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Release Date: digital presale is available on Band Camp right now. You get the first single, “Don’t Tease Me”, immediately. The rest of the record will be available on the release date of 28/4/2023 to coincide with my performance at Viva! Album is out on RUM BAR RECORDS.

Reviewed 7th March 2023 by Dave Diamond Vocals: Angela Tini Guitar: Tommy Harkenrider Drums: Josh Collazo Upright Bass: Shorty Poole Piano: Carl Sonny Leyland Saxophone: Johnny Viau Backing vox: Abby Maharaj and Dani Colace - Abby is Abbygirl and Dani is in Crown City Bombers. DUET: Angela Tini with Big Sandy Producer: Carl Sonny Leyland Engineer (mix/master): Shorty Poole Artwork: Dario Vavassori

In their own words –about the band when formed gigs etc and influences? My influences are varied, but as a singer – Patsy Cline, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Jackie Wilson, Sugar Pie DeSanto, LaVern Baker and Janis Martin! Bands I love – I have too many friends in bands I love to list them all and I’d be sad if I missed anyone by mistake!

Distribution: Once Angela has physical copies, they will be available on her website – but also at all the events. Currently the digital pre-sale is on Band Camp at

Let’s have a listen to the tracks - Have You Met Me Yet? – Angela tells me … “This track is about being underestimated and people not respecting your personal boundaries. Crassly, it’s an F around and find out kind of song.” This opening track was written by Angela Tini & Carl Sonny Leyland and wowza! it's an awesome rhythm and blues number that's gonna get your feet tapping non-stop during the 3 minutes…. Angela’s voice is pure powerhouse with fab rawness and delivery and the musicianship behind her is exemplary…this is a fabulous opening track…I just gotta see it played live, lovin the backing vox, piano, sax, bass and drums…those solos are fab-tastic…what a great catchy track…wow I’m hooked already, this is a sure-fire hit!

200 Pounds of Fun – This is a cover of a Candye Kane song and unlike the original that starts with the floor tom, this terrific version starts with the melodic piano and Angela's dynamic voice…then s the boogie woogie rhythm kicks in and blues pace and lots of key changes throughout…. The solos are very Merril E.Moore and this really does hit the right spot…fabulously mixed track that enables all musicians to shine Angela explains..”Before Candye passed of pancreatic cancer several years back, I played a show with her and Carl Sonny Leyland. At that show, she expressly asked me to cover this specific song of hers, and now I have been able to do this tribute for her and follow through on her wishes. I also made sure I got permission from her family before proceeding. Wow what a heavyweight cover version… absolutely awesome!

Dirty Dog – Next up is a song Carl wrote and Angela me to sing. Angela explains – “He just mixed it up so it fit my style.” So here we have a slower rhythm and blues track that could have come right outta New Orleans with Memphis mixed in, the piano takes the lead on this tune with a fab backbeat and rhythm section, fab bluesy guitar solo … boom… Angela shows all her vocal range on this tune, and what a phenomenal voice this sister Angela has!!

Drop Dead – this is just a fun rompin, rhythmic rhythm and blues number… (written by Angela Tini & Carl Sonny Leyland)… lots of stops and staggered sections…this is a very bouncy number with a fantastic tempo and fab snare sound, once again mixed just perfectly with Angela’s voice just at the right volume really does sound that it’s just been found in the vaults of original 1950’s tunes…3 minutes 1 seconds of pure class, great ending too,, this one’s gonna be a MASSIVE hit on the jive scene and weekenders like The Rhythm Riot …

Tintarella di luna – This is a famous Italian song by the beloved artist, Mina. “I recorded a different version of this song with my previous band, but I wanted to continue to sing it, so we just changed it up to better match” my new songs”…. Here we have a strollin’ paced track originally released in 1959. Great chorus…She got a Moon tan, she got a Milk coloured tan, all night long on the roof, on the roof just like a cat does, and if there is a full Moon, you get even more charming. The original was 2minutes 57, but this version Angela and the band have extended to 3 minutes 53 seconds and once again outstanding vocals from Angela and exceptional instrumental section.

Red Hot Henrietta Brown - was originally a jazz song from the 1920’s called “Red Hot Henry Brown” This version sounds very much like a saloon song. Massive vocal range going on throughout this lounge track. Could very easily be the soundtrack to a movie. Casablanca springs to mind… 'Play it once, Johnny For old times' sake!’

