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The Greatest Bet by Los Hell Gamblers

Released on 14/10/2021

Reviewed on 30/12/2021

Reviewed by Holger E.

The band consists of “El Don” Orlando on Slap-Bass, Luis Choky on Lead Guitar, Billy Banjo on Second Guitar, “El Terror De Las Nenas Lindas” Rey on Drums and Psycho Monchi on Vocals

Founded in 2007 by five friends in the city of San Juan(Puerto Rico), Los Hell Gamblers they are influenced by a variety of 50’s icons and Psychobilly/Punk Bands.

The scene in Puerto Rico is well developed and is producing a bunch of amazing band’s that fall under the umbrella of Psychobilly.

Track by Track Review:

1.: On The Road: Heavy guitar riffs with a simple count in from the Drums, developing into hard hitting Punk sounding Drums leaning towards Metal and keeping the Guitars screaming in speeding succession. The Slap-Bass is slotted into the background to give the track a fuller sound. Los Hell Gamblers use an aggressive Punk vocal and layered them just perfect with the second vocal which is used in the chorus as the backing vocal.

2.: Crossbone Prince: Simple Guitar riff that will follow you through the whole track and give the song an evil feel. The Drums sound larger than life and are just unbelievable. The Guitars are powering this track into the next Millennium. The vocals remind me a bit of Danzig and are accompanied by some awesome female background vocals for beautiful harmonies.

3.: Skullbone Princess: This is the first time where you can hear the ability of “El Don” on Slap-Bass. Cool Punk riffs mixed with some big Drums to manifest the song of the Princess in to history. This track is a combination of all musical influences Los Hell Gamblers had and still have.

4.: Viuda Negra: It’s getting darker. Dark Guitar riffs sounding like the mix of Metal and Punk with a cool Slap-Bass that gives you the feel of new style Psychobilly and unstoppable Drums. Still this track is full of harmonies and melodies.

5.: The Greatest Bet: Here comes the Psycho Slapping that Bass until the world ends to win the Greatest Bet and not to be outdone by 2 screaming Guitars and having the support of the genius Rey on Drums to make this song worthy as an Album name.

6.: El Diablo: It’s getting heavy. Reverb heavy screaming Guitars that play riffs and licks that sound like a mix of Psychobilly and Metal. The Drums are just a whirlwind of perfect hits on Toms, Snares, Cymbals and Kick Drum and gets the best support from the Slap-Bass with his finger shredding speed on the strings. With all the vocals it could easily be in the category of Gothabilly.

7.: Hamblame Vulgar Rude Drums that will shake your spine. Well here you have the perfect answer to offensive, rude, obnoxious, tasteless talk in one package of string bending screaming Guitars , a Slap-Bass that will kick your backside and Vocals that pretend to be nice, harmonic and melodic. Yeah right. This is a track that will get you ready for any Mosh-Pit.

8.: PsychoRican: Innocent finger picking Guitar with finger licking cool Slap-Bass in the background been supported by some unbelievable soft and easy played Drums and it all turns into finger shredding Guitar riffs with Psycho Slap-Bass and hammer hard Drums. The vocals are a perfect match and shows that Psycho Monchi is more than able to change his style and tone of voice.

9.: Baby louie: Is that Rockabilly? This fun track is the first tune that I have every heard with such a well timed Kick Drum and Slap-Bass together. Slick Slap-Bass that hums like a V8 and plays in cool harmony with the Guitar. The rhythm gets your legs moving within seconds and that slick Drum just keeps on giving.

10.: The Devil Shake: Will you Shake?......... Rock & Roll with heavy Guitar riffs that are supported by a Psycho Slap-Bass that just keeps on giving and Drums that will push you over the edge until you shake.

11.: Amor De Ultratumba: This fast track from beyond the grave will catch you and haunt you until you know what Psychobilly from Puerto Rico really is. Hard, heavy and fast.

12.: See You In Hell: If Hell is that loud, aggressive and cool sounding I want to go there. Again the Los Hell Gamblers performed a miracle with this track of screaming Guitar, bass heavy Drums and heavy slapping from the Bass and topped it with some awesome vocals.

13.: Juan Vieer: Six and a half minutes of dark scary Puerto Rica Psych-Metal. Lucky number 13. This is one hell of a track to finish the Album. Just go on and listen to it. It will blow your mind.


Starting from the end of this Album after six and a half minutes of Heaven. This is one Band you have to put into your Spotify playlist and have the volume turned up to 11! Monchi is able to change his vocal appearance to fit right in to the songs and to present them so well. Orlando is showing his talent on the Slap-Bass that makes you want to hear more and more with each track. Manny and his Drums , what can i say.... the mix of hard, heavy to soft is so flawless that you have to really listen to it and he is the driving force behind these tracks. Armando and Luis are trading blow on their Guitars like a good old Metal Band from back in the days and still keeping harmonies going. These two are more than Guitar players. They are the fourth cambers of the Heart that beats The Los Hell Gamblers.

Track listing:

1.: On The Road

2.: Crossbone Prince

3.: Skullbone Princess

4.: Viuda Negra

5.: The Greatest Bet

6.: El Diablo

7.: Hamblame Vulgar

8.: PsychoRican

9.: Baby louie

10.: The Devil Shake

11.: Amor De Ultratumba

12.: See You In Hell

13.: Juan Vieer

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