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Jeff Allen M - Rockabilly Doo Wop Vol​.​1 - 2022.

Released 2023 on JAMworks Music Buy the album here: Reviewed June 2023

Jeff Allen M is an American who has been producing, songwriting, recording, and performing since 1979. He has written and recorded in many genres from country to rockabilly as well as doo wop and ballads. This CD is a mix of rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll and doo wop and all the songs are Jeff’s compositions. Jeff plays most of the instruments with the exception of the bass on track 11 and the drums which are played by Hokuto Nagumo.

Track by track: 1. Oh Baby Don’t Leave – This is a good stroller with a great guitar sound and Jeff’s voice is enhanced with some good backing vocals that are not too obtrusive. The opening drum roll and guitar certainly made me “sit up and listen” to a nice first track.

2. Hoo Hoo – Snare drum and slap bass kick off this track in the classic rockabilly style. Two minutes and four seconds of class.

3. I Need You – This is ballad in that nice “schmaltzy” ‘50s doo wop style. Jeff’s voice shines through and again is enhanced with the backing vocals.

4. Baby Baby Please Come Home – A quick stroller or slow bopper? Either way I think this is an infectious track and again Jeff’s guitar sound and playing is the star of the show.

5. My Little Baby – A good up-tempo doo wop track with great slap bass. Possibly my favourite of the 13 tracks.

6. I Guess It’s Raining – Another good vocal performance from Jeff. A definite stroller with heartfelt lyrics and some twangy guitar in the middle.

7. What You Made Me Do – A straightforward no messing rocker!

8. This Moment – The second doo wop ballad. Jeff really is able to perform a number of genres in a superb way. Excellent backing vocals again and some sweet piano playing.

9. Once Upon A Time – It is easy to imagine Dion doing this track, it has the feel of “The Wanderer” about it. More blistering guitar work.

10. Aina – Up-tempo group vocal with a touch of the “Happy Days” theme about it. The backing vocals work well. A great authentic 50’s style track.

11. Leota – Back to some highly charged rockabilly. A first class bopper, full of energy and more great guitar licks.

12. I Believe – Thankfully this is not a cover of the song recorded by the Bachelors in 1964. Instead it is another self-penned, nice mid-tempo group vocal performed faultlessly.

13. And You Are The Only One – Jeff’s voice sounds moody here as he delivers a mid-tempo rocker. I like the inclusion of the harmonica and the little laugh at the end.

Summary: This is a CD that appeals on a number of levels, the songs are original, Jeff shows he can handle a range of styles, it is very well produced and he gets a great sound out of his guitar. In the same way that Billy Lee Riley and Cliff Gallup really made their guitars sound “electric”, so does Jeff.

Recommendation: If you like authentic sounding ‘50s rock and roll then you should get this CD, or at least download it. Jeff is a talent well worthy of your support. VIDEO:

Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

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