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Released in 2022 on ROCKABILLY STOMP Records – RSR005 (CD) & RSR006 (LP) LP: Limited to 500 copies. With all LPs being numbered by hand.

Reviewed - 23rd January 2023, Rockin Rebel.

Band Members. Double Bass – Dominic Scheidegger Drums, Vocals – Rafael Hochreutener Lead Guitar – Marco Zurbuchen Rhythm Guitar – Roman Bur.

BAND BIO: In March 2014 the time was right for the band to record their first album at Black Shack Recordings in Calw, Germany. In summer of 2015, the first record was pressed, and the release celebrated – as early as the summer of 2016, it had to be re-pressed and additionally a one-side 7" single was pressed by O-HA Records. The song "Moonshine Truck" was very well received throughout Europe and the record was sold out within a short time. The corresponding album "Moonshine Truck" has already been re-pressed four times and continues to enjoy steady demand. In autumn 2016, they went back to the studio in Calw with new material. In spring 2017, the new 7″ single "Time to Bop" was released on Migraine Records. Two killer tracks that received worldwide attention. The single – in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 500 – was already sold out after a few weeks. One year later, the second 7" single "All Night Long" was released on Migraine Records. In the meantime, this disc is getting hard to find. The band always takes the last copies with them in their merchandising case to their concerts. So that fans without a record player can also get their money's worth, these two songs, together with a new song not yet released, will also be offered for download since April 2017 on all known online stores. The news of the live qualities of the four musicians, who play "straight to the point rockabilly", has got around, so that the tour schedule became increasingly packed with shows all over Europe. Since 2014, tens of thousands of motorway miles have been driven, dozens of stages in ten countries have been rocked, including a memorable short tour of the UK, which will be repeated in 2023. The band was also active during the Corona period. Live concerts only took place virtually, but thanks to a technology partner, fans were able to indulge in their passion and bring the good old concert atmosphere into their living rooms at four live stream gigs. Under the motto "Goodbye 2020" and "Goodbye 2021", the Corona year was driven out on New Year's Eve with the wish that the coming year will be better for the cultural scene.

Review. Formed in 2007 and offering a genuine 1950s style with modern day twist which is raw and raunchy. Four instruments that blend into an exciting and rockin' wall of pure delight, hitting you in the ears and sending shockwaves to your feet. Lockdown came which allowed the band some time to write new tracks. Just to prove their togetherness, any compositions written, no matter which member writes it, it’s credited as a Royal Flush track. This thirteen-track album of self-penned tracks continues the bands road for highly sort after recordings and concerts. They have a full diary of shows throughout 2023 including a return to the Uk. Also they have returned to the studio in December of 2022 for a new release album in 2023. Which I feel sure will be another explosion of outstanding tracks.

Track by Track.

Just a Bottle of Booze If you’re going to open an album of rockabilly songs, then there is no better way than slapping the bass to a guitar riff leading into a musically collision of the drums. The first time I heard this track was on a Christmas lockdown live stream. Loved it then and loved it now. And, just when you think it’s over, a reprise brings the track back to life.

Jumping Left, Jumping Right Again, a great intro from some guitar riffs and drums, the Slap bass enters with force before the power of the vocals takes charge. The combined sound is just electric. This would make a great live track that would have the audience in a frenzy. Definitely one for the rockin DJs.

Tears in the Sun Acoustic guitar versus electric guitar on the opening intro. Gives me the feeling of the early Matchbox sound (buzz buzz a diddle it). The vocals are great, giving that raw meaty throat; the song rocks away at a good rockin pace.

Time To Bop Its definitely time to bop! The drummer gives good vocals whilst beating the drums. Guitar gives a good instrumental part with the slap bass just sitting in the background complimenting his fellow members.

Call My Lady This band know how to get you straight away with their intros: awesome-sounding mouth organ with slap bass injected into it sets the tone for the track, then a forty second mouth organ solo backed by the guitar. Vocals again are on fire with that raw talent.

Running Square It's got a feel of Big Head Todd and the Monsters' track Boom Boom Boom but with a faster beat. This track fits right in with the New Orleans rockabilly sound with its licks and rhythm. Wonderful job, boys!

All Night Long Another face paced track. Slim Jim would be proud of the drumming. Great writing throughout the album, and this track is no different.

Bop To the Boogie Floor filler for the boppers and jivers. Up-tempo beat with the boys rockin another self-penned track. It could be slightly compared with the T-Rex classic I love To Boogie that’s been converted to rock n roll beat but with some tongue twisting lyrics from the writers. Well executed by the band.

Feeling Blue Slowing the tempo down for this one allows you to enjoy the quality of the bands talents. Some great guitar playing from a band that know what sound they are after.

Switchblade The mouth organ returns with a stomping beat. The band takes this instrumental to all kinds of tempos. Switching lead for a short section to allow the mouth organ to get his breath. Electricity just flies out this guy’s mouth. I didn’t want to move on and played it four times.

Down The Road Sticking to the roots of a true rockabilly rhythm. I just love the sounds that come from Rafael Hochreutener's vocals. I can see I’m coming to the last two tracks and can already feel the disappointment.

Gallons Of Booze Second track to the end and the foot is still firmly to floor still. Once again they deliver a great fast paced track. I’m sure they could have drunk a gallon of beer after recording this album. Or did they?

Grasshopper A short one minute forty instrumental to bring you down from the roof. A very enjoyable tune to end the brilliant cd.

Summary. From the very first track I was hooked. The sound is just something else. It's beautifully written, it's well-produced and it has everything you need to hear. Thirteen great rockin tracks!

Recommendation If I had to score this out of ten, it would be a twelve. Highly recommend.

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