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Easier Said Than Done! - Lucky Pepper

Released 31st October 2023 CD and Vinyl, the vinyl will be distributed by “ Dog House & Bone Record Label” also available on Spotify.

Musical arrangements; Lucky Pepper. Record Mix, mastering: Albert Milauchian. Realisation: Albert Milauchian & Lucky Pepper Artwork Design: Nancy Plapous Photo: Laurent Smet Photographies (front), Jerome Chadefaud (back). Reviewed by Terry Mead 27/10/2023. Lucky Pepper are all based in France and describe themselves as spicy and peppery with speed Mega Sonic Cosmic Blues and Rock ’n’ Roll.

Lucky Pepper are: Geoffrey Lucky Pepper- Lead vocal, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals. Remi Puglisi-Drum, backing vocals . Julien Lacombe-Bass. JP Cardot-Piano Guests on album: Marine Gavilan voice on 5, Matthieu Wanderscheid Baritone guitar on 8, Fabio Izquiedo Rub board on 12.

Easier Said Than Done is a completely self-penned album, with nine tracks written by Lucky Pepper, one by Marine Gavilan and the other two co-written by them both. So, let’s review track by track ; Supersonic Party – And what a Supersonic Party it’s going to be if this blaster is anything to go by. From the start the bass sets us in the groove with the beat and sound of a cross between Glam Rock & New Wave , the guitar is so immense to add to the mix.

Freaky Nightmare – Cool guitar intro that’s runs into a neat riff with Lucky on harmonica giving us a solo midway, this has a driving beat throughout that will keep you on your toes.

After The Dark, Come The Light – This one’s a more laid-back number that cruises along with a nice in-depth guitar solos and carefree vocals from Lucky.

That’s What It Ease - Another easy listening number with some neat piano breaks has traits of those mid 60’s spaced out tunes even has a cosmic ending.

High School Romance- With a school bell & drum intro this tune progresses into a number that could have played a part in Grease had it been produced in 1978. It’s a lively number with a bouncy beat that has the voice of Marine Gavilan writer & co-writer of three of the tracks on this album.

Easier Said Than Done – So we come to the title track written by Geoffrey Lucky Pepper, and it doesn’t disappoint it’s full on with the band giving it their all. Good to hear a tune like this again it reminds me of those Rock n Roll chart toppers of the seventies with a fast-driving beat.

Washing Machine - Awesome instrumental that will certainly have you spinning ( excuse the pun) short granted but its fast and full of life a type of Batman trait to it, make a good trailer too.

Southern Belle- This track introduces Matthieu Wanderscheid on baritone guitar and is certainly gives the song a polished finish, love the catchy riff running through this number and Lucky gives us a blast on harmonica again, it’s a timeless affair that has an in-depth feel about it.

Sweet Tricks You Got- DJ’s have a listen here as this track is a perfect stroller, it has a neat smooth flow to it and would fill any dance floor. The piano can be heard picking the tune along with some cool breaks on the guitar top draw guys!

Look Out The Window- Harmonising intro from the boys on a slow-paced number, this leads into some harmonica playing with a continued daunting backing harmonising before the song drifts away at the end .Well produced track that contrasts those more energic numbers on the album.

The Request – Bouncing back with a prominent sounding piano tune that has a cool riff running through. The lyrics reminiscing a first meeting and requesting one more time.

Shoe Shine Boy- Introducing Fabio Izquiedo on the Rub Board on this track giving a sort of skiffle sound, it’s a jolly number to round the album off you could say an encore even. Again, there is a combined harmonising backing in the form of wowing! The title and the lyrics give us an insight into a shoeshine boys life as it was back in those days.

So, to summarise: they say all good things come to an end and sadly we have come to the end of this just about to be released on the 31st, a brand new twelve track self-penned album. It’s a great treat for Halloween the trick is you have got to buy it but it’s worth anyone’s money so grab your copy while you can.

Lucky Pepper Bio: Geoffrey, the leader of the group, studied in Bergerac. Music came into his life at the age of 16. Music became a real passion for the young boy who also tried his hand at guitar and singing and started a band in high school with his friends. The blues is indeed their world. Geoffrey regularly performs on local stages alongside bluesmen, where he meets the local king, Mr. Tchang, who becomes an influential mentor. At the age of 18, he went to Bordeaux to study geology and also created a new musical form: the Blues Connection. In 2016, he invited Thomas Galvan (the drummer he met during his high school years) and Grégory Vouillat, a bass player he met on Bergerac jams, to one of his concert dates. Quickly, they created Lucky Pepper and the Santa Fellas, a trio that immerses us in a cosmic-rock universe. An album was released, Rock and Roll Attack in 2019. The health crisis and Covid invited themselves and the group evolved to become a quartet.

The dynamic quartet composed of Geoffrey Lucky Pepper (guitar, lead vocals), Rémi Puglisi (drums, backing vocals), Julien Lacombe (bass, backing vocals) and JP Cardot (piano), flutters between the blues, rhythm & blues and rock'n'roll planets, conveying a communicative energy and a spontaneity whose shock wave spreads throughout the galaxy!

5-4-3-2-1 Impact imminent ... !

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