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The Spike Direction Effect - AARGH!

Punk Blues and Underdog Trash from the Medway Delta!;

Recorded at The Garage Of Dreams on 20th and 21st May 2023

Released 01/12/23

The Spike Direction Effect are:

Spike Direction - Guitar and Lead Vocals

Stejy - Bass and Vocals

Blake Harmer - Drums and Vocals

Also Featuring:

Francesca West - Spoken Word on Billy The Quid

Joe Crouch - Backing Vocals

James Doyle - Backing Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by James Doyle

Studio photography by Toby Bonner

Cover Art by Jim Connelly

All songs written by Spike Direction, Arrangement by The Spike Direction Effect

Available at Kloppstock Records


Tony – A brief intro dissertation about daily basis people’s lives that presents us to a speed up blues track with the only lyrics being “Tony is a nazi and a nosferatu too”! A very good intro for this album!

Underdog Trash – “I just wanna play my guitar” seems to be the motive for the artist! Following that line, this is a very bluesy track, with a very catchy guitar! one of my fav tracks here.

Don’t Look – This track takes me to some Cramps/Jon Spencer Blues Explosion songs… Very strong rhythm sections and some catchy slide guitar notes, it’s easy to sing along with the chorus “don’t look, don’t look”.

Kleptomaniac – A rumbling one, where the artist assumes is “addiction” for everything blues related, hence the song name! Really enjoy the guitar work here!

Monster Songs –Slide, blues guitar all the way! As soon as the track begins, it immediately reminds me of some Legendary Tigerman songs (a one man band). A strong slide guitar that sticks to your head! Another one of me fav ones!

Bass Amp – A slow start track that evolves to a rhythm, rumbling one where the artist talks about his opposite feeling towards someone “I miss you… I hate you…”! Mind the short, catchy solo and the rumbling way the track ends!

Knife Edge – With a classic slide guitar intro, this song presents us with solid drum breaks, with classic rock ‘n roll vibe, while singing about living on the edge!

Billy The Quid – This track reminded me of some Childish tracks! Really enjoyed the strong bass work, leading the way while the drums rumble with fury.

Medway Queen – Remember Peter Gunn? Well, this track got a similar pace, giving us a strong rhythm work and a beautiful solo right from the start! Between the “hero” and the “villain”, this one suits the bad guy!

Little Black Heart – One of the most “bluesy” tracks from the album! A love declaration! Slow paced one, makes you wanna get the booze and the cigarettes and shake your body!

River Rats – And to end the album, one of the fav tracks… Just imagine being on a speeding runaway train! Gotta enjoy the strong, rumbling drums and the powerful bass and I quite enjoy the lyrics “sorry my friend, I do not hate you but I must decapitate you” really suits the track and, once again, some Blues Explosion are presented here! After the end of the song, some seconds of silence before hearing the band having some fun in the studio!

Final thoughts:

Well, a nice album that, here and there, reminds me of some 80’s English garage bands. With a bluesy guitar tone and strong rhythm sections, while the vocals seem like singing from a deep hole! This album provides a nice entertainment for those who enjoy some good R’N’R garage blues sound.

Reviewed by Nuno (DJ Detroit) - 14/02/24

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