Don’t Tease Me – this song Angela wrote about her husband. (written by Angela Tini & Carl Sonny Leyland).. fab lyrics on this self-penned number…I’m really loving the 4 bar breakdown section after the verses... outstanding indeed... very LaVern, Ruth, Ella meets Sister Rosetta… Angela’s vocal range is really exceptionally fab and it’s so great that she is out front on her own taking the lead in this great band. This is an absolutely magnificent and melodious tune.

Let You Go - is just about letting go of toxic relationships in general. It’s pretty observational of how I saw people acting during the pandemic – cutting ties with people, breaking up, divorcing, etc. But really – about letting go to find out who you are. So it’s a necessary sadness, if that makes sense? (written by Angela Tini & Carl Sonny Leyland) .. what a fabulous melodic number this is, it has everything a slow tune needs… full rhythm section, backing vocals and such soulful vocals from Angela…and at 4 minutes 18 seconds the length is just perfect ... I’m going to play it again folks!

Let’s Talk About It (duet with Big Sandy) – “this tune came from a long-time desire to collaborate with my pal Big Sandy. We are both big flirts, so we just wanted a song that reflected that upbeat energy. Robert wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics, we got a little assist from Carl, as well.” What an amazing duet from two stupendous vocalists that really do complement each other so perfectly… The backing musicians are on the money once again…jackpot!

Sotto le stelle – Angela explains…”this is my first attempt at writing a song in another language. My second language is Italian and I am Italian-American married to an Italian man from Milan. It’s a large part of my identity. There was a short period in Italian pop music where they were doing a lot of “American” style songs – roughly 1958-1962 – and I wanted to capture that same vibe. The song is about a girl who sees a cute boy and daydreams about going on adventures with him. Anyone can relate to that. Lyrics written by Angela Tini & Dario Vavassori, music by Carl. Starts off nice and slow and then explodes into a high tempo rockin’ tune… really great drumming, bass, piano, guitar…that really lift this track up and beyond…nice build ups throughout. 10/10

Come on Down – this is a song inspired by carnival barkers and snake-oil salesmen... The only difference is that Angela is selling the promise of a good time through music, she tells me “Carl and I discussed the idea but he ended up writing the best lyrics and music tailored to my singing. I love it because it was like he wrote ME as a song.” Another fabulous high tempo boogie woogie rhythmic tune… If you can visualise Winifred Atwell with La Vern Baker then you would be on the money… very strong vocals once again from the duchess of rhythm and blues!

Fool Me Once – final number on this twelve-track release. You can clearly see this track is inspired by all the jump blues singers ..I can hear – LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, etc. very fast stompin’, rompin’, rockin’ rhythm and blue at its best.. check out the guitar, piano, sax, high tempo 2 minutes 16 seconds it moves at one helluva pace daddio’s…this track is the "The whole nine yards" and what a magnificent immense tune to finish off this album. Another original track with lyrics written by Angela and the music by Carl.

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM – Angela tells me… “I call the band my “Long Beach Wrecking Crew” – because I may sing well, but I also chose AMAZINGLY talented friends to play with – and this album is a testament to their skills, I live in Seattle – the rest of the band on the recording are from SoCal. We recorded in Long Beach proper.” “The actual CD release will be at Viva Las Vegas in April, and I will be performing on Sunday night between Lil Mo & The Dynaflos and Tammi Savoy. The digital release will go fully live on the Friday of Viva – 28/4/23. CD’s will be available to buy there...And I am booked to play Viva Jamaica in August -

I have absolutely enjoyed reviewing this dynamic 12 track release, rockin rhythm and blues at its best with powerhouse vocals from Angela, fantastic musicianship from the band, a duet with Big Sandy, and an interesting fact is that Sonny was inducted into The Boogie Woogie Hall of Fame in 2010! …I will definitely be adding it to my collection and suggest you do the same! Shout out to promoters… get this gal booked!!

HOT PRESS! Angela is taking all inquiries for future bookings now!

YOU TUBE CLIPS: BOPFLIX video for first single “Don’t Tease Me” - Live video singing Ruth Brown’s “As Long As I’m Movin’” recently at New England Shake Up -

Reviewed by Dave Diamond.

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Angela Tini
Angela Tini
14 mar 2023

Thank you so much for such a glowing review! I appreciate your kind words and time spent reviewing my new album. 💕

Me gusta
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