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Raucous Red Roosters-Glossy Magic Pants.

Release in August 2023 via Psychobilly Earthquake ( Reviewed on 12/06/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983

Let me introduce the Band: Thomas Gessner on Vocal – guitar – Blues Harp (G. Movie & His One Man Blues Trash Attack), Oliver Schlabes on drums ( ex Petty Balloon) and Heiner Möllmann on slap-bass (Evil Daltons)

Founded in 2019 in Germany, this Band is taking on blues in a completely new light. This music is addictive. This is not the Blues where you want to cry and suffer, this is the stuff you want to rock your boots off until you just collapse. The young life of this band has already a remarkable list of gigs like support for The Meteors, Psychobilly Kicks Back 2022 and Bedlam Breakout 2023. One word: WOW. Let’s get into the tracks.

Track by Track 1.: Full Tilt Boogie: Great intro for people to learn a bit about music. Thomas is picking away on his guitar so Oliver (drums) and Heiner (slap-bass) can slide in and unleash hell. Screaming guitar is leading on and has the full background build up by some smashing drums and a hammering slap-bass. No vocals needed.

2.: Tear That Party Down: Great twangy and reverb loaded guitar to blow the roof of the house. slap-bass like the wrecking ball used to take the wall down. drums that remind me of a fuse to explode a Punk bomb to tear the rest down. These Roosters will tear it down no matter what party. Be warned.

3.: Glossy Magic Pants: The album’s main track and title to the Album. Ice cold 80’s Bass line running throughout the song together with an 80’s Rockabilly guitar that took some Blues on board. The drums have the influence of Ginger Medham and Slim Jim. Putting a nice reverb on the guitar to swap between Blues and Rockabilly to get level with the Vocals. Backing Vocals sit just right behind the main vocal and give it that extra edge. Pure bluesabilly.

4.: Dead Of Alive: Heavy rock riffs based on Blues from the guitar. A slow stomping slap-bass and nice dry heavy drums with the right amount of punch. Beautiful harmonica to give it the deep south feel. The rough vocal fits just perfectly.

5.: I Should Have Said No: This is slow Rockabilly. Low down slap-bass and finger picking guitar with slow drums. And then…wait..................This is the reason they played Psychobilly Kicks Back. Cool riffs accompanied by the speedy and slap happy Bass and awesome Psycho drums played like a whirlwind. And that slap-bass solo in the middle is soooo cool. After that speed demon nearly overtook me, it goes right back to the slow beginning only to be the end.

6.: Jesus Just Left Chicago: Taken from the album Tres Hombres by ZZ-Top. Changing the song from Rock heavy Blues to Rockabilly with Blues is not a downgrade, it is a tribute to one of the greatest bands. Ear worm like guitar riff that follows you through the whole track (the bluesy feel). Cymbal driven drums that show off the high quality that Oliver brings to the table. Heiners slap-bass goes straight to your head and you start bobbing. Thomas followed Jesus and followed him right to the middle of the delta of Blues. It sounds a bit like Blues with a sprinkle of Trash.

7.: Straying Street Dog: Creating a Blues heavy track that has a big influence of Neo-Rockabilly running through its veins. Just listen to the guitar. That’s Blues, then take the slap-bass, that’s Rockabilly and then the drums, a bit of Neo-Rockabilly and Blues mixed together. Thomas keeps his vocal true to Blues.

8.: I Was A Teenage Werewolf: Taking a page of the book of The Delta Bombers. I think all three band members played what they liked. Blues, Rockabilly and Punk. BluesTrashPunkabilly with a screaming Harmonica at the end. Blues-Billy guitar that is like the steam from a locomotive. Train like slap-bass and the drums are the Railroad tracks.

9.: Six Feet In The Ground: Catchy guitar riff that just melts right into the vocal. The Harmonica is used as a part of and with the vocal. Solid work from the slap-bass to mingle perfectly with the drums to lift this song 6 feet above ground.

10.: Hangover Blues: The Drunkabilly Blues. We are moving more down to the Delta. The track that every single one of them had at one stage or another. Thought it was Rockabilly when I heard the slap-bass and just seconds later we are deep in this Blues song that sounds like my old life. The guitar is so steady it could be concrete. drums that work like the coffee you need after that night out and the slap-bass that makes sure you are moving even if it’s your next beer.

11.: Hey Joe: Hendrix is dancing right now to this awesome tune. You never heard anything like this. Taking this song and speeding it up to the point of Rockabilly. Smashing drums to give it this awesome rolling rhythm. Using the slap-bass to make it way more speedy than it should be and using the guitar as a great fast rhythm and mixing in some of Hendrix riffs. You will not find a more tripping Blues song. Ever.

Summary: If you like the new and unexplored, then this is for you. Raw and rough around the edges Rockabilly with tons and tons of Blues. Is that it? No, not at all. You will hear small little things reminding you of Batmobile or some other old school Psychobilly band, sometimes a hint of Punk and Rock. Never a dull moment just when you think you can relax, it will throw you a curveball of new exciting lyrics and tempo changes. Great Album to have in your collection.

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