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The Tazmen – Psycho Run.

Release Date: 2022 Reviewed on 15th August 2023 by Dave Diamond Promoter of The Boomerang Club-London. Band members (on the album) Schnouf lead & backing vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, melodica & tin whistle Rico: Double Bass Seb: Drums

Band members (on stage): Schnouf :Lead vocal and guitar Rico: Double Bass and backing vocals Seb: Drums and backing vocals

Produced and mixed by Frederic Loumagne aka Panda Mastered by Bruno Valera atUpload Studio Front cover artwork by Jerôme Lebrun aka Pibolo

Tracks written and performed by Schnouf, Rico and Frédéric Loumagne except « Empty Promises » by Duda/Razorbacks.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks: The Weekender-This song tells the story of people who work all week and can't wait for the weekend to party and have a good time with their friends. Real Life! All straight in on this opening number… here we have a mid-paced stomper of a track… it really does move along nicely, great rasping vocals from Schnouf and fab guitar licks, top notch drumming by Seb and that slapping bass is fantastic by Rico. Frankenstein-Scnouf tells me…”Just because Frankenstein is surely the favorite monster of the Psychos but also in homage to Boris Karloff one of my favourite actors!” Nice sample at the start… “it’s alive!” followed by a nice build up and we are off once again! Great key changes on the chorus and loving the melodic verses. This is a very well worked out song, nice bass solo mixed in with great guitar and drumming once again. At over 4 minutes this song is really good indeed. Psycho Run-This song is for Psychos who assume their look and their way of life despite the gaze of others! Title track of the album and for sure it does not disappoint! It has a great rhythmic style to it and a real feel-good factor. The mixing is just spot on with each instrument taking centre stage, lead vocal is just perfect and it’s great to hear the range Schnouf has… this is a fab tune, a real crowd pleaser live! Without Name-Schnouf explains “It’s for all the people we see in concerts and whose name we never know, to whom we never speak, the anonymous!” This number really has a late 80’s vibe running through it, really loving the guitar licks throughout, a real powerful number and for sure a dance floor filler…another fabulous original track from the band, it’s a real catchy tune indeed and just over 3 minutes long… t-shirts off…let’s g-o-o-o-o-o! Riot-Ok so we all have an annoying friend who gets confused with everyone as soon as he's had a little drink! Drums and slapping bass start off this track with the lead vocals, and then enter the guitar… another tune with great power and drive to it, flick the switch to overdrive and you wont be far away… great change of speed at 1:15, the slapping bass really does drive this tune, great drumming once again and guitar full on splendid…fantastic indeed! Empty Promises-It's a cover of The Razorbacks tune that was released on Fury back in ’93, Schnouf tells me “I really like because it brings good humour, makes you want to dance and gives a party atmosphere!” … here the guys rock it up with a heavier drum pattern, and a deeper vocal, which all go to enhance their take on the original. Loving the breakdown section just after 2 minutes… awesome! It really is such a happy go-lucky track and a real bottle beer table cracking of a tune. Yee-haw and go get me another beer to smack on the table! Pure excellence! Tell Me Why-Schnouf tells me this is one of my oldest songs! It talks about the despair you feel when your girlfriend leaves you without an explanation. The lyrics are a little sad but the song remains positive! Starts off with marvellous slapping of the bass, drum rolls and chord strumming. High tempo tune from The Tazmen that moves along just perfectly. Another anthem style track and I love the key change on the chorus and backing vocals. Really like this one a lot…fab speaking section at 2 minutes 20 seconds, gives a great light and shade before exploding again… “tell me why”! Excellent track! Sailor Song- This is a sailor song with Celtic influences. It tells the story of sailors who end up alone but who remain attached to the sea. Schnouf tells me “It allowed me to play several instruments, in particular the Banjo which I love.” Nice slow beginning to this one, with added waves crashing. Nice floor tom rolls and the banjo is just marvellous. Great lyrics on this number and it’s great to hear all the varied instruments on one single tune, tin whistle a go-go… it really has that sailor vibe, so gonna get me a straight rum whilst I listen and turn up the volume to The Tazmen! Fantastic song. In their own words about the band and this recording: In this album, the theme that often comes up is loneliness or rather the fear of loneliness, hence the importance of having your family and your circle of friends around you. But also party and enjoy the moment!

During our gigs the most important thing for us is good humor! We try to bring joy and positivity so that the public can forget about their problems and have a good time! Our main influences are The Jekills, The Sharks, Frantic Flinstones, The Long Tall Texans, Frenzy and many more!

“Ev’ry night when you dream… You feel you’re gonna die…But here we are… The Tazmen!

YouTube Clip :

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: Formed back in ’93 The Tazmen are back! This trio are from France and play an old school psychobilly style but with their own stamp on it! The band went down a storm at the recent Pineda De Mar Psychobilly Weekender where they played at Santis Bar, Spain and with their energetic live performances are a band not to be missed! So here we have an 8 track C.D.release from these guys with 7 of them being self-penned originals…pure powerhouse and breathtaking stuff from this trio that really keep your head shaking from start to finish! If you like your psycho rockin’ tunes then go grab yourselves a copy, and keep on stompin’! Reviewed by Dave Diamond.

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