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Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm Deke Dickerson and the Whippersnappers.

Released May 2023 on Major Label Records. Buy the album here:

Reviewed 20/07/2023 This is the first full album from Deke Dickerson with his backing band The Whippersnappers.

I am sure you all know who Deke Dickerson is. I am sure you have seen him playing if not with the Whippersnappers then maybe with The Dave and Deke Combo or Deke and the Ecco-fonics or as a solo artist as he plays regularly in Europe and in the UK but you may also have read one of his books on musical history and guitars... Deke is certainly a man of many talents. If you know Deke then you will know he plays everything from Hillbilly to Rockabilly, Country and rock and roll and all feature on this album. The album has been recorded fully by Deke Dickerson using his analog studio, and except for a few guest musicians (steel guitar and fiddle on a few songs), every track was recorded live by the band. Recording this way does give the whole thing a different energy I prefer recording this way when recording songs, it’s almost a on stage live energy and comes through on the album. I had the pleasure of seeing Deke with this line up recently and was impressed by the talent on display.

Deke Dickerson- guitar and vocals Bert Avalos – Rhythm guitar Zander Griffith – Double Bass Dylan Paterson- Drums

The album consists of 14 tracks: self penned and some cover versions of original songs.

Bucket Of Blood – Love this Country style number with guest steel, a great opener to the album and just my kind of sound.

Payin' For That One Mistake – Haunting vocals and lyrics gives this number a familiar topic if you’re a fan of western movies this could have been in one of those spaghetti western Clint Eastwood was famous for.

Now That You're Gone – Wow I really love this song everything about it is just great. Vocal harmonies always impress me.

Baby's Gone Uptown – Opens with a fiddle so a great start. A good upbeat Hillbilly number - love it.

Sugar Coated Baby – You cannot go wrong with a Johnny Horton number especially when it is a rarely covered classic such as this one. Played as straight as possible on this version.

Loneliest Man in The Whole Wide World – Slower paced number with steel guitar giving it a melancholy sound which it should be given the song title.

Battering Ram – Rockabilly track solid drum beat and bass allowing Deke to do his thing in the lead breaks.

Here Kitty Kitty – A cover of the Jimmy Murphy song from the 50’s this version has been given the Deke treatment including a Bass solo - what’s not to love?

Honky Tonkin' Rhythm – The band's cover of the Bobby Sisco track is faster paced than the original but with the Bass solos and steel it's an awesome version.

Visit From the Devil – Great cover of the Jack Leonard Country song. Again, this has been given a different feeling faster paced and more Rockabilly but still a great version.

Wild Wild Thing – Another tale of woe with a Country edge.

In My Dreams, Baby – This time Zander takes the lead vocals: a different sound to Deke obviously, but still a great tune.

High Noon – An instrumental version of the hit song High Noon showing the quality of all the musicians. I like the drum sound on this one and of course Deke’s guitar.

You Better Not Go – One of my favourite Skeets McDonald songs. A very likeable version.

Great Big Cowboy- Big Cowboy, big sound! Classic Deke on this one featuring the whole band finishing the album in a big way and closing the album in style.

Being a fan of Deke in all his guises I just knew I was going to like this album which of course I do. The band are great live with plenty of youthful energy, and it does come through on this album. If you know Deke Dickerson, then you will love this album but again there is enough variety on this album to appeal to listeners who are new to him and his style.

I would recommend this album and band to anyone and everyone its well worth the money.

Youtube video of Honky Tonkim Rhythm.

Reviewed By Tom Doel

Deke’s first long player with the Whippersnappers (and first new album since the pandemic) is chock full of great new songs, written by Deke and Bert Avalos and Zander Griffith of the Whippersnappers. There’s lots of wild rockabilly, including the title track “Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm,” “Now That You’re Gone,” and “Great Big Cowboy.” There are also great 1950s-style country numbers, including “Bucket of Blood,” and dramatic Western numbers like “Paying for That One Mistake.” And in addition to all the new songs, two of the group’s biggest numbers from their first EP are included as well: “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Wild Wild Thing.”

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