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You wear it well – Various Artist.

Released – 27th January 2023 on Jasmine Records, Cat. No: JASMCD2734 Jasmine Records ( Reviewed – Rockin Rebel, 9th February 2023.

You wear it well is an easy listening cd. With a decade of all dressed up pop, rock n roll and country songs from1953 to 1962. Songs that help shape the fashion of the times and which have come back around again, well maybe not all of them. Now with thirty tracks to try on for size and model for you, i’d better make a start.

Track by track review. Got a Hole in my Sweater (Hart) Guy Mitchell with mitch miller and his orchestra + chorus. From 1953 on the Columbia record label. Debuted at #9 in UK Singles Chart, 20 February 1954. A sky-blue shirt and a rainbow tie. (Berch-Redmond) Charted at #17 on UK Singles chart in November 1954. Released as a single in July 1953 in the US. Orchestra directed by Joe Reisman. Dancing in my Shoes (Green/Kane/Kriegsman) Mary Joan Kath Okum, better known as Bonnie Lou. recognized as one of the first female rock and roll singers. She is also one of the first artists to gain crossover success from country music to rock and roll. A white sports coat (Robbins) A version by Johnny Desmond, Peaking at No. 62 on the U.S. pop charts. In UK the song was a notable hit for the English rock and roll singer Terry Dene, which reached number 18 in the UK Charts. My First Formal Gown (Aber/silver) Sung by Patti Page with Jack Rael and His Orchestra, released in 1956. Too Young to Go Steady was the flip side. Black Slacks (Bennet/Denton) by Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones. Reaching number 11 on the R&B chart and number 17 on the Billboard pop chart in 1957. Pink Sweater Angel (Schroeder/wood) Johnnie Ray and the Ray Conniff with his Orchestra. Released on the Phillips label in 1957. Stockings and Shoes (Gaston) Liberty records Vinyl, EP released in 1957 by Eddie Cochran. Other songs included Mean When I'm Mad, Teresa and That's My Desire. One Suit (Coleman/singleton) 1957 release for Tennessee Ernie Ford with The Watermelon Song being the flip side. Ford released almost 50 country singles through the early 1950s, several of which made the charts Blue Jean Baby (Wolfe) Released by Jerry Wallace in 1957 on challenge records. A beautiful ballad that will bring them lovers walks back to your memory. Never released in the uk at the time of publishing Blue Jeans and Boys Shirt (trout/George) 1958 ERA Records release for the American rockabilly singer Glen Glen. It was late 1957 when he signed with Era Records. in January 1958 his first single was released, "Everybody's Movin'" backed with "I'm Glad My Baby's Gone". Levi Jacket (And a Long Tail Shirt) (Reed/Grandal/Abram) Released 1958 on the Columbia record label by the rockabilly pioneer Carl Perkins. His surname was misspelled on his birth certificate as "Perkings. The flip side was Pop, Let Me Have the Car. Leather Jacket (reno/hinlien) Leroy Van Dyke recorded this rockabilly classic in 1958 for Dot records. He shot to fame and went into country music hall of fame in 1956 with his "The Auctioneer”, recording co-written with Buddy Black. Straight Skirt (Tarver) recorded by Gene Summers and his Rebels, a rockabilly band from Dallas, Texas and was first released in February 1958 by Jan Records. The B-Side "School Of Rock 'n Roll", an upbeat rockabilly song written by James McClung White Bucks and Saddle Shoes (Pomus/Shuman) Bobby Pedrick, Jr on Big-Top Record label in 1958. Their song writing skills of Pomus who would write the lyrics and Shuman the melody, although they worked on both occasionally. They Wrote great hits for artist like Dion, The Flamingos, Andy Williams, Bobby Darin, Fabian, The Drifters and Elvis. Short Shorts (Austin/Gaudio) Could never miss out such a classic tune from the Royal Teens. Although dated as a 1958 release on ABC-Paramount label, it was actually released on the small New York label Power Records in 1957. All the Band members were credited to writing the song. White Buckskin Sneakers and Checkerboard Socks (Baker/Greenlee) First came out as a promo on the Time Record label which was founded in 1959 by Bob Shad, Time Records ceased operations in 1966, but many of its titles were reissued by Mainstream Records.great hit for the Bell Notes then released it on Top Rank International label in 1960. Pink Petticoats (Richardson) Well you cant go wrong with the big bopper on any release. I often wonder what corkers he was thinking of writing and recording before his untimely death. This was released on the Esquire Mercury label EP in Australia 1959, Long Black Stockings (wooley) Tony Butala was the lead singer of the vocal group The Lettermen since 1958, he is the only member left from the original line up. Fun fact he was the singing voice of Lost Boy Slightly in the Disney animated film Peter Pan. This song was written by Sheb Wooley the American singer, songwriter who recorded a series of novelty songs including the 1958 hit rock and roll comedy single "The Purple People Eater". Pink Chiffon (Torok/Redd) A lovely sentimental tune written by Mitchell Torok and his then wife Gail Redd. Who between them wrote songs for top artist like Skeeter Davis, Kitty Wells, Hank Snow and Willie Nelson, Jerry Wallace, Billy Walker, Barbara Eden, Glen Campbell, Dean Martin. They even wrote the song for film star Clint Eastwood. Here Mitchell performs his 1960 track with Gail on backing vocals. