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Released February 2023 on Sharawaji Records Reviewed by Ed, 3rd March 2023 Buy the album here:

The Terrorsurfs are: El Guapo - Guitars The Reverend Tonto - Guitars BAMALAM - Bass King Fuzzo - Drums

Front artwork by Steve Rocket. Big thanks to Mike at Sharawaji Records for putting us out there. Recorded at ZOO studios, Tamworth.

Having listened to the previous incarnation The Terrorsaurs, it’s good to hear El Guapo , Shaker again and with some new recruits they deliver a great surf punk platter filled with thundering drums and fender dripping twangs. I’m packing up my sex wax and heading for the beach.

From start to finish ‘From The Jaws of Hell’ hits the spot if this is your kinda thing and I, for one, am punch drunk as I sing along to tracks like Spit Roast, Triple Penetration and Surf Me Baby.

The album starts as it means to go on with a short and sweet blast called Methro Skull that leads nicely into The Bolshevik Beatdown: a track echoing the works of The Space Cossacks.

Next up is Plank Tone which is as about as noir as you can get. It takes you to the streets of Berlin before the wall came down and everyone but everyone was spying on someone somewhere.

Spit Roast is a clever track with a perfect pace to sing the song title and consider what it is you are singing about. Following this is Space Leg, one of my favs on the album, which leads you to the stars and beyond in the way only a B Movie can do.

The title track of the album uses some great tremolo panning and is a sleazy downbeat number that has you looking behind you or under the bed!

Surf Me Baby is a great thumping song in the Man or Astro Man vein with some fab guitar licks. Raspberry Ripple was a very non PC piece of rhyming slang when I was but a wee boy and exchanging insults was then as texting is today. The mix lets the bass breath more and there is some nice answer and reply riffs between the bass and guitar.

Triple penetration is another hard and stomp filled track with references to some form of physical activity apparently.

The prize for the best track title and my favourite on the album is Revenge of the surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire girls. Had this on repeat for a long while when I first got this to review.

Disciples of Satan leads us into the jaws of hell and tells a tale that sends shivers through your spine. The album ends with a real tub thumper in King Kong’s Hong Kong Ding Dong which has a great detuned bass and guitar stuff going on.

I imagine the Terror Surfs will be a great watch live and so check them and this album out.

Although some surf music aims for some California dreaming I ended up in Margate on a bank holiday Monday during a riot or maybe super spy showdown. And either of those is fine and dandy as I join in a sea sprayed mosh pit on the promenade from hell.

I’m a sucker for surf punk especially when it has some actual choons. So I was mucho contento with this album and if I was on a summer surf holiday my postcard would say ….

Dear mum All is sunny and fine here! but I sense a growing nightmare! The surf is high and so am I. Guess what Ma when I was cruising along to turtle beach I saw monsters in the water heading for humans to eat.

PS Don’t forget to feed the piranhas !

Love Ed Razor

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