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Geoff Miller and the Rockin' Two - Self Titled

Released October 2023 Reviewed October 2023 Buy the album here:

Geoff Miller and The Rocking Two are an American rockabilly trio in the mould of Elvis, Scotty and Bill and the Burnette Rockabilly Trio. In addition to the main members, there are a number of supporting artists on this album.

All songs accept tracks 3 and 6 written by Geoff Miller; “Don’t Treat Me This Way” written by Steven Chino Lewis; “Caravan” written by Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol. Geoff Miller – guitar, lead vocal, and backing vocal Matt Dudman – bass on all accept track 6, backing vocal on track 3 Mark Eagleton – bass on track 6 Larry Carr – drums on tracks 1, 3, 8, 10, 11, 12 Jeff Minnieweather – drums on tracks 4, 5, 7, 9 Brad Cross – drums on track 2 Jim Frink – drums on track 6

All tracks recorded and produced by Geoff Miller at Hank’s Garage Studio (Elk Grove, CA). All tracks mixed by Deke Dickerson at Eccofonic Studio (Northridge, CA). Cover art and layout by Shorty Poole at Atomic Swag.

Review Track by track I’m Runnin’ Straight To You – a good up-tempo rocker to kick off. Good supporting piano and great guitar sound.

One Little Piece Of Your Love – the rockabilly vibe is alive and well here. Nice slap bass sound to power the track, good guitar break and vocals.

Don’t Treat Me This Way – I am not always a fan of tracks with overdone backing vocals so I am pleased that here the backing vocals are just that, in the back. Thankfully the lead guitar is prominent. A great track.

Devil In The Shape Of A Woman – the pace changes with this track which is more an R&B styled stroller. A rasping sax break adds further polish to this track.

Caller Unknown – back to straight out rockabilly. More great guitar work and the bass and drums work well together to keep this bopper moving.

Caravan – a rockabilly instrumental with the guitar taking the lead role and how. Some great picking here!

Bit By A Fox – a mid-paced rockabilly number. More nice interplay between guitar and bass.

Baby Doll Eyes – out and out rockabilly, my favourite track on the album.

Why Won’t You Let Me In? – have you noticed how many rocking tracks are about knocking on doors? Maybe it’s a metaphor? Either way this is a good bopper.

Toe In The Water – the slap bass comes nicely to the fore, but the guitar is not to be outdone. Excellent work from all involved.

No Elixir – these boys can play but also Geoff Miller can sing. Possibly this is best vocal but tts a close run thing.

Kiss And Run – a driving guitar based track, a great rocker to end a very enjoyable album.

Summary & Recommendation My opinion that if Deke Dickerson is involved in any way with a recording it can’t be bad is definitely reinforced here. That is not to take anything away from the trio, all who give exemplary performances throughout the album. For me there is nothing to dislike, the musicianship is excellent as is the singing and production. Plus, they are all original tracks. A worthy purchase for anybody who likes 1950’s style rockabilly.

Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

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