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Vance/Pockriss) Buddy Hackett’s version of the song that’s been adapted at least five times for different languages. The original writer Paul Vance had to fight for the royalties after somebody claimed to be the original writer. Shopping for clothes (Harris/Leiber/Stoller) Talking blues recorded by the Coasters, the track was credited to Elmo Glick, which is the pseudonym of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Released September 1960 on the ATCO label. Short skirts (Sh-Booms) The Sh-Booms formerly The Chords were a Rhythm & Blues vocal group from the Bronx. Carl Feaster (lead tenor) Claude Feaster (baritone)James C. Keyes (tenor)Floyd McRae (tenor)William Edwards (bass) also performed under the name The Chordcats. Funk / Soul track released on Atlantic records in 1960. Raincoat in the River (Schroeder/Kaye) Sammy Turners version was recorded and released on the Big Top label in 1961. It was produced by none other than Mr Phil Spector. The flip side was a track called Falling written-by Leiper & Stoller This Pullover (Mossley/Murray) Paul Evans With Sid Bass And His Orchestra, released on Carlton Record Corporation, founded by former RCA Victor A&R executive Joe Carlton in 1957. This pullover is the B-side to “Just Because I Love You” and was only ever released in Canada and the US. Tight Sweater (Christy/Reagan) 1961 release on the Arvee label for the Marathons. (disgogs)The story goes that the Olympics where on a US tour and were unavailable to cut the record. HB Barnum gave it to The Vibrations to record a demo for him. Somehow, it made its way to the Arvee label, and they released it. They must have conspired to be sure the Vibrations name was not used, and they selected the name of the Marathons. Pretty Little Girl in the Yellow Dress (Tiomkin/Washington) Rockabilly-style singer born in Cincinnati, Ohio Carl Dobkins Jr. gives this song the touch of velvet vocals. Nice melody to this smooching melody. Grab your loved one and dance amongst the stars. Carl is Best known for "My Heart Is An Open Book", which peaked at #3 in 1959. Red Coat, Green Pants, and red suede shoes. (Arnold) Star-club records release, featuring twenty-six songs by Lloyd Arnold and his Rockin Drifters. Who sang songs from a wide range of genres including Rock, Folk, World, Country, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll. Cuff Links and a Tie Clip (Schroeder/gold) The daughter of the world-famous crooner Frank Sinatra. Nancy gives a great little mid-tempo sixties pop song. Released through Reprise label in 1961. Low Cut Sneakers and Bermuda Shorts (T-D Nardo) Pat Tolland and The Kingsman on the Al-Stan Label from 1962. Arranged By, Conductor Barry Petri. The flip side was, “After Closing Day” Written by A. Teoli. Summery A great selection of tracks put together to bring the fasions and memories. I guarantee you will be dancing and smooching to every track. it will suit the older generation as far as hearing these tracks again, but just as much for the young ones to feel that romantic dance hall magic. Recommendation Great little cd that will go in everybody’s collection. Bio With Rock 'N' Roll Music Came a Whole New Sense Of Fashion For America's Teenagers, It Was Hip To Be Wearing The Latest Trend And Singers And Songwriters Were Quick To Jump On The Bandwagon. Blue Jeans, Leather Jackets, Tight Sweaters, Were Soon the Subject Of Songs And Hits

This 30 Track CD Includes Songs from The Pre-Rock 'N' Roll Era Like Patti Page's "My First Formal Gown" And Norman Brooks' "A Sky-Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie" Of The Early Fifties Right Through To The Early Sixties When Teenagers Eager To Standout And Maybe Set A Trend Wore "White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks" And "Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes"...The Brighter And More Outlandish The Better. Along The Way There's Levi Jackets, Pink Petticoats and Short Skirts as Well As The More Novel "Short Shorts" As Sung By The Royal Teens And A Truly Over-The-Top Novel Version Of "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka dot Bikini". Included Are Tracks by Best- Selling Artists Like Guy Mitchell, Johnnie Ray, Eddie Cochran, The Big Bopper, The Coasters and Nancy Sinatra. The Package Includes Comprehensive Liner Notes on Each Track Plus Scans, Press Ads And Other Images Buy it from Various Artists - You Wear It Well - A Decade of All Dressed-Up Pop, R – Horizons Music.

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