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Dance All Night Long-The Firebirds

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music. Released Friday 28th July 2023 Recorded and produced at Rockville Studios Bristol . Produced and engineered by Jim Plummer. Buy the album here: Reviewed by Terry Mead 20 /11/2023.

“Dance All Night Long” is the latest release from Firebirds from Bristol, UK one of Europe’s top class Rock n Roll bands. It’s also their first album in eight years.

The Band are: Jim Plummer,-Guitar & vocals. Dan Plummer-Guitar & vocals Rich Lorriman- Double bass & vocals Paul Willmott-Drums & vocals With musical accompaniment on the album from: Joey Arminio-Saxophone Joey Scott-Keyboard Zac Zdravkorvic-Steel Guitar

Dance All Night Long contains 17 self-penned tracks written by Jim & Dan Plummer and Rich Lorriman, spanning the era of music from the 1950’s and early 1960’s rock ‘n’ roll music, transporting the listener on a journey through time and back again.

So, let’s review track by track : New Obsession - Nice drum intro gets us started on this eagerly awaited album. It’s a lively track to get us going to, has a good dance beat reminds me of traits of early Cliff Richard .

Ifs Buts & Maybes - What a lovely tune it’s so reminiscence of those early 60s songs, again a great dance track.

Whatcha Gonna Do - Doo Wop style track with a bouncy beat that’s full of energy . Its plays to the crowd this one with some ripping sax, driving drums and jolly lyrics.

Hey Little Girl – Love the guitar riff on this, another great dance track with a solid beat that again has traits of the early 60s British sound.

Dance All Night Long – So we come to the title track and its one of those numbers that will go around and around in your head with its foot-stomping catchy beat. Dan Plummer's vocals on this track really stands out for me and the musical production is second to none.

First Love – Strolling beat to this one with some neat harmony vocals and sounds . Lonely As Can Be – Cracking upbeat number with some doo wop thrown in all the ingredients to flow you round the dancefloor.

Memories - As the title suggests “Memories’ of a golden era in music and this track will certainly give you some.

Running Away - Cool guitar intro starts us off here and leads us into a tune which has such a deep feel to it with a harmonising chorus that stands out for me.

My Dreams Came True- Western swing feel to this one with the introduction of the steel guitar, which has a superb beat to it and very catchy lyrics.

That Old Ghost Train - Train whistle starts this lively tune consisting of an old-time western gunslinger feel with its haunting tune and country back beat, it certainly proves again how versatile this band really is.

Mi Amor – Fine dance tune reminiscent of 1950s vocal groups “The Five Keys” and “The Drifters” with some nice guitar breaks and rolling drumbeats.

The Way She Moves – Close your eyes and this tune will transport you back to the late 50s, lovely laid-back number.

Break Your Heart – Another great dance riff runs through this track with bouncy vocals and a superb guitar break.

I Won’t Believe Your Lies – Pure early 60s magic comes to mind when I listen to this song it has all those familiar traits that we used to hear. Hop on board and take a listen.

Comin’ Back For More – Bouncing back this next one is a Rocker with a bopping beat, which to a certain extent could be classed as a soft cell blues bopper.

(Why Don’t You) Take A Chance- So we finally arrive at the last track and what a journey it’s been, this one to end with finish’s us off with a lively Firebirds ending that will most certainly get you back on your feet and hit the floor.

So, wrapping it up this album contains 17 top class self-penned tracks put together by the band and boy do they show the test of time as they transform you back to those glory days. The live performances of these tracks going forward are only going to add to their vast repertoire that they have built up over the years. I have always enjoyed seeing these guys live with their quality shows and its good to see they have taken time out to produce such a terrific album.

Recommendation: As last track says ‘(Why Don’t You) Take A Chance’ and buy it say no more!

Summary ( in the bands words) The album is a well-crafted collection of rock ‘n’ roll songs that showcases the band’s growth and maturity over the years. From the opening track to the closing notes, the songs are delivered with an infectious energy and enthusiasm that will have listeners tapping their feet and singing along. The band’s signature sound is still there, but it’s clear that they’ve evolved and refined their approach since their last release.�The combination of classic harmonies and modern instrumentation creates a unique sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. Fans of rock ’n’ roll music will find something to love on this album, and it is sure to become a classic in its own right. The boys have pulled out the stops create a nostalgic, yet fresh sound with their unique blend of doo-wop harmonies and their stomping beats.

Meet The Band: Hi, I’m Jim Plummer: Since 1991 I have been playing the same Gretsch ‘G-Brand’ I currently use . Before this, I had a Gretsch ‘Country Gentleman’ which was accidentally damaged in transit on the way to a live performance. My first appearance in a live band was in 1981 whilst still at school, I played in a couple of other line ups until 1986 when I decided to leave the music scene for a couple of years to sail the seas with the Royal Navy. In 1988, my brother John asked me to join The Firebirds so I gave up travelling the oceans for a career in playing the music I have grown up with and always enjoyed. 1991was a major turning point for both The Firebirds and myself, this is when the workload dictated that we went professional. The first year started with a five-month summer tour averaging nearly 1600 miles a week. People often ask me if I find life on the road boring, but I can honestly say that every live gig, I STILL get a buzz!!! Off stage I enjoy the challenge of writing music/lyrics and working in my recording studio.

