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The Ricochets

Released: 25th June 2022

Reviewed: by Dave Diamond on the 30th May 2022

This classic album was first released back in 2013 as a 150 orange vinyl with a white label in a poster sleeve, and also on a C.D too!… This time Doyley is releasing it on vinyl in 3 colours- solid black, pink and yellow with a proper sleeve, and as a bonus has also included an additional track that was recorded in the studio at the time but never released.




Sam- Slap Bass

Ginger- Drums

Special Guest-Boz Boorer: Sax on Wooly Bully

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Philip Doyle

Published by: Diablo Records

Front Artwork: Steve Johnson

Tracks written and performed by: All original songs apart from Black Slacks (Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones, Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Eddie Cochran), Like A Tiger (Fabian), Little Sister (Elvis Presley) and Wooly Bully (Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs

In their own words

We started in the late 70s, had a few line up changes throughout our career. First proper gig was at the Salisbury Hotel ( pub, really ) in Barnet North London. We carried on playing locally at The Orange Tree, The Royalty etc.

Our band influences are good beer and bad ladies! lol

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

DEVILS HIGHWAY: Fantastic sample at the beginning taken from the reverend Jimmy Snow clip preaching against rock n roll in the mid 1950’s and saying how much the devils music effects you and the evil feeling it causes you….and because it’s all in the beat the beat the beat….Dave yells….Kick ass! ..and for sure this track is a real stomper…really showcases The Ricochets at their best….it’s for sure a wreckin’ dance floor filler…great stop mid way through, then here we go again…”looking for my soul night and day…go to hell!!” Turning up the volume to this top tune! What a great opener to this album…Awesome!!

SHE’S GONE: Guitar intro then boom we are in, ”, great stompin’ rockin’ tune, She’s Real Gone.. “Baby I’m Blue, I’m In Love With You”, just under 2 minutes of pure awesome rockin’ sounds, this one’s gotta be a crowd favourite for sure! I just gotta play it again daddios!!

CHAIN DOG: Great 4 times round stab section at the start from this, the title track of the album, once again powerhouse drumming from Ginger, fantastic vocals from Dave, non- stop fabulous slapping from Sam, and awesome guitar licks from Steve, this one really moves along and ends just as it started with the punchy staggered stops.

EASY ACTION: Another fantastic up-tempo tune, this one kick off straight from the start…”I can’t get no satisfaction, all I want is easy action baby”, so much power in a track that lasts 1:38…I dig it massively!

IN HELL: Nice ride cymbal intro, with an earie guitar and bass …then we’re in ..Dave shouts “let’s Go, nice chanting backing vocals on this number and interspersed with ahhhhs, ends just as it started with a nice slow haunting style. This is a really top tune folks.

AVIN’ IT LARGE: Fabulous instrumental…Starting off with a nice rim shot drum roll from Ginger swiftly followed by Steve’s great sounding geetar and Sam’s non stop slapping bass…. Great middle breakdown to let Ginger crack those drums with some terrific rolls, it then explodes once again and then a further stop to showcase Sams bass playing wow!..

JEANIE JEANIE JEANIE: Rocked up version of Eddie Cochrans famous track, Dave’s vocals really suit this cover version that’s slightly sped up to the original….loving this, let’s go!

LONG TIME DEAD: At 3:12 this is the longest tune on the album…This one moves along at a cracking pace, with a full on slapping bass, killer drumming, fab guitar work and rip-roaring vocals, it has a great story behind it, and for me a stand out track…

LITTLE SISTER: Powerhouse version of The Elvis Presley classic that gets the full Ricochets treatment…really like this up tempo version…absolutely superb!

PSYCHO: Kick starts with guitar and then followed with stabs on drums/cymbal then Dave yells “Awww Do I!”…, then in comes the slapping bass, drum roll in and then vocals…”High tempo track with a stompin’ drum beat and twanging guitar and thumping slap bass.. rip roaring vocals, Nice scream too and eerie laugh really love it! “It’s a psychological breakdown guess I got to go Psycho!!”

BLACK SLACKS: A great stomping tune and this for sure is a fantastic catchy version and makeover of this 1957 tune.

WOOLY BULLY: This track features Boz Boorer (The Polecats) on sax and what an awesome solo he does too! A real great version and always creates a fabulous and enthusiastic reaction when they play it live….great fun!

LIKE A TIGER: This was originally done by Fabian back in 1959, and is brought right upto date with this high octane version….great intro from Ginger, then swiftly followed by guitar and bass and then growling vocals from Dave….awesome break which takes this cover version to a different level…WOW!! I’ve gotta take just under 30 minutes to replay the whole album once again!!.. One word….awesome!!


It’s so fabulous that this awesome release on vinyl and is soon coming out again from Diablo Records and you can order pre-order the album on digital streaming and download via Diablo Records Bandcamp page.

It really does showcase The Ricochets fantastic musicianship and I just can’t wait to get my copy!!

From those early days of Made In The Shade right through until 2022 this band will rock your soz right off with their unique style of upbeat rockin’ tunes mixed with a fantastic high octane live performance! It’s so hard to believe that it’s now the 40 year anniversary of that first release on Nervous Records and since then we’ve had On Target, Devils Highway, and The Migraine E.P that was released on Crazy Love Records..

Whatever you do, if you’re going to buy one thing this summer do not look further than this latest offering from The Ricochets…you definitively will not regret it!


Reviewed by: Dave Diamond

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