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Released 2023 CD Black Dog Records, vinyl available soon, digital downloads also available soon via Superlala Reviewed 21st April 2023 by Nick Constantine Recorded at Tico Tico-studios Kemi Finland

DE SOTO are - Tepa Lukkarinen: Producer, composer, lead vocals and guitars Mikko Mustapirtti: Double bass,backing vocals Oscari Suovaniemi: Drums

In their own words - Tepa Lukkarinen (b.1959) is an old school roots musician. Been on a road bout 30 yrs now and still make a living touring mainly in Finland and Sweden. With his band De Soto they have recorded 6 albums along the way and performed at main roots festivals in Finland. Sixth album is out now. It is availble on CD and 10" vinyl too. Digital distribution will be provided soon by Superlala Germany. Album contains 6 songs. Getting back to old times with double bass and Gretsch. True stories with three chords Good rockin danceable foot stomping rock´n roll is what you´ll get.

De Soto has been founded in later half of 1983 and started gigs 1984. Tepa Lukkarinen is often seen as a troubadour doing bout 80-100 gigs per year. Playing own songs and country covers and new arrangements of 60´s-70´s hit songs. At the precent time Tepa is living in northern Sweden near Finnish border. More information bout De Soto, Tepa Lukkarinen from: Instagram: tepalukkarinen Facebook: tepa lukkarinen

I asked Tepa for some more background info -

"I have found this double bass kind of music pretty late.. little More than 10 yrs ago when I was looking a new bass player. Guy came and blew my mind.

So I begun to write songs and find a whole new world. I do also country, blues rock and roots..

2019 De Soto Rocky Road album is little bit of both... Country and rock a billy ... 5 songs with double bass. Bout 10 yrs I've been playing with big bass and even older songs ..More bluesy, has been given a face lift and new life

I have released 6 albums with De Soto and under my name Tepa Lukkarinen.

Easiest way to buy my stuff is to order direct via mail...everything is listed on my web..."

In my words - This band have produced everything about this album! Writing all the songs & arranging them. To do all that and end up with an amazing album of catchy and memorable songs, especially in a slightly saturated and copycat scene, is a huge achievement! There are a lot of bands around at the moment, too many of whom are all doing the same sort of stuff, the same cover versions and to be honest, there’s not a lot to set those bands apart! De Soto have been brave enough to write all their own stuff and for me, it works! I think that their main influences on this album are country, blues & neo-rockabilly. The production is fantastic on this album, every instrument and the vocals are crisp and defined, a clear as a bell sound!

Let’s check out the tracks!

HIGHWAY CALLS A rollin', rollin' country sound starts this off. Imagine, if you will, a blend of The Shadows and Rawhide, which then hits us up with a driving beat, portraying a reminiscing of a life on the road. Fantastic guitar playing keeps this catchy tune motoring along! Yee Haa!

HELL OR PARADISE In contrast to the previous track, this has a neo- rockabilly feel to it! An infectious beat draws you in, tapping your foot, singing along in your head to the great melodies of the chorus! With its bittersweet theme, it would be a fitting track to play at a funeral! This would be a great DJ track, a mix of neo-rockabilly and traditional rock n roll, I could imagine this being on one of The Jets albums.

MOVING ON Now we're getting into a bluesy groove! Stray Cats vibes ooze from the sound of the Gretsch, urging everyone to get onto the packed dance floor for this fab stroller!

NO TURNING BACK Heavier blues riff blasts off this lively piano driven track. This is rockin'! A spoken section adds to the excitement of this head-nodding and foot-tapping, fuel-charged anthem! This could easily be a Status Quo original!

FRIDAY NIGHT Much more of a Neo sound on this, with the bass forging this track ahead, heavyish and catchy guitar, almost breathlessly racing each other. A great sing along backing, shout out "Friday Night". Perfect to play getting ready to paint the town red!

TWO TIME LOSER Classic rockabilly and wonderful stuttery, gretsch sound. Bop along to the beat of this superb track that ticks all the rockabilly boxes - you'll definitely think you've heard this before!

What a great album! Each track is different, none of them sound the same, but they all sound amazing! All are very catchy and I will definitely be adding each one to my playlists! The songwriting is excellent, especially with so many bands sounding very similar, doing a lot of covers and releasing albums full of similar tracks.

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