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Old Ghosts by Diablogato

Released 24/06/2023 Reviewed on 23/07/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Buy the album here:

This Boston based band consists of Drew Indingaro – Vocal – Guitar, Johnny Custom – Slap-Bass, Charlie MacSteven – Guitar – Vocal and Jesse Von Kenmore – Drums.

Other Artists working on this record are: Organ – Mellotron by Jack Younger, Piano by Zach Brines, Guest Vocals by Nicole Coogan of The Devil’s Twins, Backing Vocals by Ryan Manning and Jeremiah John Louf of The Devil’s Twins, Baritone Sax by Kim Kendrick.

Killing your ear drums with level 11 volume since 2014. This is what’s happening when Punk-Rock meets Rockabilly. As it sounds and looks, this one will be a wild ride of screaming Punk with a whole lot of twangy Blues and a heap of Slap-Bass. All recorded the good old fashioned way: Analog

Track by Track 1.: Bayou Banshees: Dirty blues loaded Guitar lets you step into the world of Diablogato. Once the heavy and turbulent Drums kick in, using the Sax as a second bassline, your ears will perk up. The unfiltered vocal of Boston meets Memphis Rock is mind boggling.

2.: Gasoline: The fumes of this Gasoline will set you on fire. Rockabilly riffs bombarded with the Sax. Whirlwind like crashing Drums with a pumping Slap-Bass sitting right in the middle of your dashboard. The vocal is stone dry, rough and just plain and simple pure. But this is not Rockabilly, this is Diablogatobilly.

3.: Damnation: Fast, faster, Rocket Fuel. This is red-neck speed. In your face Drums ringing in the brute force coming at you. Dry screaming Guitar riffs to match the speed. The nice bubbling Slap-Bass is just right there. Rock? Maybe? A slice of The Cramps? Could be. There are so many influences filtered into one organic brew that it lets you confused and amazed all at once.

4.: Wretched Soul: Would, could, is a theatrical soul destroying track with beautiful powerful vocals that have the perfect balance of harmony and melody. Nick Cave comes to mind. Deep dark meaningful lyrics accompanied by distorted Guitars, slamming Drums and thumping Bass.

5.: Blood Moon: Delta Blues meets Rock. And again the Drums and Sax work in harmony. The vocal lets you know what moon is on the way, it’s screaming for blood. Forward driving Slap-Bass in great combination with rock riff heavy Guitar. The rhythm going through the whole track never let go of you.

6.: Take The Ride: Memphis Blues meets BSO. Swinging vocal that holds onto its origin. Neo-Rockabilly Guitar riffs bouncing off the Sax. The Drums are rocking on as the good old Sun Records times and together with the Slap-Bass smashing it.

7.: Broken Man: This has to be Polka mixed with Punk. Did not see that coming. Having tons of fun with some Western and Rock’n’Roll on the way. Well if this Broken Man makes this kind of music, I would not fix him.

8.: She Just Wants To Rock N Roll: I knew that Diablogato was diverse, but this is unbe.....lievable. Rock’n’Roll with the heart of Rock. Crashing Drums, steam train like Slap-Bass and reverb screaming Guitar. Cool sounding Rhythm Guitar dictates the perfect tempo.

9.: Paint The Devil On The Wall: You could get lost in the sound of this Guitar, dark eerie slow and goosebump supplied is guaranteed. The Sax is putting a layer of dark grey clouds over the track. Slow played Drums with the slow plugging Slap-Bass in the backdrop. Raw and rough vocal paving the way for the painted backing vocals.

10.: Old Town: Way we go. Rockablues could be the new way of delivering songs. Jumping Slap-Bass with crashing Cymbals and TomTom’s driving on the Sax. High driving rhythm from the Guitar. Once the cool vocal softens and stops, we get some rocking Guitar riffs.

11.: In Your Sight: Mid-tempo track that gets its punch from the double team of Slap-Bass and Sax. Lovely full sounding Drums that fill out the background. Blues loaded distorted Guitars filling the scene that develops around you. The vocal range is just perfect for this style.

12.: El Matador: Sliding into the Rock side of Diablogato. Latin influence as the matador strikes again. Harmonies coming from the unmistakable vocal. Loaded with melodies but not in the conventional way. Reverb Guitar which gets distorted at times hugged by a sad Slap-Bass and drop down Drums that pick up to lift the vocal.

13.: Kings: That’s what you call an Outro. Full blown speed demons like Drums that just hammer like thunder. A Slap-Bass as fast and powerful as lightning. This time the Guitars give a cool rhythm but stay most of the time in the background. And then you have this blanket of Piano raining down on the whole track. This is wonderful.

Summary: There is no way you can put that record in a shelf and forget about it. Raw, rough, heavy, loud, uninhibited, free from the typical modern music. These are the Kings, but not of nothing. They are the Kings that show you the best way music should be played and enjoyed. Should I write more? Yes, but it is just way easier if you listen for yourself. Turn up the volume and let everybody hear this wonderful piece of music.

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