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Cheap Blues Sessions- Joanatan Richard.

Released on 2nd June 2023 Ipojuke records, available on digital platforms only, although there is going to be a limited release of 10’ vinyl in July, made on demand.

Produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Joanatan Richard at Juke House Studios in Caruaru.PE, between 2016-2023 except *Nettos guitar recorded by himself at Blue Crawfish Records Studio.** Josi’s vocals and Neil Arnold’s slide guitar recorded at Neil’s home studio ***Carlinhos Pompom’s Musette recorded at CPA Studios by himself. Mastered by Netto Rockfeller at Blue Crawfish Records in Sao Carlos-SP. Cover Photo by Ana Beatriz Viegas Cover Art by Joanatan Richard Reviewed by: Terry Mead 06/23

Joanatan Richard is from Caruaru, Brazil, this album “Cheap Blues Sessions marks his return to the blues.

His band consist of: Joanatan Richard-Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboard & percussion. Valmir Neto Tenor Sax Buddy Samps-Baritone Sax Gordin Du Scort-Bass Eudos Viegas- Drums * *Netto Rockfeller-Guitar on When I Play The Blues. ** Neil Arnold-Slide guitar and Josi Arnold vocals on Something’s Gotta Change. ***Carlinhos Pompom-Musette on Desert Time. Special Guests: Netto Rockfeller, Neil & Josi Arnold.

Cheap Blues Sessions contains nine tracks all written and produced by Joanatan Richard.

So, let’s review track by track : I See The Light – Kicking off this album with this well-orchestrated number that has a guitar riff running through the background, some cool picking from J.R. on his acoustic and harmonising singing that hits out at you. There are some traits of Led Zep heard to.

When I Play The Blues – This is a soft juicy composition from the basement of the blues plenty of raunchy sax and a nice long mellow guitar break from Netto to ease you through. JR’s blues adapted voice is portrayed here optimizing the Buddy Guy style legacy.

Something’s Gotta Change – JR plays the keyboard on this one which has a gospel feel to it along with a deep blue’s sound from Neil Arnold on slide. The beat is pulled along by a rather catchy guitar riff that can be heard throughout. Neil Arnolds wife Josi sings alongside JR on lead vocals as a special guest on this track.

Walking Down The Streets – A nice contrasting smoochy little number with the right blend of musical ingredients that make it a powerful melody, whilst the soft drum beat and harmonising voices will send floating away to this tune.

Life, Love And Soul – A drum intro follows a kind of cha cha beat which cascades into the tune with a soothing keyboard instrumental break along with some neat guitar work.

Restart The Game – This track has almost a psychedelic feel to it whilst not deviating from its blues base. Very unusual mix has been produced here creating a tune that sets itself on a pedestal.

Desert Time – The addition of the musette here gives this track an air of the old country days, it’s a lovely laid-back affair that will have you relaxing in a world of happiness.

Me And My Dog Blues – A traditional blues melody complete with a barking dog, lovely acoustic & electric guitar mix, and JR’s grating voice adds to the authenticity of this number.

Joanatan’s Boogie-Neat way to end this album an instrumental boogie has pace and punch. A kind of Bert Weedon meets Dick Dale affair.

So, to summarise this album plays some mean blues tracks just like it was played back in the day, love the improvising he’s made to enhance the tunes, the musicians play in a tight format to further enhance the fortitude of the songs. All in all, it's worth a listen for fans of blues music.

From Joanatan Richards about himself: The title of my new album refers to the recordings made with few resources, since Joanatan is a music producer he decided to record in the DIY concept, even before the pandemic he started the composition and recording process, which lasted until recently. The compositions bring a lot of honesty to express feelings with a lot of essence and life experience. All this with a lot of inspiration and creativity with musical ingredients that gave even more consistency to what is expected from the blues, in addition to ingredients such as rock, soul, cajun, boogie, and other elements, which have already made great albums of the genre famous in the world.

Joanatan, who was already a fan of Elvis Presley and the rock n roll of the 1950s, has his first direct contact with blues while still a teenager when he brought his first blues record in the early 1990s at ‘Metalmorphose Discos’ owned by Erivaldo in Caruaru city, the LP was John Lee Hooker ‘Get Back Home In The USA’. He went onto buy other blues LP’s like ‘Muddy Walters At Newport” Pinetop Perkins ‘Pinetop Is Just Top” and also Eric Clapton /John Mayall “Steppin Out”.

Around the same time, he discovered the LP “Still Got The Blues” by Gary Moore in the store and was shown “Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Buddy Guy “Slippin’ Out,Slippin’ In” and Albert King/Otis Rush “Door To Door” forming the quintessence of Joanatan Richard’s blues influences.

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