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I’m Gonna Leave You Soon, The Over Drive Cats.

Released, January 2023, available for free download The Over Drive Cats (

Reviewed by Rockin Rebel January 6th 2023

NEW Single release from the Over Drive Cats, rockabilly band from Kočevje in Slovenia,


Vocals, Sara Levic – Guitar, Andrej Jasenc _ Standup Bass - Matevz Perovsek - Drums - Tomaz Dulmin.

A brand-new release from the ever busy Over Drives, written by the drummer Tomaz Dulmin and delivers a great rockabilly track, checking in with the band, I was informed they are working to achieve a new album release sometime soon. Which I look forward to hearing, I sincerely hope they will be able to tour as it’s a band I would love to see perform live in the uk.

I’m Gonna Leave You Soon (Dulmin)

A great guitar intro leading to the introduction of the drums, vocals are awesome and on par with the rhythm of the track. The song telling the story of being left alone and having nothing and if things don’t change? Well, the clue is in the title. Recorded at a private studio local to the band.

This is a great rockin track, well written and performed to an high standard. All instruments played well. Highly recommended and You will be jiving to this from the start. Well done Over Drives.


The beginnings of The Over Drive Cats band date back to 1989, when a group of Rockabilly teenagers from Kočevje, with leather jackets, thick soled shoes, rolled up jeans and distinctive 'bun' hairstyles decided, that they would also play a little music. Throughout their 30 years of history, the group faced many changes, like renaming the band, band members quitting the band and new members joining in and also their change in playing music, because of the development of authentic Rockabilly sound. Despite various changes The Over Drive Cats band had to face, they continue to work hard on preparing new songs and, of course, processing Rockabilly classics.

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