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Released 03/01/2023 on Meseta Records Reviewed on 02/01/2023 by Billy

Cecilya and the Candy Kings are: Cecilya - voice Rodolphe Dumont - guitars Paul San Martín - piano Jorge Otero - upright bass Adrián Carrera - drums & percussion Featuring Sax Gordon Beadle - tenor & baritone sax All songs by Cecilya & Rodolphe Dumont except track 4 & 8.

I’m sure everybody reading this is an avid Rockabilly fan, but every now & then you need something a bit different from hearing about someones baby driving off in their Cadillac, sung over the same 12 bar blues progression. Sometimes you want to ditch the turn up jeans & oil stained t-shirt for something a bit classier. Well Celilya is here to seduce you with a fix of jazzy, rhythm & blues that quite appropriately sounds like it could have come straight from 1955.

Back in 1955 The title track kicks things off with a bang. Although the song centres around the mid-50’s, it gives off more of an early 60’s vibe, accentuated with some gorgeous surfy guitar licks. It’s a real catchy tune that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

I’ll take you to the party A proper R&B dancefloor filler.This jiver wouldn’t be out of place in any DJ’s collection. A proper rip-roaring, sax heavy, good time.

From Barcelona The rumba beat that runs through this track makes it a fantastic stroller. It conjures images of sun soaked vistas & pretty senoritas, giving a real sense of the exotic. Can you tell I need a holiday?

Evening Some moody blues next. The vocals have a subdued sensuality that perfectly compliments the instrumentation & you can’t help but to imagine being performed in a smoke filled jazz club in 40’s Chicago. The way the guitar & sax weave around one another is nothing short of masterful & though this is true for the album as a whole, it is particularly apparent here.

Wild soul Picking the tempo back up we have another fantastic stroller. It would be criminal to not have this packing dancefloors at weekenders & clubs all over the world. Just wild!

Don’t leave me in the darkness This is the track that originally drew me to the band, an almost Etta James-esque ballad. It begins with some luscious bluesy guitar licks & later opens up for the keys to show off. This would be a strong contender for my favourite track if the album as a whole wasn’t so damn good.

Gimme one night A real fun, flashy jiver for those dancers who are inclined to toss their partner around with no regard for personal safety. It has a strong, sax-led rhythm that’s sure to get feet moving & legs flying in the air. This band is well deserving of more than just ‘one night’ of you attention.

What about love The vocal delivery is fantastic on this quality closer. Cecilya is clearly a supremely talented performer with full control over her impressive vocal range & employs techniques that would see other singers fall short. It’s comes to an abrupt end that leaves your head spinning after experiencing such a wild musical ride.

An outstanding album that fans of the recent release by King Joe & the Atlantics should be clamouring for. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw these guys at places like the Rhythm Riot in the future. This whole album is a joy to listen to.

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