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Elvin Pelvin meets Elvis Presley

Released – 2021, re-vamped September 2023. Reviewed - 6th September 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Review A person or thing that is mysterious is known to be an enigma and this is what Elvin Pelvin is. Some unidentified artist producing a collection of Elvis Presley tracks or related in the artist’s mind that links to Elvis Presley. The artist records under many different names and allows his music to be circulated on certain social media pages and downloadable for free. This album brings together a collection of Elvis tracks from his movie years during the sixties, and also contains some original Elvis tracks and a few guest spots from the likes of the Cramps. Recorded at the end of the covid outbreak in Sheffield, with The Glamour Twinz taking hold of the controls at Warren Stewdio and released through Mellow Records. From the owner of Mellow records: “Mr Pelvin is an enigma and a riddle all wrapped up into one”.

Members Elvin Pelvin - vocals and lead guitar Marty Orpheus Stone - drums Desmond Grezmondo - double Bass

Track by track Let Yourself Go (Joy Byers) Mr Pelvin kicks us off with cover version of the track that features in the movie Speedway in 1968. Elvis also used this track for a section of his grand comeback in the 1968 television special. The opening gives more of a feel to Ben E King’s “Stand by me” with its opening riff. A steady guitar backing with a looping drum and bass. Vocals stick close to the original film version. A nice track for those that like the remixed version of the Elvis classics.

Adam and Evil (Fred Wise; Randy Starr) Really interesting intro for this track, clearly starts like the Elvis version but then seems to go into a James bond theme style until the vocals kick in. vocally sang lower than the original, but it all comes together to give a decent version. Elvis covered this song in 1966 from the movie Spinout.

Kizmiaz Released as a three-track single to promote their album “A Date with Elvis” by the Cramps in 1986. Which hit the number one Album spot on the UK Indie chart. Presley released “A Date with Elvis “in 1959 whilst in the forces.

Long Lonely Highway (Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman) Again, they break the song down to a simple guitar and drums. Stripping it back to the Sun studio sound back in the mid-50s with just a handful of instruments. It’s a pretty catchy version. Taken from the Elvis movie soundtrack “Tickle Me” 1965.

Spinout (Ben Weisman, Dolores Fuller, Sid Wayne) A marching drum continues throughout with the odd guitar riff. It shouldn’t work. But it does. The beat gets to your feet and taps away. Once again stripped back to make it rare and Rockin. This was Elvis 14th soundtrack album from the motion picture of the same name in 1966 also released as a single in the same year.

Witchcraft (Dave Bartholomew and Pearl King) First released on the imperial label back in 1955 by the New Orleans based band the Spiders. Elvis recorded some 8 years after in 1963.both versions are very similar, the spiders being slightly slower.

I’ll Be Back (Sid Wayne - Ben Weisman) From the 1966 movie Spinout. Elvis gives his usual standard to this mid paced stroller. Wonder if Arnie took it from this film? According to the records on this track, Charlie hodge played piano and also arranged the track.

Your Groovy Self (Barton Lee Hazlewood) This track was originally sung by Elvis’s co-star Nancy Sinatra (Frank's daughter) in the MGM film Speedway from 1968. The track features as track one on the B-side of the album along with five bonus tracks, Elvin’s version is a great version, once again stripping it back. A heavy sounding bass with a tapping cymbal. Some nice guitar throughout and on the break. Vocally sang in the same kind of range.

Pads, Claws and Paws (Costello/Macarthy) “Pads, Paws and Claws” is a song written by Elvis Costello & Paul McCartney, recorded by Elvis & band to appear on his 1989 album “Spike “. Having an inferior Elvis artist with the same name on this album just seemed right, says the producer. Elvin gives a great cover version of the track.

Slowly but Surely (Weisman/ Wayne) Written by Ben Weisman and Sid Wayne and was first recorded and released by Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires in 1963. Elvin gives this version more of an indie style to this sixty’s classic. Vocals are kept low key to the backing which is more an 80s Neo rockabilly style. Interesting mix. ( Stop Look Listen by ElviN PelViN and The 27 CluB can be found on the LP Mellow Revolution V1)

Animal Instinct (Giant, Baum, Kaye) From the 1965 movie Harum Scarum (Harum Holiday in the USA) this track was used as a bonus track on the original album release along with “Wisdom Of the Ages”. No singles were released from the movie but the album has been re-released on the new Follow that Dream label in 2003.

She’s a Machine (Weisman/ Wayne) Taken from the film Easy come Easy go in 1967. This film was originally going to star the pop duo Jan & Dean, but after a serious train crash it was re-written and given to Elvis, it was Elvis' worst ever E,P selling recording for RCA with just over 30.000 copies being sold.

It’s Just That Song (Raymon Maupin, Charlie Feathers) A very obscure song originally recorded by Charlie Feathers and then re-recorded by the Cramps for their 1986 album A Date with Elvis, this is the second song to feature on this album from the 1986 release, but this time Elvin gives his own personal rendition. He sticks to the original sound and sorrowful vocals. nice version. It fits into the Elvis fans feelings when they hear Elvis songs.

Who put the Benzodryne in Da Mar. Instrumental track with a sixty’s psychedelic feel to it, would make a great intro for a classic movie.

Let Yourself Go V2 An instrumental version of the track, it's got a real groovy feel to without the vocals

Summary Elvin Pelvin may be an Enigma, and we may not ever find who its is? But what he offers is some nice alternate versions of songs made famous by Elvis, from a few of his films, I call them alternate and not remixed but it does give a new sound of the sixty’s tracks. It may not go down with the faithful Elvis fans but will prick the ears of the new generation of younger fans.

Mellow Records was started back in 2009 by Colonel Malcom P*ssclam III. The Colonel is not convinced in The Art of the live performance, with This in mind you will most likely never see a Mellow Records act Live. The aim was and still is, to make diverse Roots Music with as many like minded people as possible. The intention is to make music with the people’s real identities not listed. For The Colonel is not important, the important thing is that the music is genuine and not contrived, by egos and personalities. The people involved could be you, or the person next door. It is an open door here at Mellow, if you want to be involved in the Music, Art, Song writing, or Web development contact The Colonel in a private message. Check us out on the MELLOW RECORDS channel on YouTube. Beware there is another channel called Mellow Records. But they are dance label not a ROOTS Music label. Contact for any release on the label.

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