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Released March 2023 on Moondog music. Buy from Reviewed April 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Rockhouse Strutters are a rock n roll / rockabilly band from Finland, and this is the debut album.

Band members: Maku Tuominen, vocals Jukka Kuitunen, guitar Iikku Riepponen, bass Jouni Häyrinen, drums

Review : The band started compiling tracks for this album in 2021, and in November they visited Suprovox studio in Karkkila, Finland, and laid down the first seven tracks. returning in august of 2022 to record the final tracks, 12 in total. Being their debut album and knowing what they wanted to achieve they produced and mixed it themselves; 10 tracks are cover versions from groups, bands, and artists they admired from the 1940/50s. and two are self-penned tracks. Starting the band live over a decade ago this was a very proud release for the members, so let’s go take a listen.

Track by track My Baby Don’t Shake, First recorded by sun recording artist Luke McDaniel way back in the 50s. this is a faster paced track than the original, with the slap bass opening the track, great vocals by Maku. A great cover version of this true rockabilly song, a rockin start to the album.

Look So Deep The Jive Romero’s recorded this single for their third album “Build-up” and Dragan Zac Zdravkovic took the lead vocals. Once again, a faster tempo, some great guitar work and the bass sounding good in the background, lead vocals are really cool with some deep throat tones in places. Great jiver.

Her Love Rubbed Off A rare track, rarely covered from the 1969 blue suede shoes album by Carl Perkins. Pure rockabilly track from the band with great music backing it. Turn your collar up and bop till you drop.

Crusin’ First of two self-penned tracks, written by Tuominen, Kuitunen. Great intro with some rockin rhythm. Great vocals. Between them they have created a great jiver for the DJs to fill the dance floors.

Mexicali Baby Written By Rusty Isabell and released in 1958 on the Capitol records as the flip side to Mexican rock n roll performed by the Rio Rockers who consisted of Don Cole, Rusty Isabell, it was Rusty that wrote the track. The band opens the track with some tenor drum beats leading into the guitar and vocals. Yet again a great rare and obscure track not performed into sets.

Go Boy Go Starts with a Bill Hayley style opening (“rock rock rock everybody”) this is jiver and well presented, simple lyrics to a rockin beat, man that will do. Originally recorded in 1954 and performed by Carl Smith. Written by Floyd Wilson.

Poor Little Daddio Second of the tracks written by Maku Tuominen, Jukka Kuitunen, proving their own writing skills can bring their own rockin style. This is a great track that will fill your body with jiving juice. Well done on two great tracks.

Little Bit More Now when you say obscure, you can’t get more than an unissued track by the one and only Sleepy La Beef from 1957. The band provides a great version, vocals defiantly in sleepy style, and good rockin’ treat from the band. Loved it, my favourite track on the album.

Plantation Boogie. Described as a Space-Age, Instrumental in 1954 for this self-penned track by Lenny Dee. The flip side was the birth of the blues that was made famous by Sammy Davis Jnr. Keepin it rockin, the band gives it the rockabilly treatment; vocals are great on this.

Sure To Fall A 1955 song written by Bill Cantrell, Quinton Claunch and of course Carl Perkins, who also sang the song, The Beatles first recorded the song as part of their Decca audition in January 1962 in London. Then again on their ‘Live at the BBC’ album. Ringo re-recorded some years later for his album Smell the Roses. The band showed their temperamental side with this ballad style track that they have made into a rockin track fit for the jivers and boppers.

Mean Little Mama Giving justice to the classic Roy Orbison song from 1958. Never released as a single from the big O. but was featured on his second Album release but his first album release on sun records. Well done to the band for keeping Roy’s music in the public's ears.

Rock House Early release for Harold Jenkins on Norton records. And of course, uses the Alias name Conway Twitty. A brilliant track to complete this album. who have kept each track rockin and Rollin.

Summary A rockin debut album from the Rockhouse strutters. Giving great versions of the covers they have personally picked to entertain everybody. The two self-written tracks are great and will go down well within the rockin scene. They are a modern rockabilly band that keeps the old traditions alive with their takes on the more obscure recordings.

Recommendation It’s a great album the rockin scene will like.

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