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Released on 02/04/2023 Reviewed on 05/04/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Buy the album here:

The Delta Bombers consist of Chris Moinichen on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Andrew Himmler on Guitar, Gregorio Garcia on Slap-Bass and PJ Franco on Drums.

The Wolf is not Howlin any more. He ran away and found the Neon Sound. 11 releases in and number 12 hits a new height. The most mature record produced by Mark Neill. New, interesting and a step in a new direction with a fatter sound but without losing the well known Delta Bombers sound and roots feeling.

Track by Track: 1.: Hey! You Know You Wanna: The 20 second intro will blow your speakers into the next century. Hard hammering TomToms and a Kick Drum that says it all. Deep down bass to rattle your spine merges with the unmistakable Acoustic Guitar. The lead guitar is sneaking it’s way in until it is right on top of you together with the vocals. Even on the quieter parts which are used for a Guitar solo and a Drum Roll underpinned by a deep Bass will get you feet moving. The refrain is not overused and encourages you to sing or shout along with the song. And the saying goes: Hey! You Know You Wanna.

2.: Good Disguise: Short sharp reverb heavy Guitar riffs that draws in the Acoustic Guitar to never slow down. Rolling marching drums that have been heavily influenced by roots and jazz painting an oh-so-cool background. For the complete picture, the bass is rumbling just ever so slightly in the background and gives the track a fatter sounding feel. Chris’ vocals are full, angry and natural but does not overpower the overall song.

3.: Matter Of Time: Leaning a bit on the 70’s Southern Roots. Great bass playing that drives the track straight forward and just invites the acoustic lead guitar to join. Nice clean sounds from the drums that never go wrong. This platform is used to present a very clear and honest vocal track.

4.: Dogs Of Pavlov: Well, someone had fun with Auto-Tune. Thank God that the Delta Bombers don’t need it! Great arrangement and track structure. It sounds like it’s been played backwards and stuffed with reverb loaded vocals, so this could be a homage to the band Pavlov’s Dog or a homage to a study about dogs. Well, no, it’s more the first choice and that ties in with the progressive roots rock that the Delta Bombers are going for in this track.

5.: The Ballad Of Big Al: How could I ever doubt that the old Delta Bombers sound is gone? Hard vibrant vocals hold the acoustic guitar close by its side. Beautiful drums ring into the song and the Bass is just right beside it. The lead guitar stays in the background and comes out with some steel guitar riffs only to step back again, and it’s all draped with a soft sounding Hammond Organ.

6.: Die A Little: I had to double take this one. Hand on my heart, this is Johnny Cash. The fingerpicking guitar, the bass and drums and the strumming acoustic Guitar just like The Man in Black. This brings tears to my eyes. The song is like real life. It is unbelievable how precise The Delta Bombers can take on an old and famous style and make it their own.

7.: Angel: A rhythm Guitar full of harmony that gives the go ahead to the orchestral drums and a full bodied bass that even fills in quiet spots. The Guitar just melds everything together. Nice inserts of a bell make this Angel really shine. Chris’s vocal range is great for this track as he keeps it rough and still refined.

8.: Seventh Son: Picking up the tempo again, and back to a stripped down raw sound, plus acoustic guitar with strings on fire. The lead guitar is playing a distinct riff that stays with you throughout the track. Cool, heavy-handed rock drums and a booming Bass. Backing vocals are being used to fill out the background and the Seventh Son singing his heart out right into your face.

9.: Hit The Floor: Pure riff intro that sets you up for a surf influenced up-tempo song. Vocals are shouting out loud and bring in the backing vocals while unknown to you the octave change is happening. Badass lead guitar riffs pulling you along the ride. The rhythm guitar is pushed to its limits to try to keep up with this thunderous Bass. A whirlwind- like Drum holds it all together and some sneaky keys playing in the background.

10.: Move Me: Sticking a bit with a rhythm n blues roots style. This sounds big. Nothing is left behind. Every single piece of this track is on the same level. You will move to this and raise your hand in unison. Layered with some Backing Vocals to fill it out perfectly.

11.: Wish I Knew: If every outro of an Album would sound like this, it would be heaven. Organ and bass (the bass is bringing a deep down cold feel to it) paving the way to a melodic and harmonic song of good-bye or is it a love song. It is fascinating the way Vocal and Rhythm melt into one.

Summary: Well, for fans of The Delta Bombers this is a must have. For the ones sitting on a fence: just jump over and have a listen. From slow to fast, from melodic to harmonic: this Album has it all, with different styles worked into one glorious record. Every time I started a new song ,it was my favourite. So, at the end, all 11 tracks made it to the number one spot. And going by this album, there is no end in sight to slow this band down any time soon. BTW: If you ever get the chance to see them live, go. The energy they are radiating is unbelievable and infectious.


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