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Released April 2022 on Go Country Records GC026 Reviewed on 14/02/2023 Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983 The Quartet is from Milan Italy and comprises of Henry Wolfabilly (Enrico Cappalletti) on Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar, Stefano SJJ Errico on Lead Guitar, Tex Murky (Stefano Tessadri) on Slap-Bass and Guido Carlion on Drums. Produced and Arranged by Cris Mantello. Taking the name from 1950’s Science Fiction B movie’s and 50’s Surf (Voodoo) Tiki’s along with the big influence of Rockabilly hero’s from 53 to 59, this combination explains the name Voodoo Mars. Voodoo Mars is recording everything on Low-Fi, so pre 1960’s on ribbon microphones to get the proper old-school sound. Every member of the band brings a different view, feel and sound into The Voodoo Mars. For example Henry brings in the darker side of 50’s Rockabilly while Tex is more inspired by Bill Black. So let’s just travel in light speed mode from Mars to Planet Earth and have a listen to the Tracks. Track by Track 1.: B-B-Burn: Cool dry and reverb loaded Lead Guitar that starts fingerpicking fantastic with rolling Drums just coming in a few bars later to strike the match. The Slap-Bass is set in the background and gives the track a nice rumbling slapping. The vocals are in complete sync with the Rhythm Guitar and together they are driving the track up-tempo. 2.: The Devil Is A Woman: Strumming the closed Rhythm Guitar together with the riff happy Lead Guitar to lay down the tempo. Shortly after joint by the rolling Drums and soft but persisted slapping Bass. Great Lyrics that just fit perfect and suit the vocals. Loaded with Guitar solo and cool riffs. 3.: Eenie Meenie Miny Mo: Well this has to be the best cover of a children's rhyme from way before the 1820’s. Drum’s sounding like the War Drums in a Spaghetti-Western. Angry Lead Guitar riffs ringing throughout the track. Rhythm Guitar sounding like a dried out river and a Slap-Bass dancing like the Native Americans. Just plain and simple but AWESOME. 4.: Malena: Changing to a Latin influenced track with soft vocals. Great Rhythm Section that supports the Lead Guitar. Cymbal driven Drums that just roll beautiful in and out of the song together with the finger picked Slap-Bass for a full sounding picture. 5.: Rock And Roll Parrot: Swinging in to the next stage of the Album. Using a Brass Section in the intro. It is amazing how the vocals change to the mood and style of the music. Simple Drums and Rhythm Guitar driving the track forward and paving the way for a reverb loaded Lead Guitar. The Slap-Bass is just a bit in the background to happily slap away the 50’s style we all love. 6.: Runaway Papa: Reverb heavy rockabilly Guitar starting to draw in the Super cool Drum’s and the fully loaded Slap-Bass. The vocals changed again and get carried away with the happy Rhythm Guitar. 7.: Sicario Mario: Acoustic Guitar that is nice and dry giving this track a stepping stone to the dark side of the Italian Mafia. Marching sounding Drum’s that get the perfect support by the Slap-Bass. The Lead Guitar steps in and out of the track just at the right time. 8.: Hillbilly Bop: Getting slapped back into the 80’s by the Slap-Bass on this up-tempo track. Nice clean sounding Drum’s to keep on track. Finger picked Lead Guitar riffs that turn into a solo. Unbelievable Rhythm Guitar that holds the vocals in place. And you will Bop. 9.: You’re My Ruin: Turning down the fire a bit, just to show off a new side of Voodoo Mars. A bit more modern sounding. This one get your head and hip moving and that will be your ruin. Starting with a Lead Guitar riff that sticks throughout the whole track. The perfect mix of Drum’s, Slap-Bass and Rhythm Guitar that presents the perfect stepping stone for yet another level of vocal ability. 10.: She: This is unreal, what a song. These vocals are insane. The vocal range (from Elvis to Buddy Holly) is so crystal clear. It just shows what Voodoo Mars is able to do. Just the Acoustic Guitar and the Bass. This gives me goosebumps. Summary: The Voodoo Mars are so versatile in their abilities. Starting with vocal range that suits every style of music. It is to no surprise that every single band member is a master of their instrument and nothing is left to just impulse. All four members write and create the vast space of the universe called Rockabilly. Facebook: Web: Web:

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