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Released - 28th August 2023 Reviewed 10th April 2023 by Rockin Rebel.

Paul Mitchell from Storrington near Worthing, West Sussex, UK. A rockabilly bass player turned solo. He is currently looking for a label to work with. Recorded at 'The Sleepyhollow Recording Studio' By owner Pete Manville. He plays in the genre of rockabilly.

Musicains Paul Mitchell – vocals Rod Mills - lead guitar except track apart from tracks 2 – 5 on the playlist Pete Manville – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and upright bass.

Review Paul has played bass for quite a few years now and played bass with 80s neo band 'The Rapids before moving to the Hillbilly - Rockabilly band 'The Tennessee Rhythm Riders'. All the tracks are self-penned and come from memories of the CBS Rockabilly and Imperial Rockabilly Records from growing up. one track is dedicated to the memory of his father. This is a 6-track release and I am looking forward to hearing it.

Track by track. Big Bad Johns Midnight Shift. Monologue start to the track then burst into a mid-paced tempo with some great guitar ripping some riffs. The bass hangs in the background keeping the beat. This track is tribute to Paul’s father who I guessed worked down the pit. It’s a short track at just over two minutes but packs a lot into it. Great opening track and nice tribute to his father. Country Settlin man Nice soft tempo to this country styled ballad woes of life. Vocals are great, the guitar plays some nice licks. The whole audio is nicely mixed and put together. Good track from Paul. Pensacola The bass opens the intro very nicely, the vocals are great with a hot reverb tremor. Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, simple guitar plays along, and the bass takes a second bow in the instrumental breaks. Sweet Shop Rock. A faster paced rockin track. the guitar from rob is high quality with the slab bass holding its own on the breaks. Backing vocals add a nice touch to the end of the track. really good track both musically and lyrically. Train Mamma. Another high tempo track with some great guitar. It’s the one of the shortest tracks on the release but some nice writing to create a good track. Nice little bopper for the rockin crowd. Why. Completing the release with a mid-paced track from Paul. Simply asking the questions to loves many break-ups. Some great riffs in the instrumental break. Paul offers some nice vocals on this the longest track on the album. And a nice little album comes to a close.

Summery. For somebody that has been behind the scenes for many decades and then choices to become the main artist takes some spirit. Writing your own tracks is daunting enough for the more seasoned writers. But Paul pulls it off. Gives a good insight to is writing capability and with more planned releases for the future he can only build in confidence. Well done mate and we wish you every success for a rockin success (7) Paul Mitchell | Facebook

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