious record collector for many years, I have now brought my passion to life under the Umbrella of Nobster’s Beats where I share my music and love for the 50s with people from all over the world!” – The Nobster RUMBLE ON THE ROCK 3 | Facebook

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