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Howlin’ Ramblers-Drunken Hearted Man.

Released Tuesday 20th June 2023 at Sleazy Records. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Maximo Ruiz Bandera at Hollers Analog Studio, Malaga, Spain in February 2023. Produced by Howlin’ Ramblers Engineered by Maximo Ruiz Bandera Photography by Alicia Afanador Artwork by Vince Ray

Reviewed by Terry Mead 07/06/2023.

Howlin’ Ramblers are a band from San Roque, Spain inspired by the roots of rock n roll with a direct hooligan and a wild touch, fronted by Rockabilly’s radio DJ Teddy. The Howlin’ Ramblers are: Jesus Teddy-Vocals & Acoustic Guitar Carlos Jimenez- Guitar & backing vocals. Pepe Badrriles-Harmonica, Maracas, mouth harp & backing vocals. Juanlu Nunez- Double Bass Juan Ferrer- Drums & backing vocals. Also on this album: Castle Stomp-Double Bass (5) Pablo Mateo-Guitar (5) Carmelo Garcia-Piano (8,13)

The album contains five self-penned tracks, two songs written for the band and seven covers all attributed in a Blues/Rockabilly style of their own nature.

Let’s review track by track: Drunken Hearted Man - The album title track and the first of five self-penned numbers. Wow the supersonic beat of the slap bass and drums stopping for a slight pause mid-way will have you breathless as there’s no room for manoeuvre here its straight in from the word go. Meanwhile there is a cool guitar riff which glides in & out throughout, and some clever harmonica sounds just to add to the flavour of the tune. It's a cracker to get us out of the starting blocks. Upside Down - Another self-penned track, the story of waking up to empty whisky bottles and the world being upside down, awesome punchy number with a pounding mouth harp and drumbeat. Liver Blues – The first of two songs written for the band this by Johnny Moon a Spanish singer. Prolonged instrumental intro starts this lively little number which as you can guess from the title is prominently a drinking song and the lyrics tell it for you. There is a neat guitar break mid-way worth mentioning to. I’m Hungary For Your Love – The third self-penned track which starts with a haunting spaghetti style western sound and continues during the course of this tune produced by some clever mouth harp playing, there is also some rip-roaring guitar licks in-between. Howlin’ For My Darling - From the man himself Chester Burnett better known as Howlin’ Wolf and a big influence on these boys, Jesus Teddy on vocals certainly portraits this here, granted they have cranked it up but it’s another awesome rendition of a track that’s high up in the blues library of esteem. Red Lips - The second of two songs written for the band this by Bert Blackmont another Spanish singer. This is another blaster with the harmonica & drums driving Teddys vocals along, not to be out done there’s even a neat guitar break to. I’m Coming Home - The fourth self-penned track and it’s a blast of high energy throughout proclaiming the words of the title. Mess Of Blues - 1960 song from Elvis Presley arranged here in a slightly upbeat style but still a good dance beat, introduction of a harmonica, no clapping accompaniment and longer breaks. Hard Lovin’ Woman - So we come to the last of the self-penned numbers and it’s another one for the fast lane with the Howlin’ Ramblers playing at full throttle. Catch those boys blend their instruments in the mix of sound that Teddy voices in the lyrics and mighty finely to. Alone With You - Classic tune written by Farnon Young, Roy Dusky & Lester Vanadore, great upbeat track with plenty of slap and an original feeling. Your Line Was Busy- Big Bob Kornegay (Du Droppers) 1959 tune played here jumping with energy just like Bobs original was at a cracking pace. Musically it’s so fine-tuned it’s a blast. Worried About You Baby- First recorded by Arthur Crudup in 1952, this cover is beefed up and minced to a fine tune which keeps those original riffs somewhat whilst giving it a new and exploding tempo least of life. You Win Again - Hank Williams song taken to the limits here and there’s no let up, cool intro with guitar & piano and a momentous beat throughout. Blue Days-The European influence of Cavan grew into a phenonium over the years and obviously caught up with the Howlin’ Ramblers as they have ended the album with this track in memory of them. It’s a fabulous tribute with original sounding guitar riffs and played at a ripping pace. There is a great video on YouTube of them. singing it to. To summarise - If you’re after an injection of hot rocking blues & rockabilly then this albums for you, musically produced and played by a top-notch group of artists with vocals that sing out to you by front man Jesus Teddy. It’s a killer diller right from start to finish. Available on 10’ vinyl and CD. About Howlin' Ramblers (in their own words): Howlin' Ramblers started in 2016. Its name is a tribute to the roots of rock'n'roll: blues (Howlin' Wolf) and country (Hank 'the Ramblin' Man' Williams). Throughout these years, this quintet from the south of Spain has developed its own sound that has been defined as raw and wild 'Rockabilly-Stomp and Rockin Blues-Bop'. "Home of the Blues", his first album, was released and self-produced in 2018. Sleazy Records, one of the most important record labels and distributors of rockin' music in Europe, immediately adds them and releases their second album "Men With Broken Hearts" and the singles "I’m a Hobo" (2020) and "Roots" (2021) "Moanin' at Midnight" (2022) recorded live at Juan Luis Galiardo theater in San Roque and edited in video DVD and CD format. They have just released "Drunken Hearted Man" (title inspired by a song by Robert Johnson from 1937) in vinyl format 10" and CD, recorded in Holler Analog Studio (Malaga) and that has counted with the artwork of Vince Ray. They have toured much of the Spanish geography, participating in festivals such as Rockin' Race Jamboree, Screamin' Festival, Blues at Moonlight, Crossroad American Party, Salamanca Town of Rock and Roll, Old Rooster Music Fest, Suberock, Hogaza Rock etc... and in Clubs such as Rockin' Swarm (Sevilla), Sun Coast Club (Málaga), Rock & Roll Club (Jerez), The Fly Riders (Algeciras), etc... They have shared the stage with artists such as Graham Fenton, Al Dual, Darrel Higham, Spunny Boys, Black Raven, Junior Marvel, The Firebirds, among others... They have also performed outside their borders; Roll Over Beethoven Fest (Finland), Bethune Retro and Tarbes Fest (France) V-Eight Brothers Village (Belgium). Portugal and will be in the HIGH ROCKABILLY 2023 (BCN)

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