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The Raggy Ass Boys - Wildman

Release Date: 6th September 2022

Reviewed 14th September 2022 by Dave Diamond


Vocals: Dave Jewers

Drums: Daz Winship

Guitar: Steve Bell

Slap Bass: Angelo Citrone

Produced and Mixed by: Angelo Citrone/The Raggy Ass Boys.

Mastered by: Angelo Citrone

Front cover artwork by: Angelo Citrone

Tracks written and performed by: The Raggy Ass Boys

BAND BIO/Influences….

From the 1950’s Rockabilly, 60’s Garage, all the way up to Neo Rockabilly and early Psychobilly.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

Death Train – great intro section to this country rocker…fantastic snare sound from Daz, fab guitar lick from Steve, chugging bass from Angelo and a raw vocal from Dave…. Loving the instrumental break…awesome lyrics on this opening track, “forever to ride on the death train!”

Get Out Of My Life – Guitar kick-starts this rockin’ stompin’ truckin’ bopper, that has a fab chorus section…great catchy tune folks and one that for sure will go down really well at the clubs!

Insurrection – great single shot snare drum followed with a slapping bass, then in comes thee geetar, followed swiftly by the vocals..nice backing vox on the chorus section…another top tune played out against a consistent driving back beat.

Shadows On The Wall – What a kick ass stomping tune from these 4 chaps, this one is another really fab self-penned track, lots of tempo variations and my fave tune so far. Loving this fab retrospective vibe that takes me right back to the early 80’s. Dig man dig!

The Liar – Haunting beginning to this tune, more of a strolling tempo, nice use of echo on the vocal with a steady consistent rhythm, at 3mins it daddios!

The Passenger - fantastic cover of the Iggy Pop track..I’ve always loved this tune, a very well mixed number with great deep vocals. This classic gets the full Raggy Ass Boys treatment!

The Seventh Man – a mid tempo number, really catchy with a nice dampened down guitar, raw vocal, and a foot stomping back beat from the drums and bass.

Torture – This one’s a real head shaker and foot tapper for sure, another top tune with fab self penned lyrics… great levels on this recording and love the way the bass cuts through…another stand out track for me.

Up Jumped The Devil – Cover of the well-known Ronnie Dawson tune…these boys have nailed it perfectly and it’s a great addition to this fantastic album

Why Me – Another rockin’ stompin’ track from these guys…”Why Me” they say.. this ones got a great 80’s sound to it… fantastic catchy middle eight with a good rockin’ beat.. a fantastic contemporary spin on the rock ‘n’ roll trio of yester year.

Wild Ride – raw rawkin’ strollin’ pace tune with a great tight beat…great rim shots from Daz, Steve’s geetar has a great lick on the chorus, fab slapping bass from Angelo which all provide a great backdrop for Steve’s strong vocal. Fantastic tune and mixing levels spot on once again.

Wildman – title track of the album, and what a great finale with this fab self-penned number, what a real stomper and love the added maracas…for sure this one’s gonna get lots of airplay on the circuit, howlin-tastic and the mutts nutts! This tune really showcases The Raggy Ass Boys and no wonder it’s the title track of this album… what an incredible finale!!

In their own words:

We were formed back in 2018, this is now our third album and we are really looking forward to a tour of Germany in 2023!


Wow…what a stonkin’ third album from these guys..12 tracks that really hit the spot and if you haven’t bought it already, where the hell have you been…contact the band ASAP on their webpage above and hit the BUY IT NOW trigger…


Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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