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Released- March 2023. Reviewed 22nd March 2023 by Rockin Rebel.

Custom Rock ‘n’ roll release on Moondog Music and Bear Family Records. Jyrki plays songs made famous by Elvis, Ray Smith, Terry Stafford, Sanford Clark, Del Shannon, and Johnny Ace, with all new arrangements. Produced by Ari Hanninen, Recorded and mixed by Petri Mäntysalo (Owner Moondog Music) A.I.R. Studios. Jyrki is from Vihti,near Helsinki, Finland. Starting his career at the early age of 5yrs old. He remembers playing locally in halls and stations. The Dell-Tones band was the first rockabilly band 1986 before becoming the Fin-abillys in 1991. He also sings lead in the band Fresh Fish Special with Eino Rastas,guitar.Don Carlos,Bass. Playing early Elvis and Carl Perkins.

Band members Jyrki Perälampi vocals Eero Vaajoensuu guitars Ari Hanninen bass & piano Jani Ahtiainen drums & percussion Petteri Salmi & Samu Laiho backing vocals. Jussi Huhtakangas: pedal steel

Track by track Follow the Rainbow. (Harris) Originally released by the late great Terry Stafford in 1964, written by Mike Harris who was an American rockabilly singer himself. Jyrki gives a real decent version of this track giving it that fifties throat vocal style, but I feel that during the recording of this track Jyrki was definitely following his rainbow. He has his own tribute to his idols on an album.

Suspicion (Pomus and Shuman) The intro is very good with a simple pluck of the guitar strings. Not the easiest vocal to attempt, but Jyrki puts in a good rendition of the Elvis classic. The backing music is kept soothing allowing the vocal to take front of stage.

Playing With Fire (wiesman,wise) Second track from Mr Stafford’s catalogue released as the flip side to I'll Touch a Star in 1964. Its once again nice to hear some obscure songs being brought back out of the dusty closet. Jyrki’s vocals slightly mimic staffords voice but pulls it off nicely. Guitar plays nicely in the background while the drums take the spotlight. A valiant Falsetto brings the song to a close.

Fame and Fortune (Fred Wise,Weisman) Some great backing vocals and beautiful sounding guitar make this a lovely track. Setting the mood for the deep vocal opening from Kyrki. It almost has a Hawaiian feel to the backing. A really nice track that’s been given some thought to give it a new feel. Well done all. It was originally recorded by Elvis in 1960, He also sang it on the TV special The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis...

Love Charms (Stanley,Warner) Another great obscure recording of a track that was done during a session of Eddie Cochran s. Ray Stanley recorded some demos during a break and Eddie provided some of the best guitar licks on Songs that included 'Marketplace', 'Pushin', 'Love Charms', My Lovin' Baby' and 'Kiss & Make Up'. this is a slightly more up-tempo to the original version. Great vocals again singing in a softer tone.great choice of song and well executed.

Pocketful of Rainbows Again, the intro is well thought out, you wouldn’t guess the song on the the first few riffs. Jyrki’s vocal confidence grows with each track. some sublime backing from the band. The elvis influence clearly shines through on this track. great respect for his idol. This track featured in the 1960 film G.I. BLUES. The script was written by Edmund Beloin and Henry Garson, who had done the final revisions for Hal Wallis on Don't Give Up the Ship. In 1958 they came up with an original treatment for an Elvis Presley movie called Christmas in Berlin. It was later known as Cafe Europa before becoming GI Blues.

Makes me Feel Good (Wilkin, Walker) Ray Smith's " Makes Me Feel Good" was first released in 1960 on the Judd label and was the flip side to “One Wonderful Love” , a very good rendition of this track by Jyrki. Vocally lower tone but with that fifties curly lip style. As throughout the album the band are just loud enough in the background with great backing vocals.

I’ll Touch a Star That soft guitar opens the track once more revealing a great vocal from Jyrki. Not much separates the vocals from the original to this version. Really good version.

(Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame First recorded by Del Shannon and released 1961 before Elvis released his version in the same year. Jyrki covers both versions on this track, musically it's Del’s version. Vocally a deeper Elvis style. But they both blend well and give the tracks its alternative arrangements.

Pledging My Love (Washington, Robey) Jykri takes this track back to its roots, with its bluesy, tearful, hurtful soft vocal. Great version that they definitely make their own. The most popular recording of the song was done by Johnny Ace. On Duke Records in December 1954. My favourite track on the album. Nice job.

Pretty Blue Eyes (Randazzo, Weinstein) Steve Lawrence released his version in 1959, and then Craig Douglas covered it a year later. Jyrki vocals just seem to flow from him at this stage of the album. Relaxed and with confidence flowing with every lyric that leaves his throat. Great version once again.

Summer Kisses Winter Tears ( Wise,Weisman, Lloyd) A 1960 track that was unused in the Elvis film Flaming Star (originally Black Star) it was not released until 1965 on the eighth studio album Elvis for Everyone. On a track that not many people will know unless big into Presley tracks, a most enjoyable ballad performed here for your enjoyment. A great track once again.

Bonds of Happiness To complete the album the final 3 tracks are sung in his native language these tracks are track 13,Onnen Siteet (Fame And Fortune) 14, Talven Kylmät Kyyneleet (Summer Kisses Winter Tears) and track 15 Mari Naapurin (His Latest Flame). Very sentimental versions.

Summary: After taking a 25 year break from singing he has definitely come back raring to go. This is Jyrki’s debut album and probably his dream album, paying tribute to the sounds of his idols. He delivers vocals that are very close to Terry Stafford with A pinch of Elvis. It’s a good album with nice little arrangements and well produced and mixed.

Recommendation I like it, it brings back memories of yesteryear with its modern touch.

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