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The Deranged – We’re Deranged.

Released in 2023 - It’s technically self published BUT recorded/engineered: Cesar Mejia & Eddie Rivas Produced by: Lysa Flores & Maximiliano Flores Record Label for the initial release will be Lycans Den . Jake The Ripper - Vox/Guitar Max Gein - Vox/Bass Coco C – Drums

The Deranged – Based in South California . Genre = Psychobilly. Album title = We’re Deranged. This is a 14 track album , containing some great tracks written by the band and a couple of great covers based on Cramps covers of 50 ’s trash tunes . I’m liking the album from a personal point of view.

Track by track Track 1 – NOS. This instrumental is frantic from start to finish . If you like your ”Billy” hard and fast you will enjoy this!

Track 2 – Aliens. Another fast and hard track , with harsh vocals, screams and stuff to boot!

Track 3 – Astro Hell. Vocals on this track are gravelly with a good range of instrumental licks!

Track 4 – We’re Deranged. It’s the album title track and it's truly furious with loads of great bass slapping from Max Gein , frantic guitar and vocals from Jake The Ripper and also great drum licks from Coco C1!

Track 5 – Derangenomics. Fast and hard track, which kinda reminds me of a Cenobites style!

Track 6 – Six Houses Down. A tidy track with solid instro but still in the fast and hard vein, and I’m liking it!

Track 7 – Cum N Giddit. A short instro , almost like an intermission at the halfway point in the album.

Track 8 – Pigz. This tune feels like an Outlaw Country track on meth, its a great track!

Track 9 – I Can’t Hardly Stand It. The first Cramps cover on the album, with gravelly vocals at the beginning…Then it just goes ballistic! Great stuff !

Track 10 – J.A.N.B. A tidy track with some great bass and guitar licks!

Track 11 – It. This one sounds like some of the early Brazilian psycho, loving it.

Track 12 - King of da Hizzie. It’s a mental instrumental track (mental as in the playing of this track). Nice!

Track 13 – She Said. It’s second Cramps cover , originally by Hasil Adkins . The Haze would be proud of his song updated in the 21st century . It takes a lot of guts to cover this track in your own style , great stuff in my opinion.

Track 14 - Proud Mary (Wreckin by the River). What a belting final song! A Psychobilly adapted track , from the original ‘Rolling on the river’ – Wreckin’ By The River!

To sum up , this would fit nicely into anyone’s Psychobilly music collection. I would thoroughly recommend having a listen to these guys on a free streaming platform , which the band have posted the full album here

The Deranged came to life in 2019 shortly after the Pomona Wrecker's Ball, where Jake (guitar, vox) & Max (bass, vox) met & became friends with one another over their love for the Cramps. Their musical styles brought together a raw combination of thrash riffs, rockabilly influence, punk attitude and psychotic energy. Soon J. Cole would join the group to help get the ball rolling. The group gained local attention quickly thanks to Checko booking their debut gig with the Klingonz in Los Angeles. Clarinda joined the band on drums in 2021 and the trio was truly complete. Since then, The Deranged have played non stop throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, & Inland Empire wreaking havoc in different scenes wherever it is needed, including co-headlining Mexico Psycho 4 (CDMX) & Hot Rock Fest 8 (BOGOTA) alongside the Radarmen.

The band finally released their debut album “WE’RE DERANGED” in March 2023. Reviewed by Tiny

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