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Release Date: March 2023. Reviewed on 22nd April 2023 by Dave Diamond

Vocals/ Guitars: Norman Denks Drums: Chris Harbart Bass: Rango Meissner

Produced and mixed by: Norman Denks at Snakepit Studio/ Bad Harzburg-Germany Mastered by: Pauler Acoustics/ Northeim-Germany Artwork by Chris Harbart Tracks written by Norman Denks and performed by THE RUSTY ROBOTS No special band influences ... We're playing since 2011, just Old-school Psychobilly, New Wave and Old Punk Rock. Distribution:

Let’s have a listen to the tracks: A Forest: On the A side and first up is the title track which The Cure originally did this back in 1980 and it was co-produced by Mike Hedges and the band's Robert Smith.. here we have The Rusty Robots with no keyboards or bass guitar but instead… slapping bass!!! So here we go Side A..just a nice slow kick off to this cover at the same tempo as The Cures for 40 seconds.. then BOOM!! …Rango’s powerful kick ass slapping bass, accompanied by the stomping drums from Chris and wild guitar and screaming manic vocals by Norman…nice breakdown section at 2minutes 50 to give you a breather then at 3 minutes 30 slowly building in speed to a crescendo and ending this extended version at just under 5 minutes…blimey this version is proper high tempo high octane… ask yourselves can you handle that long in the pit… well can you punk!! Carnage In Dark Streets - kicks off Side B with guitar then drums and then swiftly followed by the slapping bass and off we go.. then vocals come to the party at 45 seconds…another very powerful tune from this trio and it’s an original too…the guitar is very catchy and eerie, the bass slapping and rockin’ with the drums thumpin’ and whackin. This track is 2 minutes 19 seconds long and has a fantastic instro-mental section, it’s a mid-paced rockin Robot-tastic song! Twilight Love: fast up-tempo original track from this trio that really showcases the bands musicianship with a 50 second section before the lead vocal enters the party…with great stab sections and slapping bass interludes… the mixing and mastering is really spot on, all instruments peak to their uttermost and the song has a very catchy guitar lick, drums have a driving pounding beat and the slappin’ bass rockin’ to the maximum… wow… awesome song! At Night: final number from this 4 track vinyl release…constant bass slapping on this tune from the start with guitar chords and staggered drums… then at 46 seconds the volcano erupts and time to take your t-shirt off and get wreckin’….then once again on the verse you will be able to take a breather, before another high speed chorus and away we go… great catchy original song once again from this trio and such a fitting end to this release… love it!

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: Wow what a fantastic high octane 4 track 12” maxi release played at 45 RPM and IT’S a limited pressing of only 500 copies. The Rusty Robots from Germany are absolutely fantastic live and I was really looking forward to hearing these four songs… this is their first release with this line up and they do not disappoint, and actually exceeded my expectations! 4 Rusty-Robot-tatsic tunes and a must for any Psycho Rockin’ Kat… just follow the distribution link above and go grab a copy whilst you still can!! Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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