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Released: 14th July 2022.

Reviewed: 19th July 2022 by: Dave Diamond.


Whiskey Jean - Lead vocal.

Matt Collins – Lead Vocals on tracks, 3, 11, and 14.

John O’Malley – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone Lap Steel and Backing Vocals.

Mark Widdowson – Piano.

Recorded at: Malleycat Studios.

Produced and Mixed by: MalleyCat Records.

Engineered and Mastered by – MalleyCat Records.

Distributed/Published by: Whiskey Jean Records.

Artwork and sleeve design by: John O’Malley

• Original songs written by the following:

Tracks * 2, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10: S.Thurston.

Tracks * 11 and 12: S.Thurston/M.Collins

Track 4 *: Thurston/O’Malley

Track 8*: S.Thurston/Calver

Band BIO….

… I (Matt) formed the band after a conversation with Chris Henson (Drums) when he rang me to enquire about getting his old band on at our Rock N Roll Club called West End RNR Club. We started chatting and then decided to get together. He already had a ready made band that was looking for singer/singers. With all the band members based in Spondon Derby it was only 30 minutes away from Sharon (Whiskey Jean) and I. We’d gig anywhere and Sharon and I have ambitions to play Europe in the not too distant future.

The gigging line up of the band are as an actual 6piece playing predominantly a dance/Jive style with both female and male lead vocals and are as follows:

Sharon and Matt-Vocals, Chris Henson on Drums, Guitar Mark Roome, Bass Phil Shardlow and Mark Widdowson Keys.


Sharon’s a massive Elvis Presley fan and also admires Ruth Brown, Wynona Carr, Wanda Jackson, Clyde McPhatter and Etta James, and myself (Matt) I’m a big fan of Ritchie Valens, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Ronnie Dawson. The current bands on the scene that we are big fans of are Tammy Savoy, Jane Rose, Sarah Mae, The Bellefuries, Pokey Lafarge, The Kingcats, Darrel Higham. Rockin’ The Joint and Bo Walton just to name a few.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

This Train – A great cover of the Sister Rosetta Tharpe tune, fantastic lead vocal range from Whisky Jean backed with piano kicks of this opening track, a fab jive tempo that is gonna be a big HIT on the jive scene…for sure you ‘better get on board’!l I’ve ways loved this track, a great opener to hear straight off. Really love the way the guitar comes in and goes out and nice touch with backing harmony vocals…Outstanding… Roll on the next track!

Shotgun Daddy – - tune kicks off with a drum roll and fab catchy guitar lick which are both from John O’Malley, nice single shot snare beat interspersed with drum rolls, and fab to hear the piano coming through sporadically..this is a superb melodic and catchy tune with exceptional vocals once again….clicking my fingers to this one…another top tune with a fab jiving pace.

You Got A Heart Like A Rock – Storming version of the Charlie Grace hit – Matt takes the lead vocals on this which showcases his raw and rhythm and blues style voice, nice backing vocals to go with this number, really great to hear a present day cover of this great track . Another very hip clicking number that’s become an instant earworm that’s been going round my head all day…top notch!

I Know I Know – Whiskey Jean takes on the vocals for this one and yet again showcasing her fab voice, and great guitar work from John and a fantastic saxophone break too! This number has a great British rock ‘n’ roll vibe going on… this is an awesome awesome original track

You’re My Heaven – This has a great laid back feel and I can see it being a great strolling number in the clubs…Fab vocals and backing vocals once again to this tune and the self-penned lyrics are outstanding.

Cheat – this one has kicks off with geetar, then drums and piano followed by Whisky Jeans vocals…. Loving the piano from Mark on this one, tells the story of how much someone is hurting by cheating on them and none other than gals called Peggy Sue, Mary Lou, Susie Q and another jive tempo tune, grab your partner and hit the dance floor!

Strong – written by Sharon…Great lyrics on this number, it has a real authentic 1950’s country sound to this one and a fab instrumental section to compliment it too, second break showcases the piano once again. Nice section when Matt accompanies need the lead vocal. At 2 minutes 58 seconds long, this is a real nice melodic number.

My Little Miss – Another great track from this top C.D, this one’s a real head shaker, they sure have their own sound but this has a great bouncing melody to it with strong vocals and backing too…Love the stops on this tune “my little miss…the accompaniment of all instruments make this one a sure fire hit at rock ‘n’ roll weekenders and venues…I just gotta play this one again so back in 2 minutes 20 daddio’s!!

Much Too Much – nice little medium paced original number with shared vocals and once again great piano break and fab finger picking guitar, nice stop at 2:43 adds to the spice on this easily listening tune.

I Love You Baby – another fantastic self penned great song, this one has a feel to it that could have been used in one of the Lemon Popsicle film series that came in the 70;s that was all about teenage boys in the late 50’s and the shenanigans they got up to.

Dance Floor Queen – Mexicali meets Mambo, meets Doo-Wop meets Whisky Jean & The Chasers with Matt taken on the lead vocals, great number, fantastic stuff!

When Will I Be Loved – This time they take on The Everly Brothers track and don’t disappoint! Whisky Jean and Matt duet on this superb classic and harmonise perfectly… like a postman they deliver first class!

Cry To Me – Solomon Burke track given the Whiskey Jean & The Chasers treatment with Sharon taking on the lead vocals and Matt/John doing the backing vocals. this is a fab version of this soul classic; a very powerful rendition indeed and really hits the bullseye!

Sweet Little Whiskey Jean – Matt takes vocals on this final number of an outstanding 14 track C.D. musicianship once again is outstanding and nice backup vocals from Sharon on the chorus.

Available to purchase at:

….The band tell me that all CD’s purchased will be signed too!


Wow for sure this 14 track C.D. packs a punch that will knock you back stronger than a triple Scotch On The Rocks!!… Great to see some different cover track interspersed with self penned original tunes too… it’s fantastic that the band can choose from 2 great vocalists that give them a great variety and a fab sound. Outstanding musicianship from multi talented John 0’Malley who also produced mixed mastered the CD and the Piano work from Mark is excellent and adds to creation of the amazing authentic 50’s feel to this debut album…

If you haven’t got it already, be sure to order it from either the band or label links above and grab yourself a signed copy fast!


Reviewed by: Dave Diamond

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