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Released in April 2023 Reviewed on 29/04/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Rockin’ the Universe are: Cecile the Beast – Vocals, Johnny B Bad – Guitar & Backing Vocals, Dani G – Slap-Bass & Screams, Txernobilly – Drums & Screams

The Nightmare from Mallorca continues! The Raters presenting the second Album. Luring you in with Western style influences only to drag you down into a deep dark hole of horror called Psychobilly. Just 2 short years ago The Raters created waves on the live scene but now they turned it into a Tsunami.

Track by Track Side A: 1.: Raters: Riding in the sand dunes in Mallorca looking like a Spaghetti Western with soft backing vocals and then BAM, fast tempo and crazy beats from the drums to spur on the guitar to some hard reverb loaded riffs. Slapping like gunshots and pushing forward is this amazing slap-bass that never seems to slow down.

2.: Murder In My Head: Cool swinging guitar that rings throughout the track and turns to a heavy riff from time to time. Tons of rhythm from the drums that together with the guitar changes to a full blown Psycho/Punk invasion. Lots of deep cruel murdering Slap-Bass. The delivery of the lyrics is plain and simply perfect. Aggressive, powerful and to the point and lifted to the front by the backing vocals.

3.: Six Pack Guy: Taking a softer approach with some Neo-Rockabilly. Only to break the slow pace with some heavy guitar riffs. Ripping it with some short solos on the quiet spots is the slap-bass but never overpowering. Nice easy going drums that let loose once in a while to push forward. Vocals turned slightly softer but still maintained the raspiness.

4.: Bad Guy: That’s one Bad Guy Guitar to start off with. The arrangement of instruments and vocals is catchy. Drums and Slap-Bass working in harmony. The work between the smoky lead vocal and the softer sounding backing vocal is fantastic.

Side B: 5.: Gloom: Gloomy dark drums dragging you along to introduce a slow and scary guitar which turns to the heavy side of darkness. Like a heartbeat to Slap-Bass is relentless and never lets go until the whole track turns to a fast Psychobilly track that is running from the gloomy fog.

6.: Phantom Hotrod: Damn, hard and heavy 80’s Psychobilly with modern parts to bring it to the 21th century. The raspy, smoky rough front vocal shouts from the rooftop to warn everyone on the road. Great guitar that delivers reverb loaded riffs. Raised heartbeat like slap-bass to push the excitement and to scar you. Take the hammering drums as a warning sign to stay out of the way of the Phantom Hotrod.

7.: Buried Alive: This one drives you insane until you burn alive. Fast-tempo guitar to bring out the psycho in you. Cold as ice slap-bass to give you the chills and drums that start a fire. The vocals are like gasoline on a fire and have some deep backing vocals just to lift the flames from time to time.

8.: Big Banana: That is some epic outro. Doo-Wop, nice soft melody and harmonies. Yeah right, it’s turning into some rolling thunder that combines Doo-Wop, Rock’nRoll and the speed and harshness of Psychobilly. Rolling drums that get you marching, slap-bass that is dancing up and down the fretboard. Nice settled guitar that brings you some awesome riffs only to fall back behind the front vocals and then appears back on the quieter parts and rocks then. Backing vocals that show all the love for this music. Well, this is definitely a Big Banana.

Summary: If you never heard of The Raters then you are not alone. Who would ever think that a small Spanish Island spits out a Psycho band from Hell? I know that some people cringe at the thought of having a female lead vocalist in a Band, which is silly, dumb and ignorant, and The Raters are the living proof of the extreme opposite. Cecile, Johnny, Dani and Txernobilly are just fantastic. Changing tempo, cool to crazy lyrics, hard to soft played instruments and best of all having their own style and sound. I can’t wait to hear more.

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