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Break It Loose- Midnight Boppers

Available on most digital platforms iTunes, Spotify Apple etc. Recorded at Planet Studios, Montreal.

Self-produced by The Midnight Boppers

Artwork for cover by Jacques Bisson Released:16/06/2022. Reviewed Terry Mead 30/09/2023

The Midnight Boppers are a Montreal, Canada based Rockabilly band with roots in blues, jazz, country, and gospel. The band are made up of the following: Nick Shivers-Vocals, lead guitar. Bobby Ray-Drums Jacques Bisson- Upright bass Sylvain Proulx- Piano on tracks 1,2,6,7 & 12 This album is totally self-penned all the music and lyrics for all songs composed by Nick Shivers so let’s review track by track:

Break It Loose – The starting track is also the album title, and the intro starts off with a neat instrumental before heading into a cool beat track with some great guitar licks. The grating voice of Nick Shivers has a knock-on effect in characterising this track and I’m sure will to the whole album.

I’m Rockabilly Jiver- Pounding drums kick in to start this one before we have a surf sounding guitar which plays into traits of a Bert Weedon sound enter the vocals coming in with a neat guitar riff, quite a production of sounds to this track.

Early Morning- From the onslaught this one will definitely make a good stroller, has a very laid-back haunting beat with Nick on vocals giving it a clean crisp sound that comes across rather daunting.

I’m Gonna Make You Mine- Solo drum sticks duo guitar riff and we are off with some rather catchy vocal lyrics on this one which makes it a very distinctive tune and certainly a crowd pleaser.

Black Top Boogie- Great drum intro and backing beat that breaks into a crashing fast paced form of a blues bopper which excels in a midway break and pauses later , awesome tempo changing track full of energy.

Streets Of Fire- This is hardcore Rockabilly at its best, great guitar work with Nick as usual pushing out the vocal cords to the limit.

I’M Crying- Slow paced number with some deep high sounding guitar work and a picking background piano playing from Sylvain Prouix. Has a dark feel about it that could give you goosebumps.

Mexican Standoff- Hola this one’s a Mexican surf instrumental fantastic reverb guitar work from Nick would make a great theme for any spaghetti western.

Shake and Walk- Hundred miles and hour tune with a great riff running through it and the now familiar grating voice of Nick Shivers cracking out the verbs.

On My Way To Tennessee- Another fast-paced pistol packing tune with the familiar sound of Nashville’s Southern pitch moving along. Bobby Rays drumming stands out for me on this number its such an awesome pace, with Nick on guitar kicking in you’ll certainly work up a sweat even just listening to it.

Billy Club- The second instrumental track on this album and it’s another great tune with such a cool riff which will go round in your head emphasis on the guitar wok again from composer Nick Shivers.

Shake A Pretty Baby- So we come to the last track on the album and it’s a blaster for the more energetic amongst you a top jiver. Has a powerful mix on the instruments which blend together well giving it an 80’s feel about it.

To summarise this is an album full of energy well produced with twelve self-penned tracks written by Nick Shivers, has traits of the 1980s Rockabilly tunes feel about it that I’m sure will have you cats reminiscing when you play the album. Would I recommend it? Hell yes, check it out!

Band Bio (in their own words): We are the Midnight Boppers, a Montreal-based Rockabilly band. We entertain with our original tunes and complement our shows with interpretations of a wide range of 50s favourites. In a style mixing grit and raunchiness, the Midnight Boppers can either deliver high-energy, foot-stomping, dancefloor bopping tunes, or play with a more subdued verve for soft numbers. We have a 2018 EP containing a small sampling of our original tunes and we launched our album “ Break It Loose” with 12 brand-new original songs in June 2022. We recorded this latest album at Planet Studios using 24 track analogue technology in order to capture the sound of the era. Nick Shivers, the band’s frontman and creative engine, delivers a raunchy and often gritty mix of emotion-filled vocals and guitar licks. Growing up in L.A. within the west coast music scene, Nick honed his skills and built his musical style whilst immersed in the same music as the original rockabilly pioneers as well as those from blues, jazz,country,black gospel, and roots rock. Jacques Bisson plays his upright bass with a punchy slap style when the tunes need that energy and lays it back with smooth vibrations when the mood mellows. His uniqueness comes from putting his own spin on all those 45s of his youth. Bobby Ray plays the rhythms that are etched in his head from his early exposure to a rich musical environment, as well as all those sounds of the Friday night dances of his teenage years. His groove and style of play ensure the right tone and subtleness required for the lighter tunes and delivers the energy and beats needed to jolt the crowd to its feet.

Whether we are playing our original songs or are interpreting classics in our own Midnight Boppers style, we converge all we have with energy, style and finesse to enthusiastic audiences everywhere.

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