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Dance,Dance,Dance- The Puppini Sisters & The Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

Released 4th September 2020

Recorded at The Premises Studios

Engineered by Neil Tollit

Mixed by Neil Tollit and Lee Slater at Air Studios (Tracks 2 and 12)

Assistants: Evie Clark-Yospa and Curtis Elvidge

Produced by Marcella Puppini

Mastered by Matthew Mars at Barge Belle

Reviewed by: Terry Mead 07/03/2022

The Band:

Marcella Puppini

Kate Mullins

Emma Smith

Dance,Dance,Dance is the brand-new album from The Puppini Sisters which combines the world’s leading close-harmony group with the classy sound of The Pasadena Roof Orchestra along with a list of strictly swing dance style arrangements. It’s the perfect dance album that fans of both artists have been waiting for!

Review Track by Track:

9 to 5-Straight into this well adapted version of the Dolly Parton hit from the musical takes it back to the swinging twenties with the created sound of the era.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Who would have thought this Whitney Houston song could to transformed into a swing dance tune well the Puppini Sisters have certainly done this here making it a great dance track with a fine Lindy hop beat.

Sing, Sing, Sing-Recreating the sound of The Andrew Sisters from one of their old tunes here done in fine style keeping it close to the original as can be. The orchestral production especially the trumpet has been fined tuned.

Shallow-Lady Gaga’s & Bradley Coopers daunting tune from a Star is born made into a sleepy last dance song for the midnight hour. Lovely harmonising here by the sisters throughout.

Dance, Dance, Dance- The title track and self-penned by all the three sisters and what a title track.A super fast paced Charleston with a couple of mid breaks to give you a well earned breather.Ths song puts you right back to the twenties era in every way.

Ba Ba Baciami Piccina-I would suspect this is one of Marcellas influences being from her home country straight out the 1930s brought up to date here but keeping the swing sound from the era.

Jealousy Tango-A powerful classic dance song kept in true style for a tango around the dance floor, be prepared for a quick tempo towards the end though.

Dancing Queen- A strictly dancing version to this Abba song at a slightly slower tempo with some unique harmonising. The orchestral arrangement has a nice Cha Cha pace to.

Mack The Knife-This Bobby Darin original tune lives up to expectation making it another great floor filler.Duncan Galloway can be heard here on vocals along with the sisters.

I Put A Spell On You- Originally sang by Screaming Jay Hawkins this adaption has a great intro and some haunting sounds along with some cleverly placed harmonising throughout the song.

Puttin On The Ritz- Originally Irving Berlin's world-famous song, sung by Harry Richman, from the 1930 film of the same name. This version is an upbeat tap dance style with amusing harmonising for the sisters.

Groove Is In The Heart – Boogie Woogie beat to this 1990 song by Deee Lite completely re adapted in a dance style.

Don’t Fence Me In-Bonus track featuring Duncan Galloway arranged in the style of the Bing Crosby/Andrew Sisters version of the song and a mighty close adaption at that capturing the sound of their predecessors.


This is such an diverse dance style album the combination of the Puppini Sisters with the Pasadena roof Orchestra makes it unique in every way. ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ features a stunning combination of classic jazz standards, refreshing takes on today’s pop hits and an exciting new original penned by all three sisters. What more could you ask if your dance DJ or a dance music cognisor.

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Track List

1. 9 to 5

2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

3. Sing, Sing, Sing

4. Shallow

5. Dance, Dance, Dance

6. Ba Ba Baciami Piccina

7. Jealousy Tango

8. Dancing Queen

9. Mack The Knife

10. I Put A Spell On You

11. Puttin On the Ritz

12. Groove Is In The Heart

13. Don’t Fence Me In

Band Biography:

The Puppini Sisters are an English close harmony vocal trio composed of Italian-born singer Marcella Puppini and English singers Kate Mullins and Emma Smith. Although the three are not related, the name was chosen in tribute The Andrew Sisters. They are known for providing guest vocals of Michael Bubles cover of “ Jingle Bells” Puppini first studied fashion design at Saint Martin’s School of Art. and later music at Trinity College of Music in London where she met Mullins and original member Rosanna Schura, who was later replaced by Stephanie O'Brien. After eight years with the group, O'Brien was replaced by Emma Smith. The trio are backed by a three-piece band featuring Martin Kolarides on guitar, Henrik Jensen on double bass and Peter Ibbetson on drums. The group is associated with a burlesque revival.

The group was founded in 2004 by Marcella Puppini after she was inspired by the animated film The Triplets of Belleville (Les Triplettes de Belleville) (2003). In 2005 they were signed by UCJ (Universal Classics and Jazz). The Puppini Sisters' debut single “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was a cover of the hit single by The Andrews Sisters. The Puppini Sisters' second album,The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo includes original compositions by Puppini, Stephanie O'Brien and Kate Mullins. The trio's albums often include contemporary songs reimagined in the Andrews Sisters style (for example, The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” on their Ruby Woo album).

The Puppini Sisters made many television and Festival appearances including Glastonbury and Goodwood Vintage Festivals.

On 27 June 2012, O'Brien announced via the group's Facebook page that she was leaving the group.[3] It was later revealed that Terrianne Passingham would replace O'Brien.[4] However, Passingham also left the group and shortly thereafter Emma Smith took her place. The singer made her debut with The Puppini Sisters on the Graham Norton Show in November 2012.[5]

The trio started a Pledge Music campaign to crowd fund their new album (along with an optional bonus edition of remixes) with the help of fans. The album was finalised before Christmas 2015 and it was released in March 2016 (Those who donated money to the creation of the album were able to receive the album digitally on 25 February and The Deluxe remix edition on 7 June).

From March 2016, the trio embarked on a tour to promote the album across many areas in the country and internationally finishing off in London at O2 Islington Academy. For four dates of the tour, Smith was absent so original member Rosanna Schura filled in for those dates

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