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In Session – Buddy Holly.

Released- April 12th, 2023 on Jasmine Records Reviewed 13th May by Rockin Rebel. Buy the album here:

Buddy Holly in session: a mix of tracks that had Buddy Holly playing on or providing backing vocals, across a selection of genres by various artists.

Review It's always sad to write about an artist that passed at such an early age and left us the music that inspired so many artists. The sound that Buddy created was just in a league of its own, but he also left us with tracks that he provided his talents to and went unknown for many a year. Of course, there is always room for doubt that he played on some of the tracks, but it will never be disproven now and accepted by many. Jasmine records have put 34 of these tracks on this wonderful release. You may not get the full Holly feel but you will get that satisfaction that he left his touch on other artist’s music. Take it for what it is and remember the artist behind the music.

Track by track:

GO BOY GO - GARY TOLLETT Written By Floyd Wilson who was a US Country singer and songwriter and producer. This was released on Rollercoaster Records in 1998. Original 1957 recording featuring Buddy Holly on guitar at the Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico.

GONE - GARY TOLLETT Recorded at the same session as track one with Buddy on guitar. Jerry Allison and Kenny Driver accompanied Gary also for this recording.

I OVERLOOKED AN ORCHID - GARY TOLLETT Carl Smith, Carl Story and Shirly Lynn wrote the track that was recorded on March 1st, 1957, on this recording were Gary Tollett (Dale) vocal, Buddy Holly elec. lead guitar, Jerry Allison drums, Gary Dale or Niki Sullivan: acoustic guitar, Ramona Tollett backing vocal, June Clark : backing vocal and Niki Sullivan backing vocal.

GOLDEN ROCKET - GARY TOLLETT As above with the same musicians. The rest of the recording time was used by Buddy himself.

ON MY MIND AGAIN - BILLY WALKER This country song was Released in May 1957 on Columbia records. This is a track that many say Buddy did not play on, but Joe Mauldin and Jerry Allison did. And of course, went on to become members of the crickets.

VIVA LA MATADOR - BILLY WALKER This was a self-penned track of walkers and was the flip side to “On My Mind Again” The Tall Texan was his nickname with a 60-year career I T'S A WONDERFUL FEELING/ A WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN’ by JIM ROBERTSON Buddy Holly Lead Guitar but of course Uncredited on this 1957 release on Epic Record Label. Written-By Jack Huddle, Jim Robinson, and Norman Petty

BY THE MISSION WALL - FRED CRAWFORD Real Name was Fred Benjamin Crawford, released on Starday Records and was written by Ken Cline. Buddy Holly on guitar, 1957.

BELIEVE ME / STARLIGHT -JACK HUDDLE Paris, Texas, artist and was also in the Group Jack & Jim. This Rockabilly track from 1958 on Kapp Records. Nobody is sure what part Buddy is playing on this record but it’s claimed to be the backing vocals.

MAN FROM TEXAS - JIM ROBERTSON Jun. 24, 1957, at the Norman Petty Studios with Buddy Holly on Guitar. The track was Written ByMark Russell, Norman Petty and Stan Dougherty and released on the Brill Label. Hard to find track.

HUMBLE HEART / BROKEN PROMISES, SHERRY DAVIS Recorded July 25-26 1957 musicians were Bass, George Atwood, Drums – Jerry Allison, Lead Guitar – Buddy Holly, Organ Vi Petty (uncredited). Released August 1957 on the Fashion records.

HONEY HONEY / LOOK TO THE FUTURE - GARY DALE (TOLLETT) Recorded on Sunday 14th July 1957. Musicians that session were Buddy on guitar, Jerry Allison on drums, unknown bass player, Ramona Tollett, and the Picks on backing vocals. Recorded at Petty’s studio.

WRECK OF THE OLD '97 / SCARLET RIBBONS - CAROLYN HESTER Buddy Holly & The Crickets featuring Carolyn Hester on vocals. Released in august 1958 on her Folk album Scarlet Ribbons on Coral records.

MOONDREAMS - THE NORMAN PETTY TRIO Released November 1957, both sides were written by Petty on the Columbia label. Acoustic Guitar played by Buddy Holly

ONE FADED ROSE / SUGARTIME - CHARLIE PHILLIPS Released in 1957 on the coral label. Charlie was an American western swing and rockabilly singer, born in Farwell, Texas.

PATTY BABY / DON'T DO ME THIS WAY - RICK TUCKER Recorded in august of 57 musicians include Roy Orbison and Buddy on guitars. released through Columbia records and Coronet records in 1958 in Australia.

SWINGIN' DADDY / WHENEVER I'M LONELY - BUDDY KNOX 1958 release on Columbia records in the uk and US record label Roulette. Buddy Knox is also with the rhythm orchids and a band he formed when he was just a teenager. It is said Roy Orbison suggested he went to Norman Petty’s studio.

REAL WILD CHILD / OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL – IVAN Buddy backs Ivan on his debut track. Ivan which is the middle name of Jerry Allison, and this is the first ever solo singing recording. And after several takes the two tracks were laid down. Recorded on the 19th of February 1958

IF I HAD KNOWN - KEN JAMES Released in 1958 on the Nor-Va-Jak label which was an American record label founded by Norman Petty. combination of the members of The Norman Petty Trio: Norman Petty, VA for his wife Violet Anne Petty, JAK for Jack Vaughn.

WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO / I SENT YOU ROSES - JERRY ENGLER Buddy provides both guitar and chimes on this 1966 release.firts recorded though in 9th of July 1958.

WHEN SIN STOPS / JOLE BLON - WAYLON JENNINGS Brunswick release from 1959, tracks written by buddy dee (B-Side) and bob venable (A-side) Backing provided by The Roses, Guitar by Buddy Holly and Saxophone by King Curtis.

STAY CLOSE TO ME / DON'T CHA KNOW - LOU GIORDANO Tracks are written by two of the best, stay close to me by Buddy himself and Phil Everly’s Don’t Cha Know. 1959 release on the Brunswick label. Buddy Holly produced "Stay Close To Me". He also played guitar on this recording.

Summary: A great album from Jasmine Records, allowing us to hear not just the vocal techniques of Buddy Holly, but the gift he had as a producer and session musician, including giving his own studio time to help other artists record their records. A great insight into the genius that is BUDDY HOLLY.

Recommendation It’s a must for any Buddy fans and music lovers of all genres.

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