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Shakerats – Ready, Steady, Shake!

Released: 2023 Reviewed by Kitty Kalriess, 9/8/23 Meet Shakerats: Alberto Gatta (Guitar, voice), Giacomo Ferrari (Double Bass, voice), Simone Verzeletti (Drums)

The Shakerats self-released disc, “Ready, Steady, Shake!” is a tasty collection of danceable tracks. This trio from Italy is cookin’ with strong singing, super guitar solos and songs with kick. Although they never stray too far from the rockabilly recipe, they pepper the tracks with Americana and a tinge of surf. There’s fun for all here.

Let’s take a look, track by track: Banana Lou & the Atomic Monkeys- The collection kicks off with this madcap track; maybe the soundtrack to a wacky, rockabilly cartoon. The song swings with a classic rock sound.

What I Miss- The second number blasts off: Verzeletti launches this fast track, and Gatta soars mid-song with a strong solo. Ferrari lays a melodic foundation and drives the song home. Splendid rockabilly teamwork!

The Bare Necessities- Shakerats take on an American classic! It’s a swingin’ jazzy take on the song that’ll keep toes tappin’.

We are the Shakerats – Rockabilly bop with a strong, solid beat with some fine guitar work. If a band wants to define itself with a song, this is the way to do it!

Bagonghi’s Attack- You get a fun, danceable treat with a respect tip of the hat to Dick Dale here; one of the strongest tracks. Tightness of the band- and their talent- is highlighted here.

Lucky Cat- brings a country/western flavor; the little starts and stops after the halfway point show that these guys are not just imitating their idols- they are making this genre their own!

Too Much Monkey Business- a real stand-out. You can hear that the trio has a zany streak and want to let it fly! Get out on the dancefloor for this one; it has that steady drive that you want from a rockabilly bounce.

Thirty Days- Turn it up! For another time on this album, Shakerats fully embrace the classic rock n’ roll sound. Often, when a band swings back close to the 50’s sound, the music can become timid. This track brings swagger.

I Wanna Live in New Orleans- Here’s a goofy little tribute to NOLA- sometimes when a band turns it down and plays it from the heart is when you hear the music best. This intimate moment is endearing.

Knives & Bones- Here is the ‘dangerous’ rockabilly track. The vocals are the attention bragger here, and the band brings the twang you crave.

Shakerats bring something special to the table; a fun, distinct sound that rockabilly lovers will enjoy. The album is filled with melodies and rhythms that are made to get toes tappin’ and heads boppin’. I have it on good authority that a music video might be coming soon so be sure to keep your eyes on Shakerats!

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