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Killer Tone Jones - The Resurrection Doktor.

Released 4th June 2023 on Planet X Records Reviewed by Kate 13th June 2023 Buy the album here:

Killer Tones Jones is: Dr Killer Tone Jones - Vocals (and Voodoo) Steve Midnight - guitars Big Thumper - Drums

The Doctor is back from the dead with the first vinyl release from the kings of dark, murderous surf. This album is ‘a compilation of album featuring all 16 tracks from the first four EPs remastered in super screamadelica sound’ so no new tracks for devotees of Killer Tone Jones’ brand of murder and mayhem, but still plenty to rejoice in as we get to revisit the legendary EPs that caused nightmares and admiration across the land.

Crush The Bone - That mysterious opening of ‘crush, crush crush’ is overtaken by murderous piranha stomping and grinding. This track, with its sinister growl and repetition will get stuck in your head at three in the morning.

The Creeper - Let the guitar overtake the whispered, stalking spoken word to create the kind of track that makes you look over your shoulder, just in case. It’s amazing how they can create such a deeply immersive atmosphere with very minimal production.

Big Fat Jack’s Shack - Quicker and mostly instrumental, the surf tendencies go inland. None of the tracks are purely instrumental because there’s usually a repeated line, but the choice to forsake lots of lyrics in favour of building a mood works for them.

Girl From Planet X - A soundtrack to a b-movie that will never be made about aliens coming to invade the world. The pumping rhythm creates a vein through all their tracks and such a simple change in the guitar sends their vibes into the solar system.

Live – Die – Repeat - Enter the sax in a nihilistic surfy Bond villain track. It’s one of the first danceable tunes on this compilation if you want to stamp your feet.

Bone Saw Ballet- …and the metaphorical grip on your shoulder tightens on a dark bluesy number sliced with that razor sharp guitar.

Death Cabaret - Recently re-released with Wily Bo Walker added his trademark vocals, the original still has all the swampy voodoo menace and charm. Imagine a faded burlesque club somewhere in the bayou and this would be what they’d play.

Drums of The Dead - Those skeletons sure can dance based on the click-clacking rhythm and the big light-up chords illuminating tribal backing vocals.

Mercy Mercy - Oh, thats’s a bluesy beat worthy of the McCurdy Brothers undercutting a vicious rant about the passage of time. There’s a pleasingly anarchic, rickety quality to a lot of their songs and it’s brilliantly shaken.

Helloween - Slow burning garage surf entices you like the Pied Piper to join the ghouls at the witching hour and dance until you die to big reverb guitar.

Tiki Beat - This is the opposite of the Blue Hawaii tiki you know already. These waters are full of sharks and the jungle cocktails are poisoned as the guitar waves crash over you.

Killafornia - A regular feature in their live sets, this track always reminds me of an unhinged version of the Dead Kennedys. There’s that chaotic energy that characterises the Kennedys but a lurking cleverness that’s pure Killer Tone Jones.

Last Man on Earth - Based on that classic sci-fi short story opener ‘The last man on earth sat alone in a room. Then there was a knock at the door….’, this song is full of instrumental adventure and twists to keep you from getting too used to the KTJ sound.

Rip Curl Pearl - She’s riding high on her surfboard on perhaps the most traditionally ‘surf’ track on the album. You’ve got to love the return of the sax and the deep bass drops.

Bad Barbie - My favourite track on this album, from the lonely opening chord to the full throttle garage rhythm and the fact that somehow Dr Killer manages to make the description of a doll seem unnerving.

Knuckle Muscle - A bouncy, punky garage track to finish. I’m such a huge fan of the drums on this one with their parallel universe Adam Ant energy, creating a whole lot of fire to power the rest of the band.

If you’re new to Killer Tone Jones, this is the perfect introduction to get sucked through the portal into the world they create. If you’re already a fan, this is the combination of all the dark, eerie singles that you love in one neat package, practically ties up with a ribbon made of bones.

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