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Released. November 29th, 2022, recorded in "Yungay Studio" by "Soporte equipos Apple RockAndMac”. Mixed and mastered by Ely Agramunt Reviewed Thursday, 19th January 2023. The Red Diablos are a rockabilly – blues band from Chile, south America. Members: Vocals - Peter rocker Rhythm guitar - Emilio sioux Lead guitar - Matias Vendetta Double bass - Carlos Coyote Drums - Luis Diablo These songs were premiered in the last version of the Buenos Aires Rockabilly Festival, where the videoclip of Game Over was filmed, which was released November 29th in Barrio Lastarria, Santiago de Chile. So, let’s take a listen to the tracks... Game Over My headphones melted with the great sound of the drums leading to the guitar which brings in the , powerful voice of Peter. The track totally brings goose bumps to the back of my neck and sets my feet in a musical fit. The game is not over before they go into their native tongue to finish the song. Excellent track. Psycho Killer A longish intro but well worth the wait. Some great lyrics to match the backing. the instruments are all clear with a great bit of solo work on the guitars. It's pure rockabilly bet from the Chilean band who are clearly getting more confidence with the sound they want to create. Summary Just a great 2 track single that shows that the writing of great rockabilly songs are still going strong. All these were being provided during the country was in lockdown. Really great band with a great ear for the sounds they want their fans and everybody to enjoy. UK tour? Well, lets see what the events bring in 2023/4. Reviewed by Rockin Rebel Recommendation Don’t wait until the game is over. A release for all rockabilly fans. Instagram: @thereddiablos Bands Bio The Wild Rockabilly band, The Red Diablos, join forces to generate a project that brings together the raucousness and aggressiveness of California Wild Rockabilly with classic 50's rock and roll. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic and remotely, the band does not stop composing. the forces are refreshed to generate new compositions that enrich the original repertoire of this Chilean band. For Peter Rocker, the main motivations were "the desire to capture our experiences, along with what we have learned over the years, including the experience of a pandemic, and the desire to achieve a more primitive sound, more polished, but with the same energy."

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