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Bucket Boys – FROM A TO C

Released 2023. Reviewed 26th September 2023 Buy the album here:

This is the thirteenth album from the German band founded in 1995 who have regularly played around Germany, Netherlands and France. The members are Heige Lange on Lead Guitar and vocals , Michael Lange on Lead Vocals, Piano and Organ, Joe Vander on Bass with Petra Lange of the “Popsy Wopsies” adding Guest Vocals. Their style is a combination of Rock, Blues, Country and Tex Mex.

1. Have You Ever Seen; The album kicks off with an atmospheric track and a lead guitar with U2 overtones and REM style vocals.

2. Accept; A great bit of stripped-down funk with some nice bass guitar.

3.Velvet Eyes; A soulful rock ballad with some nice harmonies.

4. Waitin’ on a Train; The nifty little guitar intro to a heavy blues-rock, with a bit of rap style vocal thrown in for good measure. This one, sneaks up on ya !

5.Forgotten and Forgiven; If Johnny Cash were still around, I could just imagine him doing this one in the same vein as the Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt.

6. A Special Day to Die; Another well-constructed and delivered blues-rock number.

7. Rose; An evocative song that builds beautifully with a Tom Waits style vocal.

8. She Cries; A bit of funk-rock with alternate lead vocals and probably the fullest sounding track to round the album off.

Summary; I honestly didn’t expect to like this album due to its’ Euro Rock origins and my unfamiliarity to such genres, but it’s definitely catchy and the tracks draw the listener in with a pattern of nifty guitar intros that build into several different styles and vocal deliveries.

If I were at a party and this was playing, it would probably be in my head the next day

Recommendation; If you want something a bit varied and different, it’s worth checking out Bucket Boys ‘A to C’.

Reviewed by Warren Voight from Dunedin, New Zealand, a music historian, collector, songwriter, DJ and presenter of 360 DEGREES ‘ROUND WAZROCK on Otago Access Radion105.4 FM on

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