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Released – 10th March 2023, available on all streaming services. Reviewed – 28th March 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Anth Purdy is an instrumentalist that styles himself on a plethora of styles from the 1930/40s music, including Swing, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz and Hawaiian/ 50’s Surf music, Rock and Roll and Rockin’ 50’s . produced by himself and Neil Tinning from last chance saloon studios. All tracks written by Anth during the lockdown. All instruments played by Anth, with a special guest appearance from Craig Beattie. A friend of thirty years

Members Anthony Purdy. Craig Beattie- Guest drums

Review: Anth’s solo career started in 2012, and he has achieved such a lot during this time. Living out in Blyth in Northumberland he began getting musical influences from music he would hear on the radio and films he would watch. He started writing and recording material and released his debut album in 2017 on Jive catz Records. Also releasing a 7” single in the same year “Nocturne” this time on, O-Ha Records. Anth is an independent artist, doing all his own work including video editing, and he is looking for someone to come along and help back his musical destiny, which lies in doing film scores plus continue with his own style of musical albums for his ever-growing fan base. He plays locally with the 50’s band The Panthers. His wife and himself visited Los Angeles and he was able to make a impact with some big name bands including Catfish and the Hollywood Hound Dogs. Also played at some top venues like House of Blues on Sunset Strip and the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill. So, lets get the headphones on and play Furious.

Track by track: The intro. A 14 second monologue from Anth which builds anticipation like a rocky movie. Love it.

Furious - Fast paced rocker with some brilliant guitar work, backed heavily by the drums and bass. Anth's guitar playing is awesome. I can see why many fans believe this to be film score quality, I could imagine there was a car chase across a dusty desert road.

Hammer of the Gods High energy electric guitar, fast drums and a rhythm that will blow your socks off. Its many different keys and riffs take you on a journey of sound, like you’re on the road to hell but you're not worried about it.

Black Dahlia Sound effects at the beginning are like Thriller meets Mad Max. Such inspirational work on the guitar from Anth, displaying a great ability of both writing and playing.

The Crazy 88 Once again superb guitar, fingers like fire twanging the strings to create a blitzkrieg of sound. The outro finishes with a few taps of the symbols, like a message of confidence and defiance.

The Mojave Connection Monologue with police sirens in the distance before a force of guitar and drums takes hold of you, dragging you into the depths of Anths musical mastery. I really do hear a musical score, where famous marvel characters gather to defeat the baddies.

The Cats Gone Crazy. Another fast-paced rockin track with once again top-quality playing. This cat has gone crazy on the guitar. The writing of these tracks is second to none. A natural and self-taught talent.

Nightwalk A change of tempo and a change of style. Anth showed his influential styles with a great bluesy ballad. You can hear the greats from the past in this composition with artists like T Bone Walker, Hank Garland and a touch of Dick Dale and Hank Marvin.

65 Boogie Just like the title says, this would make a great bopper and jive for the rockin world out there. The ability to create such a sound from your writing brain to your fingers is just sublime. Every note hits a nerve, and the body just can’t help but react. Rock n roll at its finest.

The V Intermission is over and now gearing up for part two.

Step into the Light Straight back into the rock n roll rhythm, and you got it all guitar, slab bass and some awesome drumming. It's wild, it's fresh, it's rock n roll.

Spectre Once again, the mastery of guitar playing. I can only keep repeating how good this guy is.

The Spy of Marrakech Mid-tempo track with Anth combining his talents through an array of instruments. A great track that will have you playing the air guitar.

Surf’s Up Riding the wave of sound with this track, your imagination runs wild with thoughts of riding the big wave or racing your hot rod across the beach. Simply top class.

Welcome to the Thunderdome Again, showing his writing skills with an incredible track. it’s a real slap on the back on this one,

When the Lights go Down When you have gone through a history of sounds on this album you are brought back gently, it’s like a therapy session has ended and your cured or action hero has finally won the battle. Wow, just wow.

The Outro The wizard of music has the final word.

Summary: Simply wow. I truly believe that playing guitar like the legends of the past is so pleasurable, but when these legends get bought into today's sound and the writing talents of this guy is simply out of this world. Anth had a story to tell with the strings of a guitar and you can't help getting caught up in it. it’s so difficult to keep explaining on instrumental albums without repeating yourself. But this guy has something to offer. I wish him luck and success.

Recommendation: Just like a good film. Open your mind and you will not be disappointed.

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