I have many influences from the 1950’s as I believe it was a great era producing a lot of talented singers and musicians. I suppose those who I greatly admire are the likes of Eddie Cochran, Dion and of course the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself Elvis Presley. One of my great pastimes is working in my own recording studio creating music. One off most treasured possession is my 6120 G-Brand Gretsch as featured on the front cover of the Movin’ On album, I also have a Fender Telecaster in my studio primarily for recording. I have recently been endorsed by Dean Markley in California, thanks guys for all your support. I use a Fender Tonemaster amplifier along with a Fender 212 cab, I also use a Kemper Profiler for live performances. Hi, I’m Dan Plummer: Since the day I was born I have lived with Rock ‘n’ Roll, and as my Dad, Jim, is the Lead guitarist, it was inevitable that one day I would follow his footsteps. I started playing guitar when I was aged 11. I learnt some basic chords and played in a few schools’ talent shows but gave it up to as I was struggling to put a band together. When I left school, I became a lot more interested in the music of the 50s and 60s, in particular Rockabilly. My dad got me tickets to watch the Stray Cats at the O2 Academy in Brixton and I was mesmerised by the guitar playing and sound of Brian Setzer. It was Christmas of that year that Dad bought me my first Gretsch, an electromatic series 5120. After a few months playing I wanted to start a band, which I did, with my two cousins on double bass and drums – the latter being Paul who has recently joined us. We played at local gigs and family occasions playing mainly instrumental numbers as I wasn’t initially confident enough to sing in front of an audience until sometime after. I was occasionally asked to join The Firebirds on stage to play a couple of numbers on guitar, this experience proved to be invaluable when I was invited to play a complete set on rhythm guitar with them, that gig went really well, so well in fact that I was asked me to join full time on guitar. I then toured with the band on rhythm guitar until 2013 when our bass player at the time left. We had an old double bass in our garage I had been playing around with and, fancying a new challenge, I asked to play double bass. In 2021, we welcomed Richie back on bass and I reverted to playing guitar. In December 2013 I heard about an open audition to play Bill Kenwright’s touring production of ‘Great Rock ‘n’ Roll tour’. I was invited onto the show to play the part of Eddie Cochran in a re-enactment of his final tour before he sadly passed away. I joined the cast for a 3-month tour playing theatres all across the UK. Since joining The Firebirds I have managed to visit and experience some fascinating places across the UK, and all over the world. One of my favourite gigs was in November 2015 where we played to sell-out crowd in Sao Paolo, Brazil. When I’m not playing guitar, I spend time learning new songs and new techniques for recording. I have also recently been working on writing some of my own material, of which I hope to include on our next album. Thanks for reading my profile. When you next see us live feel free to introduce yourself and say hello! Hi, I’m Rich Lorriman: Well here I am again almost back to where I started, I first joined ‘The firebirds’ in November 1992, and, having played in other bands since I left them, I’m well used to traveling the highways, and byways of Britain, and Europe, I am responsible for penning a few numbers with ‘The Firebirds’ I’m sure you are all familiar with, ‘Country Boy’ ‘This is the Night’ ‘Time after Time’ amongst others, and played on eight of the band’s current albums. 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone including me and unfortunately a number of bands have been forced to call it a day including mine, but as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining so when Jim asked me if I would return ( back to the family) I jumped at the chance. We all look forward very much to the day when we return to playing the music, we all love and to catching up once more with all of you. And a huge part of my life since I was a young teenager. I spent many nights learning various instruments whilst all my mates were out causing chaos. Although I am known for playing the double bass, I also play saxophone, drums, guitar and piano and I have written and composed many songs over the years. The music and era in general of the 1950s has always been a favourite of mine and I have admired many baritone singers from days gone by and pushing out those low vocals is something I love to do. Having worked with a few bands over the years I have been fortunate enough to play some amazing venues all over the world and a massive highlight of my career was having the absolute privilege of playing with the original Bill Haley’s Comets. It’s fantastic to be back with The Firebirds and I look forward to continuing to make more music and more memories in the years to come. Hi, I’m Paul Willmott: I was first introduced to Rock ‘n’ Roll music when I was just 6 years old by my Grandad. This sparked a massive interest in not only listening to but also learning to play the drums, guitar, and double bass. At the age of 8, I was often found in the kitchen hitting pots and pans with wooden spoons. My cousin Firebird Dan and I got together a couple of years later and started our own band playing all of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly classics. I went to my first Firebirds gig aged 10 and was invited up and played Johnny b. Goode with them ( on drums), from this time forward my ambition was to perform regularly on stage. Some 6 years later I started my own band with Donna (now my wife) which saw us touring the country for a few years. When not on the road, we enjoy travelling and going to see bands near and far. I’ve changed my gear a couple of times over the years, but I’ve now settled with a Sonor shell pack and a mix of Paiste and Meinl cymbals. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, see you at the next gig!

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