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Jo’ Buddy Lockdown Sessions & Beyond Vol 1

Released March 2023 on Ram-Bam Records. Reviewed May 2023 Buy the album here:

With the exception of a couple of guest artists on three of the tracks all the instruments are played by the clearly very talented Jo’ Buddy. All the tracks are originals, penned by Jussi Raulamo which is Jo’ Buddy’s real name. He comes from Finland, although listening to him you may well be forgiven in thinking there is a Finland in Mississippi, but we really are talking about that country in Northern Europe.

Track by track Review Kingston Street Dance – The album kicks off with a strong and steady classic boogie. The intro is just piano and drums before Jo shows his guitar playing talents. A good instrumental that would make a good stroller.

Jo' Buddy's Biznes – This track opens with Jo’ on organ before he comes in with a strong vocal performance. Because of the organ this has a bit of a jazzy feel and is a bit difficult to pigeon hole into a particular genre, but it is a good mid paced track for jiving to in my opinion.

Holler With The Soul – A powerful drum beat opens this New Orleans’ R&B style track. Echoes of JD McPherson and Fats Domino.

If I Could Love Someone – This is the sort of blues that evokes images of smoke filled “hole in the wall” bars. Jo’s guitar work shines through with the drums, bass and organ completing the backing of his fine vocals.

I'll Be There By Your Side – Another fine piece of moody blues and has JD Harmo, one of the two guest artists, playing a soulful harmonica.

Never Find Another – Slap bass provides a driving rhythm on this “down home blues” styled track that also features the harmonica of JD Harmo.

Alphabet Boogie Woogie – As the title suggests, this is definitely a boogie-woogie track. Good slap bass and guitar playing provide support for the cleverly double tracked vocals. Lovely piano too, a mid paced track that is my favourite on the album.

Goin' Back To New Orleans – We are definitely in Smiley Lewis and Fats Domino territory here! Some barrelhouse piano playing and a great driving beat from the bass and drums. Another track for the strollers!

You Stayed Out All Night Long – Back to slow moving blues. For me this is Jo’s best vocal performance on the album and his guitar playing is magnificent.

Lakewood Walk – A moody R& instrumental to bring the album to a close. On this track Jo is ably assisted by Masa Orpana on saxophone.

Summary & Recommendation Some people have a distinctive vocal style, some have a distinctive guitar playing style, Jo’ Buddy has both and for me this sets this album apart from most. Plus he also plays most of the other instruments on all the tracks! He has a very impressive history as a recording and live artist and his talents shine through on this highly recommended album.

YouTube link Holler With The Soul - Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

Track List Kingston Street Dance Jo' Buddy's Biznes Holler With The Soul If I Could Love Someone I'll Be There By Your Side Never Find Another Alphabet Boogie Woogie Goin' Back To New Orleans You Stayed Out All Night Long Lakewood Walk

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