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GASOLINE - Self titled.

Released April 2022 Reviewed July 2023 by Paul D Buy the album here:

GASOLINE are a french 4 piece band based in beautiful Brittany France (and The Tyne!), comprising Charlotte Yanni (vocals and guitar) Kev Charlton (vocals + bass+ double bass) Brendan De Roeck (lead guitar) and Eric Parenty (drums)

They describe themselves as rock n roll/surf and their only goal is to make the dancers and listeners smile! This CD features 10 original tracks, with the vocals shared between Charlotte and the guys. It certainly achieves those aims!

BE MINE - Driving beat and a great instrumental break on the CD opener. Charlotte has a great voice reminiscent of a mix between Imelda May and Sharna Mae (or maybe they sound like her!) She’s begging her lover to be hers! I’m a ready teddy!

BURNIN’ RUBBER - (see the great video on Youtube) is a great hard rockin track with an infectious chorus.

SHE”S NOT STUPID - A lovely country rocker that moves along nicely.

COME BACK HOME TO ME - great blues track that moves along with superb guitar licks she WANTS her lover back!

GROWN UP TOYS - a serious moment here about the awful misuse of guns that seems to affect the world and kills many innocents these days at random times.

DEAD BY NOW - lovely country rocker that bops along with some great country picking

MY BABY - He’s happy because his baby buys him what he wants, lucky man, she also moves-even luckier! great start stop rocker

BE YOUR GIRL - great rocker sung by Charlotte

LOVE TRAIN - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood eat your hearts out! Fantastic duet that has a wonderful beat. They are both riding together on The Love Train My favourite track of the album.

RIGHT ON TIME - lovely closing track with an incessant beat.

Apparently another CD is being recorded shortly. I can't wait!

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