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Release Date: 2023

Reviewed 15th May 2023 by Dave Diamond


Vocals CHOPS "SCREAMERATOR" GRIEGO Albuquerque, Phoenix


Drums MARK "DEXTAR SCREAMATTACK" FLYNN Detroit, Ireland, Oregon, Phoenix

Upright Bass DOC SCREAMER Los Angeles, Phoenix Backing vox DOC & DEXTAR

Guest musicians Featuring. (The random voices in our heads) Produced and Mixed by DEXTAR'S LABORATORY Mastered by DEXTAR'S LABORATORY Front cover artwork by: Original bass drum head painting by MISSY MAHAN (Missy Mahan Art)

Our influences as a band (Chops) Bovine, Go Cat Go, Starlight Drifters (Doc) Billy Lee Riley (Sun Records 1957), The Four Teens (Challenge Records 1958) , Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats (Chess 1951), Roy Hall (Decca 1956), Jimmy Lloyd (Roulette 1957) (Dextar) Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Dickie Harrell, Bill Bateman, The Treniers, Cab Caloway, Bill Haley (Dick Richards), Bob Wills, The Delmore Brothers, BR5-49, Carl Perkins, Sid King, Sugar Chile Robinson, Joe Clay (Jacob)Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Jimmy Bryant, Django Reinhardt, Al Casey, Phil Baugh, Paul Buskirk, Joe Maphis, James Burton, Clint Strong, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis,

All Tracks written and performed by TIN CAN SCREAMERS

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Long Gone Fool – The band tell me ..”Chops was sick at home watching bad soap operas and feeling sorry for himself.” Jacob kicks this one off with a great guitar lick, swiftly followed by Doc’s slapping bass, Mark’s snare beat and after 15 seconds in comes the fab vocals of Chops. This is a mid tempo rockin’ bouncy boppin’ track that sounds really authentic and right on the money… great opening track from this trio. Love the staggered stop right now the end… at just under 3 minutes this original is very good indeed!

Hot Rod Boogie – more up temp vibe to this Hot Rod number detailing going out in your Hot Rod tonight… great section mid-way through showcasing the fantastic drums and fabulous slapping bass and loving the awesome geetar solo… great shout backs in the chorus section: Tin Can Screamers love Cars! ‘2 of us belong to Checs Car Club (Chops - 46 Dodge, Dextar '56 Desoto and '50 Buick, Doc '57 sedan, wagon and pickup)’ according to the band… 2 minutes 14 seconds… gotta love this track!

Dry Heat Hop – Phoenix Arizona is hotter than hell but "it's a dry heat” like your oven. This one has a Charlie Feather feel to it… another fantastic track from this tremendous four piece stomping band… this has Rollin Rock written all over it with great build ups and pure rockabilly class. The guitar is screaming, vocals are immense, the bass is constantly fab and the drums sitting just perfect in the mix… fantastic track!

Daddy’s Cadillac – the band tell me… “Chops was born in the back seat of his... (true story)” A mid-tempo rockin’ blues number. A higher end vocal this time round and fantastic musicianship from the guys once again.. double instrumental break that really escalates this number. 3 minutes 26 seconds of pure class and it’s another fab lyric original, daddio’s!!

Rock Me Baby – Dextar says "It don't mean a thang, if it ain't got that swang!" So here’s the penultimate tune from this 6 track release… another rockin’ stompin’ foot tappin’ tune… all tracks have been fantastically mixed.. this one has a great staggered section in the verses and the chorus constantly rockin’ you all night long… great very intricate rhythm sections on this track… marvellously terrific!

Firecracker – ending this 6 track digital release is a love song. This track starts off at a medium melodic pace and then straight after the chorus the firecracker explodes into a fabulous instrumental section… fabulous hic-cupping vocals on this one with back up vocals on the chorus… “she’s my rockin screamin red headed fireball!”. This song really does have everything with a great catchy guitar lick coming in and out at various points… what a fab end to this wild rhythmic 6 track release.. top notch!

In their own words – Chops moved to Phoenix in 2013 and reformed his Albuquerque group, SLIK FIFTY, with Jacob, Dextar and Raf Howler (bass)

After 5 years of local and Southwest shows, SLIK FIFTY stopped performing in 2018 due to scheduling and location issues.

In 2019 Chops, Jacob and Dextar formed TIN CAN SCREAMERS, bringing Doc Screamer onboard to Slap the Bass (see what I did there?).

We travelled to Checs car club Washington/Oregon chapter annual show in 2019 and turned it into a mini tour with shows in Las Vegas and Oregon.

Played the 2022 Viva Las Vegas Reverend Martini Late night show case. and recorded 2 Bopflix Videos in the "infamous" room between 664 and 668 at The Orleans Hotel.

Opened for Slim Jim Phantom show in Phoenix and Jim signed Dextar's 20" K Zildjian ride cymbal. Lean Canteen invited to their home Turf, Salt Lake City, so we had another mini tour with 2 shows at The Sand Dollar(s) Las Vegas. when we woke up the next morning there was snow. Doc and Jacob drove back in a 1957 Chevy wagon with no heat or wipers.

Every year we play an annual show for The Transplants car club in Tombstone Arizona, Wyatt Earp's Oriental Saloon.

Anything special about the recordings for the readers? Songs were all recorded, mixed and mastered in Dextar's Laboratory (living room) using state of the art apparatus (Behringer X18 and a windows PC) with Shure 55 vocal mics and SE Electronics drum mics. We used the following equipment..Guitars - 1960 Mosrite Combo and vintage Kay archtop acoustic, Bass - 1939 Kay Swing Master M-4, drum kit - 2018 custom made Ludwig Legacy Mahagony 26x12,13x9, 16x16 14x6.5 snare, all heads Ambassador Fiberskyns, amps - Traynor YBA-2B bass mate 25W 1X15 1974 (guitar), Ampeg SVT 300W/1x15 & 4x10 (bass)

Closing Comments Tin Can Screamers rose out of the desert of Phoenix Arizona in 2019.�They play traditional style Rockabilly, pulling from the original influences and putting their stamp on it. Individually these cats have decades of history in the international rockin' scene and together create a unique energized sound. This really is a fantastic rockin’ rhythmic authentic release from the guys and they just have to bring it out on CD or Vinyl very soon… check it out on bandcamp and remember to turn the volume up to the max! You won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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