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Red Hot Riot - Sacrifice to Paradise

Released 15th September 2023 Reviewed by Kate 27th September 2023 Buy a copy of the album here:

Red Hot Riot are: Ricky Delaney - Vocals / guitar Scott McParland - Bass Rich Watts - Drums

Guest artists: Toto + the Raw Deals - ‘Nighttime Rider’ McCurdy Brothers - ‘Last Day’ Cavegirl and the Neandergals - ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’.

Red Hot Riot are back with their second full length release! Well, they didn’t really ‘go away’ (despite being on tour with the Delta Bombers at time of writing): the trio have been slamming their high-powered neo-meets-psycho across the UK since 2021’s debut album ‘Forget Me Not’, including top notch sets at Bedlam Breakout and the Boomerang Club. Expect a larger energy and the kind of tracks that will stick with you long after listening…

All We Know - Starting with a manifesto signalled by a strong guitar riff is a bold move. “Buckle up, let’s go!” Ricky’s energy is powered by choppy slices of guitar and heck of a lot of bass click in this echoing track full of demo vibes. Dropping a track that’s going to be your next rockabilly ear worm is the perfect way to open a record.

World On Fire - One of my favourite tracks due to the slick rock n roll attitude and ‘hey! ho!’ Ramones backing vocals than descend after the chorus until they’re replaced with a guitar solo. Red Hot Riot’s sound is becoming more complex with each release and with every listen you realise there’s something else going on in the background.

Nighttime Rider - Brave, tough, upbeat…the character building on ‘Nighttime Rider’ is amazing, only surpassed by the pleasant appearance of Toto and the Raw Deals. Gentle backing like the moon beaming down, brief pauses to show off new drummer Rich’s skills and flaming guitar make this a driving song for your next midnight trip.

Last Day - Fans of swampy DIY blues everywhere should rejoice as the McCurdy Brothers have joined forces with Red Hot Riot in style. Ricky’s wail contrasts perfectly with Jerry McCurdy’s growl, and the tense minimal bridge is excitement-building gold.

00:14 - Darker and full of longing, this is a tune with seriously spiky guitar and swirling backing vocals that spiral away in the night sky. There’s real power in Scott’s bass and lovely shifts in power and weight between the trio.

Hand Cuff Me - Why not add a drawl and some punk vibes over Frenzy-style bass playing? There’s a touch of the Hives in the guitar which keeps everything driving forward like a truck before the layers of instrumental fun drop in.

Sleep When You’re Dead - If you want neo-neo-rockabilly, this is where you’ll find it. “Will you remember me when I’m gone? Probably not, I’ll be forgotten,” sings Ricky in this ode to living a full on life. Frequently a female guest artist will be an amusing extra, but not here: Cave Girl’s voice adds a bonus fire to a track that pushes Scott’s bass playing right to the front.

Heart Desires - We all know that Red Hot Riot should be much bigger than they currently are, and this is the kind of track which would fit in on a much more ‘famous’ band’s record. Indie-rockabilly-punk triumph about the injustices of the world around us.

If For Some Reason - Upbeat, catchy and like a parallel world’s version of Green Day (back when they were good), we’ve got love song with a fast paced, twisting beat. It deserves a video about a festival romance.

No Room For You - A track that with a military beat as a final salute to better days is a brilliant finale to this album. If they drop this into future sets, it’s going to be a smash, especially for those of us who appreciate blunted Cock Sparrer drumbeats.

Red Hot Riot have matured like a fine scotch between albums. They’re less party now and more midnight-neo-fire, with more to say and more layers of smart, hard rockabilly thrown into the mix. If you weren’t sure about them before, you need to re-investigate them on the strength of this seriously badass second outing. If you’re already a fan, then you are going to love where their music is heading.

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