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Released - April 28, 2023 Reviewed – April 5th, 2023, by Jack Hollow Mozzy Dee is "Cinematic Rockabilly from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Released on Rum Bar Records. Produced By: John Fallon and Joe Lawless with Dolores D. Fuentes. Recorded At: Lawless Noise and Vision. Photos: Melangll Photography, Layout: Amanda Shaffer

Members Dolores D. Fuentes- lead vocals C.E. Clendening- electric & rhythm guitar/ backup vocals Luke Metz- electric bass guitar Guido Tries- drums Shanda Cisneros Ratto- backup vocals Frankie Lee- backup vocals

Mozzy Dee's first album ¡Órale! features new Album Version, never-before-heard recordings of singles Let's Stroll and Tall, Dark, And Handsome!

Track by track Mama Can Do it This album starts of strong with a solid rockabilly number and I’m immediately drawn in by Mozzy Dee’s understated yet powerful vocal delivery. The guitar solo is also nothing to sneeze at and I can tell that this album is going to be one of my new favourites.

Tall Dark I could see listening to this song on a warm summer’s night with the top down in an old Cadillac Convertible. The reverb heavy tone on the lead guitar makes for a smooth backdrop against Mozzy Dee’s emotive vocal delivery. The lyrics evoke powerful imagery and I can hear the singer starting to let loose a bit compared to the first track.

Love Loves to Hurt Me This song had me dancing in my chair by the second beat. I would have jumped up and started twisting and swinging if I didn’t have my headphones on! I love the extra grit on the vocals…you can really feel the pain when she says “Love Loves to Hurt Me.” Overall this track is takes no prisoners from beginning to end.

Let’s Stroll First of all…hats off to the guitarist for that sick intro. Second of all I once again love the way the lyrics on this album really tell a story. The message of female empowerment throughout this song is not heard nearly enough in a genre that has been so male dominated for many years. I could see this song becoming a feminist anthem much in the same way as Shania Twain’s “Man! I feel Like a Woman.”

Orale This tune really grooves! Reminds me of love potion number 9. Very late 50s early 60. This whole album has a very danceable feel and this song is no exception. The use of what sounds like a Guiro is a nice addition to the percussion and really helps the song stand out from the rest sonically. I appreciate how every instrument on this album supports the songs without trying to step on each other’s toes…nobody is trying to show the others up while still giving each other room to show their talent and it makes for a beautiful sonic backdrop for (singers) vocals. The gang vocals on Orale are a nice touch as well and really gives the chorus punch.

Indeed The first thing that grabs me on this song is the rhythm section laying down a nice swinging rock n roll beat. I can’t say enough how much I’m impressed by their musicianship throughout the album and this song in particular would do well in any jazz or blues club. As a musician I know the rhythm section can make or break the strength of a song and these cats keep it tight from start to finish on every track.

Take This tune borrows plenty of elements from classic electric blues. I can influences ranging from Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughn and everything in between. It’s good reminder that whether you are playing rockabilly, jazz, or rock n roll…it all comes back to the blues. The chanty hook of “take, take, take” easily had me singing along by the end of the first chorus.

Mess Around Once again I can hear a little swing influence is this number, especially from the rhythm section. The songwriting throughout this album has been phenomenal. The guitarist really shines in this number as well, as there is not just one, but three guitar solos!

Yesterday’s Paper The album closes strong with another hard-hitting number. The fuzzy guitar and upbeat rock beat drive the song forward like a souped-up hot rod. Enough can’t be said about Mozzy Dee’s vocals in this song and the album as a whole: her flawless intonation and vocal delivey without sacrificing the emotional weight of the lyrics. I look forward to hearing what comes next from Mozzy Dee!

Bio Mozzy Dee is the Southwest Queen of Rock and Soul! She has been named one of the Ameripolitan Awards nominees for Best Rockabilly Female of the Year 2023, along with one of the Top Ten Hot Prospects of vintage rock by Vintage Rock Magazine in 2022. She is based out of Albuquerque, NM and is proud of her Chicana roots, born in El Paso, Texas. "Mozzy Dee has the voice, the look, and the heart! She rocks the house! Catch Mozzy Dee's Album Release Party for "Orale!" at this year's Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend at the Orlean Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV on April 29th at 5:30 PM in the Bienville Room! You can see all her touring dates at

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