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Sharna Mae & The Mayhems - World Outbreak.

Released on 07/04/2023 Reviewed on 21/04/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @Radio - Teddyboys - 1983

Fronting the band is Sharna Mae on Vocals, Jack Smith on Drums, Danny Brown on Slap-Bass and Scott Brown on Guitar. So Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems are combining Rockabilly and Country style. Hold on there for a second. I think there is way more to it. Riding on a wave of Drums that mixes Country, Rock’n’Roll, Rock and a bit of Jazz/Blues. Sharna-Mae is delivering powerful lyrics. Now throw in the thumping Slap-Bass that works like a driving force pushing the band to reach the next level. And again Sharna-Mae delivers amazing vocal-ranges on every single song from Rockabilly to Blues. By now we love the reverb loaded Guitar that rocks our socks of with cool riffs and solos, that lift up the songs and the vocals alike.

Track by Track: 1.: Tell Me What I Wanna Know: TomTom and Kick-Drum heavy Drums to open up the track and welcomes the Guitar which lays down an earworm of a riff that runs throughout the song. Low low down the Slap-Bass is hammering and fill out the track. Sharna-Mae is keeping it straight with the rockabilly style. 2.: Devil’s Poison: Riding on a cool Guitar that delivers fantastic finger picking. Sharna-Mae take a peace out of Imelda May’s book and uses blues as her base. Nice easy Drums that crash and burn on the quite spots of the song. This time the Slap-Bass stays a few steps back in the background. 3.: Double Down: Let’s speed up with this up-beat song. Crystal clear slapping coming from the Bass and rocking beats carried by the Drums. Lovely Guitar that lifts up the vocals in just the right places. An awesome raspy vocal that will catch you. 4.: Iron Horse Growl: Old style, new feel. The only way you can pick up this track. Full of melodies and harmonies and still keeping all the features that bring The Mayhems to the table. Injected with a pinch modern Country & Western and it is great to hear backing vocals to give it this new and full feel. 5.: How Cruel: Country Blues? Strong Blues with a Harmonica to give it a deep southern feel. Great Guitar playing. Rock combined with Rock’n’Roll and Blues is the playground of the Bass and Drums. I just love the vocals, so pure and powerful. 6.: World Outbreak: Well this is The Album Track that will push Sharna Mae & The Mayhems to the next level. It is not Blues or Rockabilly. It is Rockablues and Roots. A Harmonica that is like the heartbeat, a Slap-Bass that goes like the old train and never stops. Drums that are better than a Swiss watch. Don’t forget the Guitar that is ripping it either with the Harmonica or solo with it’s own reverb heavy riffs. Sharna-Mae is showing us the way to the top with her vocals. The female side of The Delta Bombers? I think so. 7.: Sticks and Stones: Taking a slice out of 1957 from the likes of Wanda Jackson. Cracking raspy country vocal blended with a rocking Guitar and a rhythm from Drums and Slap-Bass that remind me of the early 60’s. 8.: Head Over Heels: Let’s rock. Fast-tempo Neo-Rockabilly. This is another track that shows the ability of Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems. Rough Guitar sound that gets your hip shaking. Cymbal crashing Drums to push it forward together with speedboat like Slap-Bass. 9.: Crazy Ex Girlfriend: No you haven't or did you? This is a homage to her favourite Country & Western star Miranda Lambert and i don’t think Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems could have done a better job. This track is full of soul and passion. Love it. 10.: Four Floors of Doors: Taking a Guitar riff from the 60’s and turning it into a rocking riff is bold but it works just fine. Rolling Drums that keep the Slap-Bass company at all times. Using some echo and reverb to play around with the vocal is a nice unexpected idea. 11.: Mind: Long swinging and finger picking Guitar that is rolling out the carpet for the vocals to come forward for beautiful Country vocals. Lot’s of rhythm and harmonies. Nice soft Drums which gets the low low grunt of the Slap-Bass to compliment each other. 12.: Runaway: Let’s rock one last time before the time runs out. Played up-tempo to capture sound of Rockabilly with hard hitting Drums. Slapping Bass as if your life depends on it. A Guitar that is ripping up the chains, so you can Runaway. Sharna’s vocals still ringing in your ears even after this track has stopped playing.

Summary: Plain and simple: I love it. Sharna Mae & The Mayhems just took the torch and ran with it. Great feel when you listen to the tracks. Lots of variety of styles and tempo, so it never gets boring. A well written and executed Album.

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