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She’s Good to Me – Bryon Garrison.

Released – June 2023 Reviewed – 12th June 2023 by Rockin Rebel

The much-anticipated 7th album release from the gentleman with the King’s vocals is finally let loose. Slightly later than he wanted but well worth the wait. Released through Zadok records once again Bryon gives us nine self-penned originals to enjoy with his own unique style of rockabilly that he developed himself over the years. Working alongside some great session musicians he has captured the sound that he wants to create. As always, Bryon surrounds himself with Family and friends to make the albums, and the album art was shot at the old gringo in Alpine, Texas by James Garrison and the album is dedicated to his niece and nephews, Kai, Levi, Nava and Ian Burroughs. So let's not hang about and let the album do the talking.

Musicians that feature on this album are: Bryon Garrison. Lead vocals, guitar and trumpet Wayne Hernandez, Bass Guitar. Connie Borroughs, James and David Garrison, backup vocals Destiny Cross, drums also mixed on several tracks. A big thank you to all the musicians that gave little bits to the tracks at the studios.

Track by track: She’s Good to Me (Nashville Mix) The track was recorded in two different studios. The music was taped at Zadok whilst the vocals were recorded at the Hideout studios in Nashville. The very studio Waylon Jennings laid down many a track. Deep bass sits behind Bryon’s vocals and backing vocals. The fiddle enjoys its time in the breaks to this blues ballad. The story drives home when you have a good lady, no matter what ever you offer, it won’t make any difference to what they have. Awesome opening track with its very catchy rhythm.

Rock Bengali Girl Inspired by having coverage of previous releases by DJs in many different countries on the rockabilly airwaves, this one comes with south Asian riffs on guitar played by Garrison blended into a hard bass and drumbeat. Vocals are spot on with that familiar tone of the king. The track ends with a very famous saying in the rock n roll world. Again, a very catchy beat.

Heartbeat Knocking A bluesy infused country style ballad with emotional filled lyrics. Bryon takes his voice into the falsetto to bring more of a moody feel. Down and out guitar brings the mood, helped along with an eerie bass. Great backing vocals on this track that was inspired by the Orbison’s ‘Running Scared’. You will have to play iy to find out the ending.

Alien Line Dance Well, this offers a completely different sound to Garrison as a musician. Tracks like flying saucer rock’n’roll, and purple people eater come right up to date with this track. Brilliantly thought out and weirdly very catchy with its scratching and looping techniques. I love the attempt to bring music into modern sounds. Bryon’s surroundings like Roswell and Marfa will help knowing what the track is about, like the sightings and the story of what goes on behind the fences. Listen with an open mind and let the lyrics tell the story. A video will accompany this track later in the year and I for one am looking forward to it.

Boogie that Way Awesome track that offers everything rockin’ mixed with pieces of modern sounds. You can hear big band, rockabilly, swing and boogie woogie. This is a dance floor filler if I’ve ever heard one. It’s a jiver’s heaven. It definitely brings something new to this genre we call Rockabilly. The faithful will turn up the lip whilst the young ones will throw them over the hip. Let’s all boogie that way.

Be Mine Maria. Bryon explains that it’s like a tradition to have a song about Maria in Texas, which made me think of tracks with that name: how many can you think of? Bryon sets his velvet tones into spanish/tex-mex on this track again with some well held falsetto notes.

Insane A great track that was especially written thirty years ago for a very special event in Missouri for an Aids Benefit show. Intro starts with an echo of ‘I love you’ being spoken. The backing vocals by Connie Burroughs go brilliantly along with the lead vocal of Bryon. The track was available at the event on 3 track cassette and was remastered for the first time since 1999 for this album. And it is just as poignant now as it was thirty years ago.

Slap That Bass Described as a cheeky little ditto by Bryon, but it means the world to us at Slap That Bass reviews. Being recognised by an artist and added to an album is the best thank you anybody could ask for. It was kindly given to us to use as a promo tune or advert from Bryon. It’s even more important to me because I get a mention. So Keep up the Rebels Pace and Slap That Bass. Thank you, Bryon. P.S you can catch the show every Friday morning and Monday evenings on!

Cowboy Cowboy Paying tribute to the country and counties of Texas. Including his own town of Fort Stockton . Spoken word vocals in that deep Texas voice tells of how Texas was built and survives on blood, sweat and tears. Bryon is proud of his country and all that it offers, and he never fails to tell the world about it. Great track to complete a great album.

Summary: Bryon once again shows his writing capabilities with nine great tracks. His vocals never fail to impress and, on this album, pushes it to another level. With each new track he trials new sounds and soon will be putting video to the sounds. Something I am looking forward to. Bryon has established himself as a singer/songwriter as well as a producer and editor. And if you put all this together new and exciting releases are definitely on their way.

Recommendation: A great album which offers a full range of original tracks.

Bio: Native Texan, singer/songwriter, Bryon Garrison started out playing bass and singing in musicals. His resonant baritone often reminds listeners of the great baritones, such as Elvis Presley and Dean Martin. While Bryon’s musical roots are evident in his impassioned performances, it is his song writing, which allows him to bring the crooning baritone back to a modern audience. He loves to be on stage and has a rare talent for conveying his joy to a crowd.

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