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Marcello and The Flaming Boppers - Self Titled

The CD is available direct from the band at their gigs or via all the usual streaming platforms. Released April 2023. Reviewed April 2023 Marcello and the Flaming Boppers are a rockabilly trio from Hungary. The band are guitar and vocal: Marcello, bass: Lizard and drums: Marton Szilagyi. The album was recorded in Origo Studio, Budapest, mixed and mastered by Aniko Juhasz. It is a collection of reworked classic tracks plus some original songs written by the band’s frontman, Marcello (real name Marton Plesoczki)

Review 1 Ducktail – what better way to kick off a rockabilly album than a cover of the classic “Ducktail”? This is a fine version of the Joe Clay original, full of energy and a fine guitar break.

2 Twixteen – Originally recorded by Gene Summers on the Jan label. Marcello and the boys certainly do this song justice. The bass and drums keep a great driving beat, excellent guitar playing and vocals.

3 Just A Date – This is an original track and evidence that Marton’s talents are not just as a singer and guitar player. Some nice guitar licks open a good mid paced bopper.

4 Standing In Your Window – Hoyt Johnson recorded this for the Erwin label as a country ballad and the opening of this version follows that style but thankfully after a few lines the band pick up the tempo and the result is another good bopper which I think is much better that Hoyt’s original.

5 I'm So Drunk – Another composition from Marcello. Most of us have been “so drunk” but I doubt if any of us could have come up with a song like this to mark the event. Full marks for well written and performed rocker.

6 One Sided Love Affair – A song that first appeared on Mr Presley’s first album in 1956 is given a nice treatment. Maybe not as “loose” as the Elvis original, but a good version nonetheless.

7 Ubangi Stomp – This is quite different to the Warren Smith original and I like it when band’s put their own style on the “classics”. The rhythm and growling vocals combine well, nice work guys.

8 Memphis Dream – The last of Marcello’s own songs on this album is an up-tempo tribute to the music and artists that made Memphis so important in the history of rock and roll. Clever lyrics and nice harmonica from guest musician Mihaly Horvath. 9 Nervous Breakdown – Marcello’s vocals and guitar playing shine again on this cover of the Eddie Cochran song.

10 That's All Right – the album started with a classic and it closes with another to no doubt leave the listener with the desire to hear more.

Summary and Recommendation I am amazed that musicians are still able to come up with fresh sounding versions of songs way older than themselves and even better, come up with good original songs in authentic rockabilly style. For me all ten tracks are very listenable and I urge you to buy or download this collection.

Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander.

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