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As Above So Below by Black Hearse Getaway.

Released on 17.05.2023 Reviewed on 21.06.2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Buy the album here:

This band is a project of Andrew Doepel – guitar & Vocals, Matt Hamilton – drums and Kynan P Mole – slap-bass.

Situated in the western part of Australia (Perth) the 3 got together to make a name for themself as The Australian Horror-Punk-o-billy. With new ideas and darker lyrics then Psycho bands like Demented Are Go, The Meteors etc. So pretty much as venomous as the creepy crawlies you see in Australia. Most lyrics are straight out of Andrew's mind and are incorporating sacrifices, experience, loss, happiness, triumphs and of course dark horror. According to Andrew all this mayhem was 7 years in the making.

Track by Track 1.: Searching High Looking Low: Crashing right into the dark side of Horrorbilly with the drums. Driven by the thumping slap-bass and slow screaming guitar riff only to end on a drop. All hell breaks loose with rough and punching vocals. To give it a twist and a fourth dimension Black Hears Gateway use melodic backing vocals. The standard of craftsmanship is unbelievable. Let's get beamed up into the next universe.

2.: Creatures Of The Night: Ghostly creature creeping through this track with an Organ to guide you to the graveyard. Heavy handed reverb guitar sets the tone. Great dry sounding drums with a thump from the Kick Drum and a string bending show from the evil slap-bass. Super creeping lyrics with smouldering backing vocals to make them double-take these creatures.

3.: The Living Dead: Nice fast tempo track combining short hard metal riffs, pushed by an awesome speedy drum style and deadly high living slap-bass. Here you can witness a different style for singing which just fits the bill.

4.: Under His Spell: This ghastly ghoul-like short guitar riff that will haunt you all the way until you get under its spell. Right by its side sits the slap-bass like a heartbeat. Full sounding hammering drums that will make you run away from this spell only to be captured by the voice.

5.: Vanquished Shadow: Can you run faster than your shadow? Well, with the speed this song goes on you will try. Super fast drums bumping out heavy beats. Using the guitar to set the speed and tone of this mind blowing track through short and long licks and riffs and giving the feel of Punk-Metal and old school Psychobilly. Don’t forget the thundering slap-bass just sitting right behind the vocals to push right through. Oh Hell Yeah.

6.: Together Forever: Enter the metal with slow guitar, cool drums and slap-bass........... Oh wait, I was wrong. Slow Psychometal mixed with Horrorpolka would be a better description. This is unbelievable on how Black Hears Gateway using slow Metal influenced parts and blending it with Polka and Psycho and then inject Metal guitar solos and some Psycho slap-bass solo, and the drums are set on fire by the many changes and by its solo. Soldered together forever with some Mariachi Trumpets is like the icing on the cake.

7.: Out Of Blood: Oh Wow. Slow tempo full bodied Acoustic guitar supporting pure undisturbed vocal of Andrew. Could this be a real life story? Maybe. Once the backing vocals kick in, you will get goosebumps. Even the small little details of singing in different octaves to give this track a cool creepy feel is not missed.

8.: Blood And Lust: Nailing it with fast-tempo to wake you up. Screaming loud and clear is the guitar to support the vocals. slap-bass and drums trading places to stand in front for their solo only to get together and kick the door in.

9.: Riot (Digital Bonus Track): Stepping away from the Horrobilly-Mettelpsycho, this track screams Punk infused with the DNA of Psycho. Tons of hard and heavy Kick Drum and smashing Cymbals, lots of deep down dirty slap-bass and just simply raw sounding guitar riffs that scream Riot. Vocals are like the track itself. Rough, raw, shouting punk heavy Riot.

10.: Bell Tolls (Digital Bonus Track): guitar and Organ bouncing off each other and gives this down-tempo track a surreal feel. drums and slap-bass staying together slightly in the background to make way for some awesome guitar solo. The layer of vocal and backing vocals is like the perfect Horror book you can read.

Summary: I usually don’t hand out stars but this is a 5 star album. The energy is mind blowing, the feeling is happy, creepy and great. It is called a recording project but I would call it a full blown band that needs to conquer the world. The lyrics are like a good Horror movie. The instruments are like the tools of a morgue (they do hurt you, but give you goosebumps). It is like the biggest puzzle you have ever solved, just perfect.

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