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Released – 24th March 2023 on Part Records. ( ) Reviewed 25th March 2023 by Rockin Rebel. Listen to the album here:

Hot Jumpin Six are a Rhythm'n'Blues, Rocksteady band from Berlin, Germany. Formed in 2009. The album was over seen by Andy Widder from Part Records label. Recorded by Axel Praefcke at Lightning Records, Tanja Ortmaier, from Atelier 44 designed the artwork for the album. contains six original tracks written by Sascha and Joey, along with 6 songs that inspired the bands genre.

Band Members – Spike Arrow - Guitar/Vocals Sascha Körner - Piano/Organ Eddie - Upright and Electric Bass KJ Webster -Tenor Saxophone Mathias Witt -Baritone Saxophone Thomas Rebelsky -Drum/Percussion

Review. The band formed in 2009 and have gone through a fair few changes before settling with the current line-up. This is the second release, the first being in 2015 with “That's Us” Album, also on Part Records. The band have performed across many parts of Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, and France. Not toured the UK yet but hopefully soon. So, let’s get the music on and let’s start jumpin' with these six.

Track by track I Feel So Good. Boogie Woogie piano intro with sax and drum coming in. vocals tell the story of a breakup and feeling the woes of love, but then feeling good about life. A great self-penned track with great lyrics and musical score. The backing vocals come in like an angel on the shoulder telling your life is good.

Messing With the Kid. Wow, this track packs a lot into with its music, many flavours of inspiration coming through from the blues, Cuban, ska with a dressing of rock n roll. If you like your little Richard, then this track is for you. very early style to Richard’s career. originally recorded by Junior Wells but I first heard on the Blues brothers album “A briefcase full of blues” in the late 70s.

Hey, Little Rich Girl I love this opening track originally recorded for the second album by the Specials in 1980 also covered by Amy Whitehouse. The band have kept with the ska sound but added in some awesome saxophone, guitar and even the piano gives an appearance. vocally superb, Terry Hall would have been over the moon with rendition. I have heard many a version of this song and this is right up there with the best of them.

I Don’t Need Someone. Brilliant intro starting with rhythm symbols and bass, then like a firework the whole band sends out a display the rhythm of rock n roll. The lyrics saying that be happy with what you got. Cos sometimes that’s all you need. Great up-tempo beat for the jivers out there. The writer's really lighting the fuse on this one.

I Won’t Let You Go A perfect rendition of the Byron Lee & The Dragonaires track from 1964. This has been covered by lots of artist over the years, which proves what a classic it is. The band bring all the right criteria both vocally and backing with its Jamaican style sound.

Burnt Toast and Black Coffee Written by Susan Heather and Shorty Long who first performed and recorded it in 1956. The band really brings its own Rhythmic style to this rhythm and blues track. would go down well as stroller in the rockin' scene today. Great track once again.

Baby I'm so Blue Up-tempo break up track that features the whole band rockin their instruments to the max. Lyrics are great and I can hear tints of Jackie Wilson in the vocals along with its soulful score. Defiantly a floor filler.

Well, I Done Got Over it. So, the story goes In late 1953 in New Orleans at the legendary J & M recording studios, guitar Slim met with Lloyd Lamberts band with Ray Charles on the piano and recorded this track. “Well, I Done Got Over It" was then released on Specialty Records around the same time. The band have bought a great track back to the forefront once again. I believe this to be a nod from the guys to the artist who were pioneers of this music. I tip my hat to both.

Crappy Booze Blues Mid paced tempo with a rockin piano and sax taking the lead. Has you can guess from the title is a song we all know about. The day after the night before. Nice track for jivers out there. Great self-penned track.

Lookin for a Woman A great rhythm and blues number, some great guitar licks. Lyrics tell the story about a guy wanting to find a true love for himself. Some cracking piano and guitar during the breaks along with the sax sat just out in the background. Toe tapping number performed excellently.

Rollin Along. A fast-paced rocker in the fifties rock n roll style. The last of the self-penned tracks takes us out on the road. I hear inspiration from the greats like Fats Domino, Chuck Berry with the music. Vocals are gritty and raw calmed only by the backing singers.

Here Lies My Love An amazing blues track to end on. First recorded by the undertaker (Roy Hawkins) in 1955 and was the flip side to the four deuces "W-P-L-J" single on the Music City label. It was written by Martin-Dobard. The band go deep into the blues with this one and they do it great. They take the instruments to the lowest whilst vocals tells the heart wrenching story. The sound of the tenor sax takes you by the ear and tell you to listen.

Summary: Simply wow, not a track I don’t like. This is a great album. The original material is very well written and the covers are simply awesome tributes to some obscure recordings bought back to life for the next generation of music lovers. This release will please any music lover out there. Check it on all the streaming sites, and well done to all concerned for this release.

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